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  1. backseatjuan

    Woman hit neighbor on the head, and cut him to pieces, set free

    BS happened in St Peterburg Russia, woman was charged with murdering and cutting to pieces her neighbor. On technicality she got away. Apperantly, because some body parts were missing, it was impossible to determine the cause of death. Thus her murder charge did not go through. However...
  2. backseatjuan

    Accounts of the Earth War

    My God! The story line is beautiful.. Playlist
  3. backseatjuan

    Blue Pilled Women?

    Blue Pilled Women ============ 1. She doesn't understand men are only as fateful as our options. 2. She expects to keep a man once he gets more successful, more fit, or increases his SMV. 3. Women who don't require stability. 4. Giving men years to commit. 5. They undervalue the power of...
  4. backseatjuan

    Jam Session

  5. backseatjuan

    What to say to them when you are in late 30 not married not kids

    First date so many questions. They ask about it and I know what they think. This guy is gay or he was in prison or he is weak down there. I just say not married no kids, haven’t found my princess. But it is a turn off. How ro spice it?
  6. backseatjuan

    Prime minister of Belgium

    Not a sinlge word on wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Petra_De_Sutter that it is a tranny. Do Belgians know it is a tranny?
  7. backseatjuan

    I have witnessed the most horrible thing today

    About 9 in the morning I got off train and went to buy me soda and some smokes. I was inline paying for my things when I heard a woman yell, stay, stop following me, stay there like a dog, wait for me. I honestly though it was someone yelling at her dog. To my amazement, when I got out, I did...
  8. backseatjuan

    Fun fact, what does OLD and online prn has in common?

    You are going to laugh now. I was watching computer chronicles on youtube(https://www.youtube.com/user/ComputerChroniclesYT), it's an old show which I haven't watched on TV when it come out, but now it is interesting to see first laptops, first pentiums, windows 95 and 98, nostalgia. Back then...
  9. backseatjuan

    COVID 19 @ your location September...... locally

    @ my location, Russia, Sochi, XY News is quiet, they say wear a mask. Stay at home. Unofficial news, from guard that is stuck at home. Local hospital is closed, and it is confirmed, 8 infected, head of hospital fired. From now on, whenever I travel by BUS I am wearing a mask, same with shops...
  10. backseatjuan

    Trump got the COVID

  11. backseatjuan

    US Embassy warned about a sudden war before two days it happened

    That's correct. I'm sorry about waht you might think is troll. But. There is now war in Armenia and Azeibaijan, you might say what who, but in Los Angeles there are more Armenians than there are in Armenina itself. But anyway, U.S embassy in both countries two days prior to sudden war action...
  12. backseatjuan

    COVID-19 medicine is in drug stores now

    In Russia of course. Areplevir, cost is 12800 rubles, roughly $200. It is not a vaccine, it is a medicine, previously used only in hospitals. Based on japanese flue drug, synthesized its own molecule. Can get you up on your feet in 3 days. 40 tables, 200 mg each. Price is $$$$ a lot.
  13. backseatjuan


    how about that crotch on the jeans? are you stocking it or you don't care?
  14. backseatjuan

    Is "good luck" a soft no?

    I mean online, let's say something similar to fb, you send a gift, sometimes they give you free gifts, and it's a heart or rose or something similar, I send them to everyone when I feel borred and they are free, and in response you receive a gift saying thank you, and good luck or something...
  15. backseatjuan

    Colt released gunporn video!

  16. backseatjuan

    Hit the wall, man style

    Circa 2006 And now 2017
  17. backseatjuan

    It pisses me off

    To see those protests videos new everyday and people don't do anything about them. Can you imagine gypsies protesting in France? How about Jews in Germany in 1935? Protesting and burning down businesses. Apparently in 2020 it's absolutely A-OK to protest and burn down businesses and cause...
  18. backseatjuan

    Romeo & Juliette

    What a love, what a passion!
  19. backseatjuan

    Over your SMV and looks and still give you the last concert?

    Have you had a girl, presumably bellow 25, even more so, bellow 20, who you fcked met, fcked once, and who maybe song you a song on your last date, without you knowing it was last, something about love in french, je taime for example, and it was it, the last one?
  20. backseatjuan

    COVID September 2020

    FYI to date globally infected with COVID 25,736,384 for the last 24 hours there was registered 112,790 new infected total death thus far 862,820 for the last 24 hours there were 2,382 new deaths total healed thus far 18,198,656 for the last 24 hours there were 99,480 new healed persons So, 25...