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  1. Colossus

    "Retired" reflections on marriage, hoes, and dating

    Hey guys. Havent posted here in a longgg time! I see a few familiar names but imagine many of the veterans have moved on and newbies have moved in. Maybe a couple times a year I pop back in for nostalgia. After all I spent 10 years posting on SS!! I see a lot of the same themes here year after...
  2. Colossus

    Women so desperate for babies they are turning to "natural insemination" donors

    Normally I dont bite on news crap like this, but I'll just leave these here. http://www.nydailynews.com/life-style/health/sperm-donors-seek-hopeful-mothers-sex-babies-article-1.2010644 http://abcnews.go.com/Lifestyle/meet-men-sex-strangers-babies/story?id=26870643&singlePage=true
  3. Colossus

    Bankruptcy of pocket vs. Bankruptcy of soul

    I was watching a documentary series about professional adventurers and extreme athletes. One episode followed a professional kayaker on a trip to the Zambezi River in Africa to run some of the most massive and powerful rapids in the world. He said that his philosophy of life came down to the...
  4. Colossus

    Game Evolutions

    Scenario 1: 1. Burned by girl, revelation 2. Learn stuff, get laid 3. Get laid more 4. Start a blog 5. Get weirdly political 6. Use smug ego for lulz and $$$ Scenario 2: 1. AFC 2. Anger 3. Get laid some, but not the quality/quantity you'd like 4. Blame society and women 5. Take...
  5. Colossus

    Kansas sperm donor ordered to pay child support

    http://www.kansascity.com/2014/01/22/4769468/judge-rules-kansas-sperm-donor.htm Don't ever donate sperm.
  6. Colossus

    The 10 Commandments of Being a DJ

    1. Always be improving yourself and your position in life. 2. Never put a woman on a pedestal. You may hold an good woman in esteem, but never place her above yourself. 3. Always weigh her behavior over her words. 4. There are always more women. 5. Knowledge is good, experience is better...
  7. Colossus

    65 Things I Learned From Dating

    This list was inspired by a similar list from CHICAGO27. ------------------------------ 1. Always start with high interest. It is possible to raise a woman’s interest level temporarily through game, but in the long run you will see better returns if she thinks you are a stud from day one. 2...
  8. Colossus

    65 things I learned from dating

    This list was inspired by a similar list from CHICAGO27. Please read that one first, since it is an awesome list and deserves credit. Following are my own experiences from a decade of dating, LTRing, and laying....and you'll see many of them overlap. ------------------------------ 1. Always...
  9. Colossus

    A heartwarming piece on feminism and men---written by a FEMALE!

    Following is an email written to me by a girl I know fairly well. We often discuss current events and the state of gender affairs, and she is, in my opinion, what all of us should strive to find in a WIFE (gasp!), in terms of her views and attitudes. She is a Christian (as am I) but don't let...
  10. Colossus

    Fem-cvnts make a blatant misandry parody of Robin Thicke's "Blurred Lines"

    Original Robin Thicke video (NSFW) Femcvnt parody Watch both if you can stomach the second one. Read the lyrics too. My Gf actually sent me these links, with her input, which I thought was great: I think the cvnts who made the parody are just upset that real men have zero interest in...
  11. Colossus

    10 things to look for in a wife

    I've wanted to make this list for a while, but I've come across a number of "wife lists" around the web and wanted to formulate my own opinion. This is by no means all-inclusive, and is geared towards men < age 40 who have never been married previously and are interested in a wife either for...
  12. Colossus

    Chastity and the Hamster

    I had a discussion the other day with a very close female friend of mine on virginity. I posted on this topic earlier this summer, and I've found myself having to explain what exactly I find so appealing in a virgin female. I thought it was self-explanatory, but the rationalization hamster...
  13. Colossus

    Own Your Failures

    I read a post today, which I wont link to because it's really a waste of your mind's time; but the gist of it was a now-manosphere blogger who had undergone an involuntary period of celibacy. Not a year, or two, or even five, but TWELVE YEARS. Seemed like his late teens and most of his twenties...
  14. Colossus

    5 things I would tell my younger self about girls.

    I was originally going to post this in the Mature Man forum, but I think it would be of better use here. I borrowed some of the titles from a RoK article, but the descriptions are my own. 1. Don't take girls too seriously. When I was younger (teens and early twenties), I took to heart some...
  15. Colossus

    Virgin shaming

    I've noticed a little social schema lately I'll call virgin shaming. The girl I am seeing is (was) a virgin. I have told a few friends, and while the responses have been mixed, I noticed that with my girl friends in particular they are actually demeaning of my choice or outright shaming me for...
  16. Colossus

    Distal Biceps Ruture

    Hey guys, I thought I'd make a little video series detailing my recovery process from my left distal biceps rupture. In a nutshell, I tore my left distal biceps tendon friday while deadlifting 500. I wasnt doing anything stupid or too out of the ordinary, it was just an aggressive pull and...
  17. Colossus

    What's your objective?

    I posted this on my blog today, but I thought it would be a good forum topic. --------------- I notice that most game material is put forth with one unifying objective: to have sex with as many attractive women as possible, as efficiently as possible. This is good in many ways, because it...
  18. Colossus

    The 1-10 Scale

    This is mostly for fun. Of course the number scale is subjective, but I feel there are universal classifying criteria that most men can agree upon despite their subjective leanings. Feel free to chime in. 10. Physical perfection. Cannot be improved upon in any way, shape, or form. Head to toe...
  19. Colossus

    Forum Rules

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  20. Colossus

    Forum Rules

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