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    Social Media? Games?

    Have you guys ever had a woman try and play games with you over social media? I was recently on a trip over the weekend and had a great time, met quite a few girls got some numbers even got an open offer right on the subway after 20 minutes of conversation for sex by some 35 year old on a...
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    Body Recomposition?

    How possible is this? Right now I'm sitting at 30.6% bodyfat. I'm 6'3 248lbs altogether with 171lbs of lean mass. Right now my current regimen is 5 days a week swimming 1 mile. 3 days a week doing a full body workout of lifting. My BMR is about 2574 calories just to maintain weight, for the...
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    Need advice and pregnancy

    I was rebounding off a LTR and got together with a old friend of mine that I had cut off during my LTR. I ended up getting her pregnant. A little bit of a history lesson here, my friend is a single mother of 2 and we used to be best friends for 2 years and then one drunken night we ****ed and...