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  1. backseatjuan

    How to Get better At First Dates

    I don't believe in take it easy, she wants sex, you want sex, after all it's a sht test, if she has sex on first date she's a fck buddy and plate material no more. Problem for you is what you do after first date. Wait a week before calling her. Then after you bang her, be it first date or 2nd...
  2. backseatjuan

    Something new I've noticed in the Covid era

    I don't know what country you live in, but here women always wore perfume, and also shaved legs and arm pits, in case you going that route next.
  3. backseatjuan

    Religion and Game

    Oh crap! You're a woman?? Nah. Two days ago I was at my neighbor's birthday party and there was these two old born again virgins, it used to be they used to give it didn't work out, both are single now, so they don't give anymore. I'm sorry to say this, but happiness is in meeting people and...
  4. backseatjuan

    "Girl I'm Dating Still Has Her Online Profile Up - What to Do?"

    If you want to learn the black pill, create a fake profile with picture of dude taller than you, prettier than you, and more build that you, fcking leonardo di caprio. Start talking to her and setup a date same time you had plans with her. See what happens.
  5. backseatjuan

    I've noticed this pattern in all plates around the 2-3month mark.

    If girl starts to become sexually active at age 18 and does this type of thing every 2 to 3 months, then by age 50 her body acount is 128.
  6. backseatjuan

    False signs of low interest?

    Low IL would be if she don't reply or takes forever to reply. If she replied like you mentioned that means your question is mundane or borring, it's a reply on her part and fck off on your part, whatever, this guy is borring as fck. Really, over text you have to move towards sexual talk.
  7. backseatjuan

    A Woman's Sexual History

    I will add this. A slt doesn't always mean she is sleeping left and right. She could be virginal, dating and fcking around every year changing partners, but she could had a kid at age 16. That still is a slt.
  8. backseatjuan

    Marriage advice

    I'm guessing financial situation caused this trouble. Anyway, your best bet here is to improve your SMV. A) Hit the gym do more, get a tattoo, change clothing style, cologne, shoes, dress up, change hair style, improve your financial situation. B) Hang out with your boys. Realize, if she...
  9. backseatjuan

    Would you forgive a kiss

    It is seeing what is available out there for her, dude with higher SMV than you come up on her radar, she has to check him out.
  10. backseatjuan

    Q: Dude snapchatting my GF...

    Babe give me your password and I give you mine, sounds like a dude who likes checking on the girl. What do you achieve in the end? A) All mystery about you is removed. B) You don't get sht in return. It's snap chat idiot! She can delete conversation. Even without snap chat, I had a girl...
  11. backseatjuan

    Opening a basic self service car wash

    I’m against your idea. Instead open full service wash with pressure washers inside outside full service. It will bring you more profit.
  12. backseatjuan

    Did you ever had sex with a pornstar?

    There is at least one member here who screwed a soft core prn star.
  13. backseatjuan

    What is wrong with this chick? Npd bpd or just an idiot?

    So you are old, and not rich enough, but hot enough to fck. Make her your plate.
  14. backseatjuan

    Problematic breakup

    Tv’s and forniture cost money go back and get it.
  15. backseatjuan

    how safe is rawdog sex with strangers?

    Go rawdog bj and use condom for everything else.
  16. backseatjuan

    Woman hit neighbor on the head, and cut him to pieces, set free

    BS happened in St Peterburg Russia, woman was charged with murdering and cutting to pieces her neighbor. On technicality she got away. Apperantly, because some body parts were missing, it was impossible to determine the cause of death. Thus her murder charge did not go through. However...
  17. backseatjuan

    How Do I Proceed With This Chick?

    She wants you to come to her house and stay there and never leave. She playing games.
  18. backseatjuan


    The way you deal normally with her as if nothing happened ever.