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    UFC 253 is fixed

    The UFC is fixing fights. They fixed the Khamza vs Gerald fight. Who da fuq circles into the power hand of Khamza ( or anyones power hand). I dont fight professionally but that was a total rookie move. No jabs, he didn't even keep with hands next to his chin. I only train a couple times a week...
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    What is the true nature of females : Misanthropic vs cooperative

    I have been listening to some Liberation Y stuff. It got me thinking about two competing ideas. Maybe the truth is some where in the middle. 1.) Women are naturally misanthropic. Radical feminism is not misguiding women. Radical feminism is simply revealing their man hating nature. Women are...
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    Types of friend zone

    If a girl is not banging you its because one of 3 reasons. 1.) Everything else is good but she doesn't find you physically attractive. 2.) You are physically attractive but you are mentally repulsive ( beta) 3.) Cultural issues Signs: If its scenario number 1 then she will try to get...
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    Totally humiliated by family when gf was around

    I have this gf. Decent looking chick in her mid 20s'. I usually dont bring my girls around my guy friends but during COVID there is not much to do so I will occasionally break that rule. All of my friends are chill and respectful. Family on the other hand were not. I met up with couple of a...
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    UFC 251 ---> fight island predictions

    Okay so I am so freaking excited for these fights. Its sad. A grown azz man with butterflies in his stomach. This must be how football fans feel about the SuperBowl. My predictions ( im no expert) Mas vs Usman: I want Masvidal to win but I think Usman will be a wet blanket. His wrestling is...
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    UFC 251 and Amanda Ribas vs PVZ

    So first of all I have to biggest crush on Amanda Ribas. Plus that chick fights with the skill level of a man. She's a monster. Why are they feeding PVZ to such a tough opponent on her last UFC fight? Doesn't make sense. Btw what do you guys think about Masvidal vs Usman? Its going to be good...
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    The 3 L's

    This dude says there are 3 Achilles heels that will ruin you. 1.) Love 2.) Loneliness 3.) Liability
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    Epidemic of BV

    This sounds like a silly thread but I am serious. As I have gotten older I have slept with more and more chicks with bacterial vaginosis ( slept with a little less than 4 dozen chicks and 3 had it ). I used to bang a 7/10 cute chick over the span of 6 yrs ( every time we were in the same state)...
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    Narcissism vs Lust

    Men: Our lust is our greatest enemy. We get a decent girl that treats us like a king....the only issue is that her looks is 2pts below our SMV. Her body is meh and her face is ehhh. She is a 5.5/10 and we are a 7.5/10. We are secretly dissatisfied and we dump her. We are thinking maybe we can do...
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    Woman can only love her first love

    I was texting a chick the other day. I noticed that she talked really lovingly about her first love. She was obviously alpha widowed from him. Her ex husband she completely talks with disrespect. I pointed this out to her. I told her that you can only deeply love your first love. She agreed. If...
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    Video about 7 deadly sins and men

    This guy has some pretty interesting points. Which one of the 7 deadly sins to you struggle with. He said he never met anything who didn't struggle with less than 2.
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    This is why I am a male chauvanist

    So this will probably be my last thread before I take a break from SS. The following is a text message debate with a 24 yr old girl that I am seeing. I have been holding off on getting 100% physical with her because I dont want to complicate my life but I was considering upgrading her. She has...
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    Women cant complete you. Kill the thirst

    We all have a void in our heart. It is an existential dissatisfaction that exists throughout our entire life. Its that underlying feeling of being incomplete. It doesn't go away no matter how materially successful we become. Some fill it with religion, spirituality or philosophy. Most fill it...
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    Myth of the universal Chad

    Just because girls swipe right on 10% of the guys doesn't mean that they would sleep with these guys. In person chemistry is a lot different than in picture chemistry. No guy is a universal Chad. Not even close ( some guys are closer than others tho). The most attractive guys I knew only...
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    Its either 0 or 100

    There is no point dating an American girl unless the girl is at 100% interest level. Anything less than a 100% might as well be a zero percent. Western women have so many options that they have become capricious for all but the most desirable men. This is all you need to know about modern women...
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    Femininity is about nurturing the family

    A female's value is in her ability to nurture. This is her superpower. Her nurturing capability is what truly distinguishes her from a man. Her sexual appeal is secondary. I recently met a woman that exemplifies this. The millennial and generation x woman is an aberration of femininity...
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    Health insurance is a scam for young people

    So the HMO I have at my job is about $200 a month. I am in my mid 30's and rarely get sick. When I do get sick it is easily resolved by the urgent care. The urgent care costs are rarely $200 and they limit the cost to being under $300. This leads me to believe that if you should not get health...
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    Feminism is mens fault/ No Fap

    The current state of women is the fault of men. We let our sexuality rule us. We forgot to be dominant over these women. We let them get away with anything because we are slaves to sex. I have been doing No Fap for a while. It has helped me break my addiction to female sexuality. The power of...
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    Any luck with options trading?

    My friend trades options on Robin Hood app. He is a very young guy and doesn't have a high income at all. He claims that he averages about 30 dollars a day trading options. He sets the contracts for long term intervals like a couple weeks? Anyone here do that?
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    Guys don't want to learn to fight..or maybe im weird

    So I started martial arts training a year and a half ago. I am not good at BJJ. It is not natural for me but I do know some basics. I love the striking arts. What I am surprised by is that most of my guys friends don't want to train or spar. These guys would always talk about war stories in the...