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  1. J

    FR: 2nd date lay report...cooking dinner never fails

    Yup. I’ve had much success with the come over fir dinner deal.
  2. J

    Even the Escorts are a pain

    No worries. It was just another bizarre interaction with a woman. Nothing new.
  3. J

    Even the Escorts are a pain

    Okay ladies. KNOCK IT OFF! if you wanna start a discussion on all that, go start your own thread. not sure if one single guy posting has actually seen escorts here in USA. Anyway, seeing escorts and strippers is supposed to be easy and the outcome is guaranteed. this experience is just...
  4. J

    Dumped 9/10 gf

    I had a 9 looks and body, but she was a -10000 in mental areas. Total narcissism, crazy , violent, cheater. Left her 3.5 yrs ago after 2.5 years of hell. looks aren’t all that matter. I have had one other 9 abs she was a total train wreck as well.
  5. J

    Even the Escorts are a pain

    Nope. Clean cut white guy here in California USA. and I had sent her a photo. She later said I’m too masculine, too muscular? Omg ! I have hit an all time new level of rejection and yes I’m laughing. I’d post a photo but system won’t allow.
  6. J

    Even the Escorts are a pain

    When I just can’t take it anymore and I’m sick and tired of the woman chase game I’ll hit up an escort. Usually about once or twice a year. I am a good looking guy in very good shape and I work hard on it. I cannot believe that I just got rejected by an escort before we ever even met. We...
  7. J

    Newbie not getting screwbie’d

    Gone off sex ??? No, she’s gone off sex with you. Sorry to have to point that out. This was the deal at end of my marriage. Sex was a bargaining chip. Run away. Find other women. Do not let this one leave you hanging while she decides if you’ll be a couple. Take back your power.
  8. J

    Love the crazy women. What’s wrong with me?

    I have my stories of the crazy women that I’ve been attracted to in the past. The sex was always off the freaking hook and I was attracted to them from the first time I met them. But we all know how those train wrecks end. now I’ve met a really nice woman and what I would say a very...
  9. J

    Cannot judge attraction level

    I agree. We confirmed for a Friday date since I put up my message. I will do no texting and will only confirm the date on Friday
  10. J

    Cannot judge attraction level

    Went out on Thursday with a woman my age, I’m 53, on Sunday. We have done some light texting since Sunday. Not once yet has she started any conversation but she is responsive when I reach out. she said that she rarely dates and what a big deal it was that she came out and met me. I think she’s...
  11. J

    GF has done several married man

    Oh hell. No no no no. Wtf did she need to stay in touch with them? Cause she was still into them. You dogged a train wreck for sure.
  12. J

    Women can be nuts....and it happens to all of us

    The deal the deal killer here for me would be that she offered no other solid alternative. This one wants to meet guys but won’t be inconvenienced. Plus If here kids work schedules are an issue. Good luck ever dating her cause that will always be an issue
  13. J

    Date next weekend 55 miles away. What to expect?

    Op!!! It’s like you are just stupid or can’t take simple advice. 55 miles. That’s nuts. Comon. Okay closer to home. I bet this date cancels anyway. Why invest in such a crap deal.
  14. J

    Do you think it's okay to ask women if they're talking to other guys after she agrees to go out and before getting number(casually/not needy)

    Hell no. It’s none of your business at that point. Now if she asked you the same question that would be different.
  15. J

    GF has done several married man

    Oh hell no. You did the right thing. The issue is that in her mind having sex with a married guy is acceptable. So that means she would think nothing of cheating on you. You made the right decision.
  16. J

    1 hour on the phone. What next?

    No no no. Do not keep talking on the phone like she wants. I guarantee that’s all she wants. Some male attention, but never actually meet in person. I finally got smart about this. Phone is fir setting dates. Period.
  17. J

    Is overweight the new norm

    Your missing my point. It appears that a huge majority of women are overweight. Maybe it’s my age bracket. I’m 53
  18. J

    Is overweight the new norm

    It’s just getting worse and worse here And I live in California where everybody is allegedly active and healthy. I would honestly estimate that if I was to look at 100 women either in the real world or their online profile, I would say 90 of them would be at least 30 to 40 pounds overweight or...
  19. J

    So over it.

    Yup. And if every man out there would do the same we would have it made. But like another poster said, there’s a big number of betas that will willingly put up with the crap.
  20. J

    So over it.

    I won’t bore you all with the details. Just another woman that behaved like a typical woman. I have had it with women who think they are gods gift to men and act like children. I’m 53 and these are supposedly grown women. I thought that at my age the women who are single would have figured...