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  1. Visionist

    My kitten just died

    ...squashed by my sister's BF's car when he went to leave. We don't know how it happened. Maybe she crawled up in the wheel well. She was one and a half months old today. We have four other kittens and four older cats (almost six months) and the mother of all of them. The father comes and goes...
  2. Visionist

    Songs are drugs

    Songs influence us like cannabis. Or cocaine. The right song can set the mood and make a half interested girl horny. It's like she's sucked into your frame through your choice of music. Consequences Of Love feat. pornstar Sasha Grey I didn't like Mission Impossible Fallout except for the...
  3. Visionist

    More text game fails...

    So I mentioned in another thread that I met a chick at a pizza place last Monday, long story short I got her number after being quite arrogant with her. Wednesday I texted her and within 3 - 4 texts told her to meet me Friday evening. She said she couldn't as it was "too far" and I entered her...
  4. Visionist

    Peacocking still works

    To many, peacocking and dressing shouty are a relic of the PUA days. These days the DJ status quo stresses muscle, preselection, social value and only after all that, showy displays of wealth (wealth also being a form of peacocking). However, straight peacocking can still grab a woman's eye. I...
  5. Visionist

    SS "Master Don Juan" status

    Not sure where else to post this or which mod to PM; I've had an idea for a feedback system on SS that allows members to earn Master Don Juan status through how many post reactions they have. New members would be assigned a Junior Don Juan status which would be upgraded to Don Juan status once...
  6. Visionist

    Cucked simp fakes own kidnapping to avoid upsetting wife.

    Happy wife, Happy life! :rofl: - Click For Hilarity -
  7. Visionist

    This cutie makes me wanna bluepill...

    ...psych! lol but seriously I'm loving those crystal grey peepers. This is exactly the kind of girl I'd get nervous cold approaching and probably stammer and mess it up. Then again, she looks a bit on the heavier side maybe.
  8. Visionist

    Best testosterone after cancer?

    My natural testosterone is basically zero and has been for over five years since my operation. During that time I gained and lost dozens of pounds several times over, and gained and lost modest muscle. I'm now back to being over sixty pounds overweight. I only started taking testosterone shots...
  9. Visionist

    Simp drives thousands of miles to do a 6 a favour.

    Nope, not clickbait. I wonder if this young simp got any action. Something tells me he didn't. Imagine a woman doing this for a guy she isn't fvcking and expecting nothing in return. This is the level of simpery we have to deal with in Italy.
  10. Visionist

    Red Pill ruins romantic music

    I used to get a chill down my back hearing this song, at 1:05 - 1:06 when her voice drops. Lori Carsillo - The Look Of Love Now I feel practically nothing. There's no turning back.
  11. Visionist

    Travel fail post mortem

    Trapped inside for two weeks now, got me thinking about what went wrong with a HB8 I should and most probably could have gotten with a few years ago. A laughable farce. I met this British girl at a beach club in Italy, she seemed a bit of a tart ie. my type. My Italian friend knew her and blew...
  12. Visionist

    Dissect my text game please!

    So I met this kindergarten teacher called Valeria before the bat virus got real here. I quit the classes I was teaching after our second encounter at the school as it was too far from my house and I don't have my own car anymore. Need a good job for my own car, need my own car for any job, good...
  13. Visionist

    Breaking into her social circle?

    If a girl has obviously displayed no sexual interest during physical meets, and there hasn't been any physical escalation beyond common flirty touching, what's the best way to salvage something and meet her friends instead? It's frowned upon if she's a plate, but is it OK if you're...
  14. Visionist

    To Escalate or not to Escalate

    So this chick is a petite, seemingly demure 6, attends the gym. She's 38 years old, unmarried and without kids. I vetted her spinster status briefly today during our first meeting; probing her about her possible desire for children, or lack thereof. I didn't get a conclusive answer. She had...
  15. Visionist

    Am I being a dîck?

    I'm mulling over asking a female client of mine how she's feeling. I have her cash in my wallet for a service only half delivered so far. It feels like a customer service deficiency to keep ignoring her. She said she was sick so I joked about calling the morgue and told her to drop me a line...
  16. Visionist

    74 year old cuck marries his 21 year old cheating girlfriend.

    I wouldn't normally post anything from that arse rag The Sun, but in the immortal words of Denzel Washington; "It's all bullsh!t, but it's very entertaining bullsh!t" Now imagine if a 21 year old boy toy married his 74 year old sugarmomma.
  17. Visionist

    Pump & Dump alternatives

    The word Dump reminds me of taking a sh!t, which is quite apt when it comes to letting women go. Here are some alternatives: Fūck & Chuck Hit & Quit Pounce & Bounce Hitch & Ditch Let's hear some more folks.
  18. Visionist

    "Americans have become children"

    From the New York Post Just to clear up any misconceptions here; the "rollercoaster" on the cruise ship doesn't actually... coast. It's powered throughout. Ergo not a rollercoaster.
  19. Visionist

    Text rapport VS asking out

    A little advice here would be sweet. My kid sister's BF has for ages talked about this "nice girl" he knows of who "doesn't get out much" in his words. He kept suggesting I meet her, even saying she "wants to know me", so eventually I thought "why not" and contacted her on FB. She didn't reply...
  20. Visionist

    Stay frosty

    Until your LMS is as good as it can be, it's unusual for a girl to open you, especially in an informal setting. But be ready anyway... I started my diet at long last a week ago, and today I was shopping for no fat yoghurts with coffee & hazelnut flavours. My mother was shopping for herself, and...