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  1. Vantagepoint34

    Mayan Apocalypse

    Seems like the Mayans were more spot on predicting something like corona would happen. According to their legends first was a destruction by storms. Then we get hit by a plague. Before our total destruction. Their calendar seems to run out by 2024. Time to stock up on some more on sale pasta...
  2. Vantagepoint34

    Tennis' direction this year

    https://www.tennis-warehouse.com/Nike_Air_Zoom_Vapor_Cage_4_White_Crimson_Mens_Shoe/descpageMSNIKE-NAZVCWC.html Judging from these new Nike shoe model. Tennis was going to be more extroverted than most years. Wimbledon they would be dawning blue for the small grass tournaments. French open...
  3. Vantagepoint34

    Bumble Gold

    Well during this crisis I've landed one date from bumble who otherwise wouldn't have even batted a lash at me in public. She was jovial and nice but couldn't have amounted to nothing better than an outing before everything was closed down. Meet up at a bar with drinks and very good conversation...
  4. Vantagepoint34


    This is the closest I've seen to seeing this movie a reality. Any of you have movies like contagion or better topic along the lines we're living now with Covid19. In some scientific areas world war z is also close to what is happening at least before there is a full break out. As far though...
  5. Vantagepoint34

    Cooold approach

    Keen on noticing this HB8 cutie at work. Asked her if she did her hair. Was right on over the weekend she did her hair. Over water break chatted her up but haven't gone for number. Still feels too early and carona chain virus is still too real to be wasting time. Do you guys want to end up like...
  6. Vantagepoint34

    My vacation to Bahamas

    Well this vacation I traveled with a G/f. Hb7 at best if you asked me at the time I needed a better girl. We ended up going to this hotel beach that a bus took us too. Also took some great shots by the bay which was crystal blue waters. Some thought's about how this place is no more got me a...
  7. Vantagepoint34

    She asked me to be her boyfriend

    More on this random occurence. Ran into this third world chick from south america. I speak spanish fairly well. She commented that her dad passed away when she was 8 and grandfather when she was 14. So a central male figure has been missing from her life for a while. I also told her I had kids...
  8. Vantagepoint34

    Herman miller

    Good chair company? Thoughts on best office chair. Any advice thanks...
  9. Vantagepoint34

    Girls night out

    Do any of you know how to conduct yourself in a girls night out situation. Usually girls I meet keep girls night out a secret and I can pick up hint. All of a sudden a girl I know she brings me a gift. Any girl that drops a gift too early I know has or has been having girls night out. Of course...
  10. Vantagepoint34

    Field report coming in

    Latest Scored a 6 to give in and offer me a relationship. She was beckoning me to give in to relationship because of finding commonality. Do not give in Dj's to an easy relationship. After brushing up my day game and seeing all the game has to offer. Feel no better to say haven't given in to an...
  11. Vantagepoint34

    Trouble with investment site

    I was following an investment site called scottrade for many years. Right now I'm having a hard time deciding with what company to go with. Charles swab looks good. My cousin swears by bit coin. Some sites like pennyhoarder haven't been around that long. Any of you handle a part time investment...
  12. Vantagepoint34

    Pointless Mathematics

    Some stats from different studies have here. Have your own? Add to this list -Nodding increases chance of sale in sales enviorment -Increase muscle mass by 4 pounds using HMB free acid -Consumption of eggs is similar to effects of dianobol and makes eating choices throughout day 20% more likely...
  13. Vantagepoint34

    Social media problem

    Well FB is some what new from what it looks like. I can't think of any studies on social media. From my experience using and participating in Social media in general did not increase quality of life. Afterall would you be interested watching your life pass by through a screen. Finally I do have...
  14. Vantagepoint34

    Shaving guide

    Taking a trip to a far away city like Lima has brought to me some insights about living differently. Analyzing being two degrees from the ocean has brought me to natural conclusions. First fact is Shaving is an art. We can work on this by changing strokes. Switching to a cheaper solution with...
  15. Vantagepoint34


    Lacoste guide to health and fitness. Modern science has come far enough. Supps. basic five star protein fish oil Food Kale broccoli could be organic tomatoes or cambell's soup if you want to save M-F Leg day at 4:30 Thurs. Shower cold /hot alternate twice Sunday and Monday you go out with...
  16. Vantagepoint34

    Bitter Hb angry at husband

    Started nothing more than a day where there are no signs of noise pollution. Finally I uncover a few things, no answer. Once an angry hb6 shows up looking for money there's nothing you can do except stare back at a ghost. It's how things work you either keep upgrading until you find out you're...
  17. Vantagepoint34

    MGk king of rap

    Forget colin and dallas chief. MGk is what it's about.
  18. Vantagepoint34

    Star Juan

    Met this Star Juan in 2004. Every single thing in the guys life was perfect. To the job he had and the fact he makes more than 5,578 a month put him in a place that was unreachable. Save for the cologne he used. I also had the same cologne from a swiss company no pun intended. His greatest life...
  19. Vantagepoint34

    Blong 1 Humanities

    Helped me unt-derstand that clearly PUA doesn't last. Looking at current blog I reccomend. Germandy is a crime in America. Most things are locked numbers. Even being taking off time can lied. Leading to how things actually are if you make connectiong toVantagepoint34. You have to load youtube...
  20. Vantagepoint34

    Boston Day game

    In boston Thursday. If anyone would like to twitter or use my screename Ladiesman217. Will be in town Thursday... Haha.