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    Reschedule or soft next?

    On Tue I planned for a date on Thursday. No response till Wed night. Now I didnt feel meeting up on Thursday since I called a buddy up to watch Borat Subsequent Moviefilm. On Wed she texted to nexflix and chill for Thu. I told her I'd be busy Thu. My buddy says Im punishing her for showing...
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    I've noticed this pattern in all plates around the 2-3month mark.

    Plate pulls back takes a day to reply. This has happened to 2 new plates almost like clockwork. Is this their version of a power struggle to try to get commitment? Dont they know that I wont be waiting for them and will either not reply or cancel the plan if she takes a day to reply.
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    Whats with plates getting FOMO?

    Call up plate to set something up. She says she was stressed about work and already made plans for the day I suggested. She doesnt offer to reschedule. I dont have time for her small talk. Next day she messages wanting my attention. Generally when they reach out its my go-to for setting up some...
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    Women love attention. At what point to they rather not have that attention.

    I met my cousin and she was discussing how she finally meet some guy after he pursued her for almost a year. Her new alpha/DJ isnt committing to her and she's trying to control him with sex. Now I know she only met the guy because he is a safe option for her to settle with. She literally...
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    How much comfort to keep Plates spinning?

    Recurring isssue Im facing. This is the 4th time this year that a plate said she cant just continue "****ing me"/ "doing this"/ "casual". I realise this is a comfort test. And I probably broke the plate long back by failing to recognize the previous comfort tests. For the future I could...
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    When plates break are they still attracted? Also are the learning from my mistakes correct?

    Plate was shaking. Gut feeling was telling me its going to break anytime soon. Just did 2 nights back. Lots of ASD and when she messaged no sex tonight before coming over I thought it was a **** test. A&A who said anything about sex. She came over and was instantly distant and sat far away. I...
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    Plate just called hijacking our plans. She claims her cousins wanted to hangout with her and she is bringing them to mine.

    Not my cup of tea. I lost frame and told her my plans were with you not your cousins. She insisted both her cousins would leave within 2 hours. But I stood my ground and told her to enjoy her night with her cousins. Soft nexting her for a week because of this drama. A part of me says this is a...
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    Girl initiate texts to keep orbiters. And rationalize it as being friends? Or subconsciously to keep backup provider for when they hit the wall?

    So last night a plate was bitching about meeting some guy her friends want to set her up. She avoided him for multiple months, relented and finally met him. She showed me messages of her drafting a nice rejection message with her gfs. Guy doesn't get that she isnt very interested and still...
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    What exactly is sweet talking a girl? Whats the difference between a DJ and a simp sweet talking?

    My last plate broke because I was didnt calibrate was far too aloof and gave non-provider vibes. I overheard her talk to friends that she realised the "relationship wasnt going anywhere". She didnt bring this up overtly so I could use some form of dangling the carrot for "The Talk". I was...
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    Why do girls not want to break up directly?

    I'm talking FWB/GF/LTR or someone you've fvcked more than 3 times. Sometimes they'll prefer saying they are not free to meet up and most intelligent guys will next her after the second time. They dont want to be blunt. Is it because Peer pressure: they dont really want to break up they...
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    How come once you fvck a girl they suddenly chase hard?

    Inb4 sex was great. Ive noticed that whether the sex was bad, mediocre or good the girl will suddenly reach out more. On one hard I figured its because she might want a relationship because deep down she knows the higher her count the lower her value. Other opinions?
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    Came across an interesting post. Oneitis from a girl perspective.

    Considering she hasnt fvcked him and the way she is obsessed over him (oneitis), I would like to meet that guy and learn from him. I always thought alpha widows were only after she has had s3x and an emotional roller coaster. Thoughts.
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    Sex for provider vs lover

    Some women may have their epiphany phase now and look for a provider rather than a DJ. I was curious whats the difference between provider secks and alpha secks. Article. I can understand passion but what secks does the alpha get that the provider cant. I mean if she is fvcking the provider he...
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    Is my plate broken?

    Plate for few weeks. Last night I hit her up. She said she is tired but since work is later to let me know after done with my friends. Minutes later she said "Im really tired. Another Time." and then a minute later "Try your other one. I opted out of the option game the last time." Is this a...
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    Am I a makeout buddy/cuddle *****?

    Recently introduced to a girl. She hit me up asking to chill and whether to include the friend who introduced us. We went to a cafe and then back home. She was hesitant when I made my move. No sex only made out. She was a bit passive. I decided to leave but then she suddenly became passionate...
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    Secretly all women enjoy ...

    A story involving friends sister's friend whom Ive known since school days and after whom we learnt that secretly all women love attention. Any form of attention will do. This girl used to hang out as solo with us guys and while only 1 person saw her sexually the others due how we know see her...
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    Should I reduce time spent with friend?

    My best friend introduced me to a girl. Now my only issue is that even though he is in a relationship he's like her emotional sponge. He doesnt go a single day without asking her what she's doing. He is pretty ***** whipped so this new girl loves the attention. And to hang out. She has a few...
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    Want to learn what I did wrong. Got physical a week later got hit with "Dont want to risk friendship" blah blah. Gone NC

    I already f@cked another girl but I still have some form of oneitis. Girl got into core group. She used to be flirty but I didn't think much. (My first mistake not showing my intention). Only after a buddy revealed that while drunk she revealed to a small group that she fancied me. We used to...