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  1. forcerecon01

    Europe angry with the U.S

    Looks like Italy,france and germany are angry with the U.S response to the virus. Me personally i feel like we've done a lot to contain the virus,but that is not good enough. I feel Trump did the right thing and quit the WHO but europe is mad. We pay too much and not enough is justified to...
  2. forcerecon01

    Tao te ching

    Hi! Do any of you Don Juans read chinese philosophy? I hear its good for getting chicks and its ancient knowledge. I've read bits of the art of war but never the whole book. Is it worth reading the tao te ching?
  3. forcerecon01

    happy fourth everyone

    I'm feeling the heat weather wise and also feeling the isolation of quarantine. Anyways, I wanted to wish you all a happy 4th and to be safe out there and to social distance.
  4. forcerecon01

    women overrated?

    Hi fellow don juans. I just wanted to ask if this whole game thing is all worth it? Do you feel women have been spoiled over the years and no longer need men and if they no longer need men if thats the problem? What are your thoughts? Is chivalry dead like they say?
  5. forcerecon01

    Reopening America

    So what are you guys gonna get or do when the U.S reopens? I heard after Memorial day businesses will reopen. I am going to a buffet and gonna eat all the steak I can eat lol. plus get a hair cut .
  6. forcerecon01

    Chinese government

    Anyone trust the Chinese government about anything especially the coronavirus outbreak? Seems like they are trying to hide something or not being upfront about the incident that spurned into a world wide pandemic. Should China face consequences if guilty and if so what consequences to impose...
  7. forcerecon01

    cars that women love

    I drive a 2015 Honda fit. I know its not sexy but its reliable. I haven't gotten any approvals from women either on the car but it saves me money on gas at it gets me where I need to be. What kinds of cars do women like? Do you have to have a ferrari to please a women or a modded up import...
  8. forcerecon01

    covid 19 vaccine??

    I heard there is a drug out there that works thats made in Japan. Its called Avigan and it is for the flu but works on Corona virus. Do you guys think the U.S should quickly come out with our own vaccine or wait till clinical trials are complete before sending it out to the American public?
  9. forcerecon01

    Any martial artists out there? What martial art is good for protection?

    I retained a green belt from taekwondo years ago back in highschool. I'm looking to get back in but there is so many now to choose from. I want to be a black belt but also now my city teaches brazilian jiu jitsu. Although I have no knowledge of ground defense it wouldnt be a bad thing to have in...
  10. forcerecon01

    Gun ownership

    Is owning a gun for protection a good idea or a hassle? I never owned a gun before but I live in a safe city with not much crime. Do any of you own a gun and if so what kind? Is concealed carry permit worth it to get?
  11. forcerecon01

    Favorite cuisine?

    Is there any foodies out there! My favorite food is Thai and Italian cuisine. I like the noodles ,bbq, curries,egg rolls etc. What do you think most women like to eat? Also what is your favorite cuisine? Are you a meat and potato type of. guy or do you enjoy something more exotic? What do you...
  12. forcerecon01

    Action photos for Tinder??

    Hi guys, I guess I'm not getting the results I want on Tinder. I think it has to do with the lack of quality photos of myself so I'm asking if you use Tinder what works for you?Is there a guideline that you have used to determine what pictures are better than others? I know selfies are dumb ...
  13. forcerecon01

    cologne with pheromone spray , worth a try????

    Has any of you tried out cologne with a pheromone scent? I've been reading a lot about it and hear it works well. If so what kind do you use?
  14. forcerecon01

    asian males and caucasian women???? Is race an issue?

    Hello to all my asian Don Juan brothers out there and also the rest of you Don Juans. I wanted to ask do you feel any backlash being an asian man trying to or gettting caucasion women? In the midwest its probably not as easy as living in a more predominately asian part of the country say like...
  15. forcerecon01

    Being a PUA or being yourself?

    I see a lot of information and new material about pua tips and tactics. I just want to know if it is really worth it to buy from them and to do and learn from them. I'm hesitant to try because it might be garbage anyway and a waste of my time. So far from reading from this website things have...
  16. forcerecon01

    Military Veteran

    Hi brothers, I'm a Former Marine Veteran looking to date again. I am 40 years old and the online matchmaking isn't working for me. I live in Wisconsin and I feel there is not much opportunity for me here. I don't know if I am insecure around women or just unattractive. I came to this site maybe...