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  1. Vantagepoint34

    A 30 something comes to a harsh realization, starting to realize it may be too late for love

    Was going to post about this the other day. As to what equals happiness and am I complete after all the relationships. Its kind of cliche so hence the video. Video sums it up better.
  2. Vantagepoint34

    3some - Have any of you had one?

    One time I had two blondes and a brunnette. We threw a party alright lol
  3. Vantagepoint34

    i dont understand why so many peeople make children

    You don't have to be a slave to them. Just have them. Be technical don't end up on a list of child support. That way you can look back at life and remember it wasn't a complete waste.
  4. Vantagepoint34

    How would you cut a date short?

    Happened to me plenty of times. I end up watching movie but not dinner. Dinner and a movie for a girl I really like. Or just dinner. Screening during dinner. End up not watching a movie. Finally with a really batshyt crazy girl I end up making a trip to bahamas for some reason. Maybe the really...
  5. Vantagepoint34

    The link between affection for the other parent and the affection for the mutual children of the other parent?

    I want to mention that the single parent is very strong. A dominant characteristic is the single mother. Far from soccer mom, closer to sarging on her own. That single mom can bring in a new relationship (a new man) yet he'll never be satisified. Kind of like sloppy seconds. That's what I've...
  6. Vantagepoint34

    Does what you drive matter?

    Don't sweat it. Sounds like she made a decision about you before you got to the car. I met a girl from bumble after first week she ghosted. Quarantine could be to blame as she most likely lost her job. As a note remember most girls judge you on first impressions. Within the first three seconds...
  7. Vantagepoint34

    Will gyms survive lockdown? Gold's Gym permanently closing 30 locations

    The minute my gym close. My ebay shopping list for certain exercise machines went out of stock. Very likely nothing I was looking for in the past will come back in stock. Even a bolt on pulley is hard to find. Luckily I did my homework and bought one from a specific sites complicated checkout...
  8. Vantagepoint34

    People are starting to rebel against lockdown

    Could it be that Fort Knox backing our dollars by gold makes them valuble lol xD
  9. Vantagepoint34

    People are starting to rebel against lockdown

    I have a different example for you. In the south during Yellow Fever they had the chance to quarantine. Assumed they'd be fine and continued to go to a parade. Not that far from there mardi gras as well. Double the loss of life. Humans just because we know something doesn't mean we'll actually...
  10. Vantagepoint34

    People are starting to rebel against lockdown

    Like I said economical crises between 1929-1933. So Yes we are seeing what happened during weimar because greatest unemployment since depression.
  11. Vantagepoint34

    People are starting to rebel against lockdown

    People forget it was a global crisis between 1929-1933. What we're seeing there in weimar is close to what we're seeing today. The only difference is I don't see a precursor to war. Or a known enemy just a global health crises... Man but getting %80 of population infected is a prediction from...
  12. Vantagepoint34

    People are starting to rebel against lockdown

    Weimar sounds familiar. Was that pre-Nazi Germany?
  13. Vantagepoint34

    Mayan Apocalypse

    Looked into this for ss and pandemic purposes. 1929-1932 was an economic crises that affected the world. Expect things to repeat and for what is going on to last exactly that 3 years of consequences. Considering most of our leaders are following an echoeing History that does repeat itself...
  14. Vantagepoint34


    Well if a different chapstick won't work. Possibly a scarf could do the trick. Depends if your job allows toggle to the uniform tho...
  15. Vantagepoint34


    I was using one called burts bees made of bee honey/wax. Seemed really strong and occasionally they make one with spf. Just alone with burts bee's I would recommend. Rather than normal chapstick. Is lypsol typical chapstick?
  16. Vantagepoint34

    Was this a test or creating drama on purpose?

    oh nvm read wrong. In the end you said it was failing though. I assumed it failed. Going to read again. I sort of meant she's not having your kids.
  17. Vantagepoint34

    Was this a test or creating drama on purpose?

    The urge to spread your seed was there. Animal instincts aside. Your brain didn't allow you to close this. Neither could her brain. So was not a test...
  18. Vantagepoint34

    Southerners (USA) in America, dah fuk is up with Georgia?

    I met an elderly 65 year old lady georgian. Who was very polite and would bother to call me over the phone. I like the fact that she was polite but younger women could care less. Even more Younger women are like shooting fish in a barrel. How there's so many that barely have anything to talk...
  19. Vantagepoint34

    Dealing with declining libido as you age

    Not so much related but have to add your brain can do two things. Realize you're getting old and if you are alone or with a partner. Put it simply we are the pez pack. Once used up how would nugenix. Or even based out maca powder help out with a little test increase. Guys what I would invest in...
  20. Vantagepoint34

    Mayan Apocalypse

    Possibly famine once the calendar ends we've speculated some kind of end to humanity