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  1. J

    Even the Escorts are a pain

    When I just can’t take it anymore and I’m sick and tired of the woman chase game I’ll hit up an escort. Usually about once or twice a year. I am a good looking guy in very good shape and I work hard on it. I cannot believe that I just got rejected by an escort before we ever even met. We...
  2. J

    Love the crazy women. What’s wrong with me?

    I have my stories of the crazy women that I’ve been attracted to in the past. The sex was always off the freaking hook and I was attracted to them from the first time I met them. But we all know how those train wrecks end. now I’ve met a really nice woman and what I would say a very...
  3. J

    Cannot judge attraction level

    Went out on Thursday with a woman my age, I’m 53, on Sunday. We have done some light texting since Sunday. Not once yet has she started any conversation but she is responsive when I reach out. she said that she rarely dates and what a big deal it was that she came out and met me. I think she’s...
  4. J

    Is overweight the new norm

    It’s just getting worse and worse here And I live in California where everybody is allegedly active and healthy. I would honestly estimate that if I was to look at 100 women either in the real world or their online profile, I would say 90 of them would be at least 30 to 40 pounds overweight or...
  5. J

    So over it.

    I won’t bore you all with the details. Just another woman that behaved like a typical woman. I have had it with women who think they are gods gift to men and act like children. I’m 53 and these are supposedly grown women. I thought that at my age the women who are single would have figured...
  6. J

    She only bitches when she breathes

    I have no idea how I came across this on YouTube but it’s freaking hilarious
  7. J

    New Year’s Eve ... new woman for me

    Here’s the deal. Met a great woman and we have had first date today. Went terrific. I did not set another date on the spot as to not look so needy. even before this first date she’s been texting and calling me unsolicited, so I say there’s a high level of interest on her part. she lives...
  8. J

    I don’t drink,,, disclose or not pre date

    I am a 53 year old male. Just had a first date end about 30 minutes ago. Everything was great except that she seem to make a big deal over the fact that I don’t drink. I had a problem as a teenager and I’ve been clean and sober for 34 years. She said she likes to go to wine tastings and go to...
  9. J

    Overthinking it all

    I think we could all benefit from this article. I am TRYING to stop overthinking everything in life, especially Women. https://medium.com/kaizen-habits/psychologists-explain-how-to-stop-overthinking-everything-e527962a393
  10. J

    Would you date a taller woman ?

    I’m not short, I am 5 foot seven. I usually go for women that are like 5 foot two. I have this woman that wants to meet and she has 6 foot tall. would you date someone taller. And keep in mind women wear heals.
  11. J

    Nose rings!!! Hideous.

    Is it just me? I cannot stand these nose rings some women are wearing. Who the F told them it’s attractive. All I can do is stare at the gross thing. I wanna get a pair of pliers and rip it out. And even worse is the septum string that goes thru the middle!
  12. J

    Matchmaker setup... blind date

    Somehow or another I got a profile with a couple of local matchmaker service people. These services are real expensive even exceeding $10,000 to sign up. I have never signed up or given any money to one of the services. Every once in a while I get hit up to see if I’m available to go on a date...
  13. J

    Stuck in dating purgatory

    Ho hum. 53 years old. Haven’t had a girlfriend since the breakup with fiancé 3 years ago. Not even sure I want one, too much drama. Now one night stands don’t do it for me. Had 2 last month, it was nice, but not very rewarding, which sucks cause I used to love the smash and dash. anyone...
  14. J

    Maybe I’m not capable

    I find myself approaching the end of the year and my 53rd bday , again another year of frustration with women. I’m asking myself a very serious question... maybe I’m just not capable of a relationship? we all know this pursuit of women is difficult. If it was easy there’d be no forums like...
  15. J

    OLD photo turn offs

    Here are some female photo turn offs for me. photo of her inside a private jet,,, oh good for you, you were F@@k some rich ass guy who flew you on his jet photo of her at the most expensive resteraunt in town usually taken outside so you know the name of the place,,,, oh really, so I gotta...
  16. J

    Date with a widow

    At my age of 53 this occasionally comes up. I have a first date Thursday night with a woman who is 51 years old. I kept the texting to a minimum so I don’t know a lot of details. But it looks like her husband died over 10 years ago. She had a LTR for 6 years , but now I’m gonna be her first...
  17. J

    Holiday season. Here we go

    Another holiday season, I’ll be alone again, then my birthday in January. This is the worst time of the year to be single. Yeah yeah, I know, focus on myself, my business, workout, All of which I’ll do. anyone else feel like this?
  18. J

    First date lack of questions about myself.

    Had first date last night, about an hour and a half. She literally asked one question about how many kids I had and ages. Droned on and one about herself, her divorce and the death of a boyfriend 5 years ago. like even when I said I was self employed she doesn’t ask what I do? When I say...
  19. J

    Woman making it easy.

    I am shocked! I link up with woman online, no big texting from me, ask for the date right off and she says yes. I keep texting to zero until today. No flake, no hard to get , no maybe plans. Hell she even confirmed with me today before I got a chance to. Date is tonight. I am so used to...
  20. J

    3 years. Still not over her

    I’m 53 for the record. it’s been three years since my ex fiancé and I split up. Absolutely zero contact, no meetings or anything for three years. For god sake‘s it ended very very badly, the worst ending to a horrible toxic relationship that I’ve ever experienced. But I just can’t get this...