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  1. BeExcellent

    Fishing for Foriegn & Getting Catfished

    Have an acquaintance of my guy. The friend is 58, tall, handsome, successful. He’s mid divorce with his gorgeous Asian wife of 15 years in the US. He will end up splitting assets with her, but she helped him build their business so fair is fair. The wife is late 40s, still remarkably...
  2. BeExcellent

    Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays Gentlemen!

    As 2019 draws to a close wishing each of you every success and blessing this season & for 2020. Look forward to the discussions and debates in the coming year...to your personal growth! Cheers from the old lady!
  3. BeExcellent

    Beware of the Jaded

    From time to time it's interesting to observe certain dogmas around here. Some members adopt a distinctively binary view of something or other and the community is not well served by these attitudes. The result of binary thinking is not only that it limits or narrows one's perspective, but...
  4. BeExcellent

    What is a Great Man or Great Woman?

    Was conversing with one of the members around here and he was noting how his buddies fail miserably at being men essentially in not leading in their lives and relationships. He also commented on the associated fall out that results. So I thought and he thought (@Roober) a thread on the topic...
  5. BeExcellent

    Creating Sexual Desire

    As a woman on a men's seduction forum I've noticed something interesting. There isn't a tremendous amount of content about the how to's of creating sexual desire between a man and a woman. It comes naturally to some people, but I think that is a false belief. We all learn how to flirt and how...
  6. BeExcellent

    Attachment Theory

    Been reading up on attachment theory lately. Why? Because attachment theory underlines how individuals relate to one another in close relationships. Here are some interesting findings: Secure Attachment style: people who are secure in themselves, have healthy foundational relationships...
  7. BeExcellent

    Embrace Rejection

    After attending a wedding this past weekend with the boyfriend we got to talking about some of his buddies. These are men with some success in life under their belt, fit, attractive men...they own their own homes, drive nice cars, have good careers, are physically attractive (usually 7-8's)...
  8. BeExcellent


    Sometimes we make things too complicated. Was chatting with someone via PM and had a thought I wanted to share: Life is not a dress rehearsal. Do only those things that serve you well. If you come across someone worth sharing the journey (or some part of the journey) then brilliant. But don't...
  9. BeExcellent

    Understanding Class and Taste

    I find that an understanding in matters of class, taste, style, and elegance are one of the things that makes a man desirable. Understanding these things can contribute to his stature among people and his status in the world. I don't see much discussion about this topic very often and never in...
  10. BeExcellent

    High School First Date Frame

    Well this is interesting. My son has a formal dance at his school (all boys school) this coming weekend. He is 15. He asked a girl from another local school to go. They know each other from previously attending Catholic gradeschool together several years. In speaking with my ex (Dad) I...
  11. BeExcellent

    What is "Alpha" Anyway?

    For some time I've thought about making a thread about what I observe and what I grew up with in dealing with "alpha men." My father was alpha, my grandfathers were, every uncle save one, and I've had the priviledge of the company and friendship of many alpha men in my life. An Alpha Man...
  12. BeExcellent

    Outcome Independence

    This is the biggest thing I see men struggle with here lately, and well generally to be frank here and in real life. I too used to get overwrought with whether or not a particular man "liked" me or didn't "like" me, used to hamster as y'all say about what a man might be thinking etc. Over...
  13. BeExcellent

    How to Kiss Well

    This is something I've thought might be useful for a while. Maybe you are young and inexperienced, maybe you aren't. Maybe you have lots of experience. Great kissing is the gateway to great sex. It is a massive turn on to women. Bad kissing is a massive turn off. What makes a great kiss...
  14. BeExcellent

    Found Tenacity A Woman

    I don't do lots of file uploads...but check out Joy Villa at the Grammy Awards. Might have to find myself a Trump flag & get that man who created her dress to make one for me. My son would be stoked for me to wear that dress at his academy spring formal & fundraiser. Somebody upload...
  15. BeExcellent

    How do you handle your Daughters?

    In all seriousness I am in need of some guidance here. How do you handle your daughters dealing with all the media outlets, Internet, social media and so forth as they navigate the pre-teen and teen years? I have a 12 year old who looks like Barbie. Last weekend one of her school friends gave...
  16. BeExcellent

    Success Starts Between Your Ears

    For a while now I've thought about sharing some thoughts about what a successful person is and how a successful person behaves differently than the majority of people. I thought I'd create a thread about the process because all I knew when I got started was that I had a deep seated desire to...
  17. BeExcellent

    How to Spot a Unicorn

    As many of you know I am a woman here on SS. Many of the threads I see here are perplexing. Men complain that they aren't getting the lay on the first date or two so they next, others get the lay on the first date and complain that they can't find a high quality girl (and argue that women who...
  18. BeExcellent

    On Leadership in Relationship

    This past week I had a cathartic experience that perhaps might be useful to y'all. Background: The short version of my story is that I am a woman who was married to a nightclub owner for 15 years. After we married his partnership fell apart and he was unable to retain his business. My...