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  1. Visionist

    Just got played

    So you fúcked a baby rabies 29 year old who saw you as a sperm bank beta bux and promptly shut off the sex as soon as she had a kid (which may not be yours). I'm so glad I'm sterile when I read shít like this.
  2. Visionist

    Subtle ways of showing interest

    We don't really have the same issues in Europe as our waitresses don't expect to be tipped, and so when they're being really nice to you it's not necessarily a ploy. Submissiveness is a clue a waitress (or any woman) likes you. I was getting a burger in Cannes with friends, all of whom are much...
  3. Visionist

    Do women like men with tattoos? (video)

    A tattoo should be purely for your own enjoyment. It needs to be something timeless and something you know you'll enjoy in fifty years time. Because when you're having it done you will be constantly thinking "this hurts like black thunder damnit - why am I doing this again?" I have a...
  4. Visionist

    How many of you DJs use emoticons and smiley faces in texts?

    I tend to use the sunglasses emoticon. I used to use the tongue sticking out emoticon too, not so much now. Less is definitely more.
  5. Visionist


    The closest I probably found was the very dance class I was a member of, but for all those reasons above it was a dud. In over a year I never got laid or even close. I really wasn't very good at the whole dancing part though :rofl: I did take a Kizomba class very briefly. It was only a taster...
  6. Visionist

    What do you guys think about this line?

    I got rejected today. Me and a friend were in his car negotiating the maze of alleyways which pass for streets around here. As we turned into a a blind, tight alley a little Fiat emerged. At the wheel was a brunette in those 70s round shades. She took the cigarette from her mouth and casually...
  7. Visionist

    Is it really this easy for Chads in NYC using Tinder?

    Many women are laughably poor actresses when it comes to faking it. Source: more than half of the hookers I've banged in the past two years. Then there's a small handful who are so good they should be in porn at the very least. For me there's no difference between them and a civvie in their...
  8. Visionist

    Chad subset

    "I live in the sticks" is the key point here. I don't care who, what or how, if you aren't in a place with a lot of single women you aren't getting laid as an average guy. The New York Tinder thread agrees with me.
  9. Visionist

    Most men wear high heels now

    That's too tall to ride practically every rollercoaster ever built. I'd jump off a bridge.
  10. Visionist

    Is intelligence truly attractive?

    Intelligence isn't sexy. Intuition is sexy. When I was in the UK a local 15 year old girl was into me. She would help me take my car apart and expected nothing in return. She displayed almost psychic intuition; I would come across a bolt that needed loosening and she would hand me the relevant...
  11. Visionist

    IDGAF mindset starting to take hold...and already seeing results

    This is the definition of masculine frame. It doesn't always keep a girl keen though if she's got other options (all girls always have other options). I used to have car and movie posters on my bedroom ceiling. The theme was black, white & red. Some of those posters were fresh out the tube...
  12. Visionist

    Most men wear high heels now

    So how much is Adidas paying you to dump on Nike?
  13. Visionist

    Crazy OLD experience...first time this has happened...

    Women communicate covertly. Men overtly. First girl I had sex with I flatly told her "I don't love you, I just wanna fúck you" after a couple days. She monkey branched to Plan B. She was gonna do that anyway. I maintained my respect for myself by being direct. No amount of beta nice guy game...
  14. Visionist

    Crazy OLD experience...first time this has happened...

    Chicks can be interested and still tell the guy to invite a friend so her girl friend doesn't miss out. Happened to a friend of mine but he wasn't interested in her and blew her off. In any case, it's disrespectful.
  15. Visionist


    I took classes here in Italy for a good while. I didn't like the music itself, I prefer to hear English lyrics. I eventually quit lmao. There were quite a few dudes, and some of them were alphas and cleaned up. None of them could out-Chad our instructors though. Both dance champions, both over...
  16. Visionist

    My view of dating is kind of dying or changing

    Women can find committment from betas as easily as they can find casual sex from alphas. It's the alphas they actually want to commit to them that are the problem though. An alpha doesn't commit.
  17. Visionist

    Over your SMV and looks and still give you the last concert?

    Don't drink methylated spirits.
  18. Visionist

    Any Point In Calling Out Late Replies

    That's what attention whöres do indeed. I voice apped her, teased her a bit, told her to free her schedule. For the first time ever she replied with a voice app of her own instead of a text, and replied instantly. She told me her schedule for the next weeks and said she'd definitely call me...