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  1. Von

    My partner doesnt sleep well in bed, especially with me

    So my partner doesn't sleep well, in bed, especially with me in it. She has sleep on the couch way more than with me in it. She says: when we in bed together, you give me soo much energy! Also, the bed wasn't to her comfort and we moved into a new apartment 4months ago. She work shift, I...
  2. Von

    Police woman are bombs

    So in my city 20% of police are women. Police are often in a duo, 1 man and a woman. They often date each others. Anyway... ALL POLICE WOMEN Are 10hbs. It's a consensus with every guys I talk to about it. They all agrees police women are just too hot, too sex. What's you guys opinion
  3. Von

    Sex duration improvements

    Hey guys,in a LTR or ONS. I have issues of "duration" and "consistency" . Kissing also makes me "wet" down there. How can I improve my skills in bed? How can I increase duration in bed? How can I stop pre-ejaculation? Thanks
  4. Von

    Women who listen to cartoons

    What you guys think of Women (30+) who still watch cartoons, kids movies, anime, children movies, etc...
  5. Von

    Why I date you ? : Why are you dating me ?

    So alot of girls when asked the question : Why you are dating Von ? They answer: ''Because He's a Fighter'' What you think this mean ? The reason ? What's the reason behind their answer to '' What are you dating me'' ?
  6. Von

    Stella Artois SuperBowl Commercial... A Gillette counter ad?

    This is the Ad, Stella Artois (beer) will promote at the SuperBowl. It brings sexy girls, sex and the city fans and ''high status'' place to the Classy Stella Artois Beer... than the Alpha Male / Cavern style shows up at the same place and order a Stella Artois in the Bottle. Than they sit...
  7. Von

    Social Media and Women... Destruction! This Video will you make fall in love ;)

    This pretty women all about the OLD crisis and women have turned into trash (a lot of them) even the mothers. This video quote pretty much this forum and the reason I am with my current LTR lol
  8. Von

    First Date and Paying for the Meal... Article: Come back of the year!

    https://www.thisisinsider.com/reddit-thread-student-refuses-to-pay-for-dates-expensive-meal-2019-1?utm_content=buffer43e94&utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook.com&utm_campaign=buffer-food&fbclid=IwAR2hXNZhxOu-CdA1gLRXyjmRw6Q0Zq7dP3e5QEdz06zZIMf74ePq6btF-9A Click on the Link for the rest of...
  9. Von

    BPD girl and pregnancy

    Why BPD girls can be so obsess with prégnancy to the point of cheating to get pregnant ? Or hiding they have are not on contraceptive? It's a question to a situation I've seen. Why they want to get pregnant, even at a young age?
  10. Von

    TheSimpsons to remove 31 years old Character due PC complains.

    Abu will be removed after someone complained https://www.nme.com/news/tv/simpsons-confirm-apu-leave-2394238?fbclid=IwAR0wjGf46rG5EXLnt83mirHn_n-KCj_my2PUmx0FLkiBNMzR9IBEaFUIs40
  11. Von

    How to Break Away from Narcissistic Parents (mother) ?

    So it's all in the question. Parents pretty succesful, but I am quite a dependant child.. as I grew up I've been able to stand more and more on my own... Still doesnt seems enought... like Restunknown thread... I can barely relate to guys, its so much easier to make female friends. Currently...
  12. Von

    LTR/GF reporting back to me that she's being ''hit'' and he's a ''creep''

    Hey DJ, You all know I am in a LTR of 1.5 years. All stuff are going well and escalating. My LTR was doing a night shift at her medical job. So she finishs around between 5am and 10am. At 6am, she texted this (copy-pasted) LTR at 6am: ''A creep is sweet talking me. The trouble is, I...
  13. Von

    Bulgarian Girls

    So i meet 2 Bulgarian girls over my time in my City. They are slim, talk like me, DD breast, love money and status, fashionable, they workout alot, eat well. They also date older guys (one, a French Canadian, other one a colombien), they not shy and quite social, all university educated Just...
  14. Von

    What do women want?

    That's soo funny... and quite good... He even found the reason of Fifthy Shade of Grey lol
  15. Von

    OLD thread report on Improvement

    So I reopen OLD for free.. Tinder, Happn, Bumble. Not gonna pay for OLD. I reinstalled OLD to see if I had "improved" I updated my profile and bio with the most recent stuff. Results: I did improve. In 7 days, I might have passed 1 hour total... on all platform I got 8 match, 4...
  16. Von

    Funny situation: Way to many hot HB

    There is way too many HB (10HB) where I live... you can count atleast 5 per street corner. Even on OLD (Tinder, Bumble, Happn) the average is HB9+.... It's insane. Funny is that, they always show up when I am inside a Véhicule or a shop and see them across the windows. When I go out.. They...
  17. Von

    How to Handle Girls with Daddy Issues ? Girl with Daddy Issues Thread

    I bet we all know girls with Daddy Issues. Let's manage / control the situation if it arise The Dad might be ''gone'' (absent - uninterested - inactive - dead) or might be present and active. The Dad might be a strong father or a weak father.... the father might have anger issue / violent...
  18. Von

    Moving In Thread. LTR under 1 rooftop

    Hey guys, so it seems i will be getting in the Moving In together phase. Wanted to make a thread of how to keep frame in these cases and what should I keep in mind/do. First time living together
  19. Von

    Girl at congreess

    So meet this 24 years old at my work congress. I feel she's into me, check me out, noticed me when i leave and such. We talk at the table with her colleagues and mine .. All good. She include me in the topic discussion. Than we alone, tell her lets walk outside of the resto... She says it...
  20. Von

    Only in the USA: Dogs shoot owner with owner gun

    https://chicago.suntimes.com/?post_type=cst_article&p=1090705 You can't invent stories like that. Beta dude owned by his pet