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  1. zekko


    I'm posting this here since it references male and female gender roles, as well as husband/father/wife/family interactions. I saw this movie "Downhill" (2020) with Will Ferrell and Julia Louis-Dreyfus, which is a remake of a 2014 movie called Force Majeure (which I haven't seen but may watch at...
  2. zekko

    Smirking and George Bruno

    I've been watching a few videos from this guy lately, although I know he's a little on the old side for most of you. The thing I like about this guy is that he actually doesn't advocate smirking. Most PUA videos tell you to smirk, go up to the girl and smirk. I freaking hate smirking, I...
  3. zekko

    Chadwick Boseman RIP

    I can't believe Chadwick Boseman has died, apparently he has had colon cancer for four years but kept it secret. These surprising deaths are the ones that really shock you. I'm a big Marvel fan, so I know him mostly from Black Panther, but I've seen a few of his other movies, 42 and Get On Up...
  4. zekko

    How to Meet a High Quality Woman

    Here's another Alexander Grace video. Here he talks about how to meet a high quality woman. Basically he says the odds are very low using pickup. He suggests building a social circle, or gaining entrance to a social circle made up of high quality men, men you respect. These men will...
  5. zekko

    Smart People Have Less Friends

    I saw this video, I thought it was interesting. To briefly summarize, it says that dumb people tend to be happier around other people, and that smart people tend to be happier when they are alone. It talks about how geniuses like Newton and Tesla tend to have few friends. It does make sense...
  6. zekko

    Stop Looking at Women

    I watched this video the other day, this guy says that you should not look at women when you're out. His rationale is that when you see an attractive woman in her short shorts or whatever, you get a dopamine hit because it pleases you. But then this dopamine hit is followed by a depressing...
  7. zekko

    Women Prefer Muscular Men (video)

    I saw this video the other day, so I thought I would channel my inner @MatureDJ and post it: A couple of things struck me: First off, seems like a dumb question. Of course women like guys with a good physique. But I was surprised that the skinny dude actually won three out of the nine...
  8. zekko

    Movie Line

    I saw this movie the other day, Poms, which was about elderly women in a retirement community putting together a cheerleading squad. Wasn't bad. But there was a line in there that I keep thinking about. There was a high school teenage dude who was living with his grandmother, he was getting...
  9. zekko

    I just realized

    I just realized that what really irritates me about the current situation isn't the social isolation. I'm a natural introvert, so it comes easy to me, and I may even get a little too used to this. It's the 8,000 people who are crammed into the grocery store every time I try to go. I've always...
  10. zekko


    First they said don't eat eggs or red meat. Then they said don't eat sugar. Then no refined flours, no white rice, no white bread. Then they said eat organic. Nothing in a box or processed. Then they said don't eat any meats, eat a plant based diet. Then they said don't eat grains at all...
  11. zekko

    Billie Eilish

    Okay, this is not a topic about sexuality, attractiveness, or even musical talent. I just saw this video and I can't believe Billie Eilish is only fourteen years old in this. (she's the one with the silver hair). She looks so mature and poised. In fact, I'd say she looks older in this than at...
  12. zekko

    Sexual Ethics

    I was listening to a discussion on sexual ethics. I can't really say I agreed with much of what was said, but it made me think. Does anyone here have any sexual ethics? Any sense of right or wrong when it comes to sex? What is the philosophical base of that position? Are there limits to what...
  13. zekko

    Women's Clothing

    I can't help but be amused by the differences in men and woman's clothing. Professionally, men are generally covered up completely with shirt, tie, and suit. Women show much more skin, plunging necklines, bare shoulders, spaghetti straps, short skirts, peek-a-boo holes, etc. And that's before...
  14. zekko

    Nice Guys

    I've been hearing the expression "Nice guys finish last" my entire life. I'm sure it originates from before I was born. It certainly wasn't invented by the manosphere. I noticed there are two general schools of thought on nice guys in the manosphere: 1a) This is the "Nice Guy" as defined by...
  15. zekko

    Hallmark Ad

    Have you seen the controversy over the Hallmark Channel ad that featured two brides kissing? They aired this lesbian ad, and some conservative groups complained because they didn't think it was family friendly. So they pulled it. But then they really got in trouble, because the LGBTQ people...
  16. zekko

    Who's Hotter?

    This is just for fun: Who's hotter, Kristeen Leahy or Rachel Bonnetta? Both of these gals are hosts on the sports channel FS1. I think they are both extremely attractive, but I'm curious as to what people here would say. Please weigh in. I have my suspicions, but I'll reveal my opinion...
  17. zekko

    WWE Crown Jewel

    WWE has been putting on wrestling shows in Saudi Arabia for the past few years (reportedly for a ridiculously large amount of money). Last night, they had two women wrestling on their show for the first time (Natalya and Lacey Evans). This is notable since Saudi Arabia (like many Middle...
  18. zekko

    Short Men Video

    I found this video on women and short men the other day. Nothing surprising really, it just explains why women prefer taller men. Makes sense, they think that if a guy is bigger, he will be better able to protect them, and they will feel safer with them. Biology and all. The one thing that...
  19. zekko

    Game of Thrones

    Had to mention this after tonight, hokey smokes that was an intense episode. A little too dark to see what was going on at times though. I'm sure some here will complain that the females came off looking too strong in this one, but regardless of that I thought it was pretty awesome.
  20. zekko

    Old Movies

    When I watch old movies, I like to see how the dating culture and gender roles have changed over the years. I just watched Soldier in the Rain on TCM from 1963 - Steve McQueen and Jackie Gleason are buddies in the army. It was surprisingly good, I thought, considering I had never heard of it...