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  1. Atom Smasher

    Does Anyone Here Still play Video Games

    Microsoft Flight Sim 2020 to keep up my piloting skills. Railway Empire ‘cause it’s fun to play with trains. Lots of strategy as you create routes and complex track switching. It’s very gratifying to set up routes and watch the trains make their deliveries and wait for track and station...
  2. Atom Smasher

    Steadily disappointed by the content/posts on here.

    He’s no star athlete. He’s a mediocre guy who tries to project an image of something he’s not. Have you read his history? People aren’t “butt-hurt” about his leaving. They’re rolling their eyes at his self-proclaimed “expertise“ and dramatic exit.
  3. Atom Smasher

    Rickboy is back update: kids, ex

    Guys, you are dealing with a seriously disturbed individual here. My advice to all is to stop trying to advise him. He needs professional help and we are just trudging through the mud with a man who is incapable of comprehending and acting upon our advice. He needs professional counseling, not us.
  4. Atom Smasher

    Steadily disappointed by the content/posts on here.

    There’s a fine line between manipulation and the art of influence. The art of influence is a worthy pursuit.
  5. Atom Smasher

    Steadily disappointed by the content/posts on here.

    Here is a thread started by Trojan, who is greatly disappointed about the "pathetic constant barrage of amateur questions, garbage posts, and repetitive cycle of analyzing and caring about things so miniscule..."...
  6. Atom Smasher

    Rickboy is back update: kids, ex

    He admitted in a previous thread that wanting attention from us is part of all this.
  7. Atom Smasher

    Heartbroken over a woman that I wasn't really into

    She was a drug. You are experiencing sudden withdrawal.
  8. Atom Smasher

    Rickboy is back update: kids, ex

    This is precisely like trying to reason with a woman who is hell-bent on something. No amount of rational conversation is going to get her to see reason, just as no amount of reason will alter @RicBoy ’s self-destructive process. He must be left to crash and learn the hard way. Part of all this...
  9. Atom Smasher

    Rickboy is back update: kids, ex

    I keep asking, but never get a response. Is it healthy to encourage A “best friendship” between a boy and a girl who are right on the verge of the hormones kicking in? At this age he should be friends with and hanging out with other boys. Something very bad is knocking at your door.
  10. Atom Smasher

    girls pulling girl away from you

    Yes, the answer is obvious. They don’t.
  11. Atom Smasher

    girls pulling girl away from you

    I don’t get it. What are all these girls doing hanging out in gay bars? Are you sure most of them aren’t trannies? It must be a lot harder to tell these days.
  12. Atom Smasher

    Masks & Womens' Value

    I haven’t noticed any change for the better. In fact the other day I was in a grocery store parking lot and asked some random woman if there was a local good-will box around here. Good-will boxes are bins where you drop off unwanted clothing for the poor (for those who don’t live in the states)...
  13. Atom Smasher

    Female "Evangical" Pastor becomes stripper

    Anyone can call themselves a “pastor” or a follower of Christ and be completely cut off from Christ. Even this woman said in the article something like she became a “pastor” because she liked performing. Throughout the ages many people and many nations have done egregious things, including...
  14. Atom Smasher

    BECOMING A KING: Getting girls to chase you - Part 2 (GAME TO THE NEXT LEVEL)

    King of your sphere of influence. It’s simply a useful metaphor for a man who sets his own rules and sets expectations for the people in his life.
  15. Atom Smasher

    Rappin' for Jesus - Would never fly in today's world

    A brilliant hoax. The church website says it closed its doors in 2004. The domain was registered the same year AND DAY this video came out - 2013. The pastor and his wife, as far as I can see, is non-existent.
  16. Atom Smasher

    Who Believes UFOs Are For Real?

    I was in a park once (about 8 years ago) and I looked in the sky and saw a pulsating orb floating above the adjacent city. It looked metallic and it seemed to by floating rock-solid in the sky. At first I thought it must be some kind of balloon but it was perfectly still. To verify this I lined...
  17. Atom Smasher

    What Type Of Girls Take Part In Porn?

    Can you imagine suddenly finding a family member in a porn video? I’m sure that has happened to many men. Talk about awkward...
  18. Atom Smasher

    How to tell if their crazy!?

    Exactly. This one in particular chills me to the bone when I listen to her.
  19. Atom Smasher

    Need some advice...

  20. Atom Smasher

    Need some advice...

    Agreed. We’ve all been in that place where we had to learn the hard way, and that’s where he finds himself now. He has to throw the Hail Mary. After this thing resolves, the things we told him will take root.