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  1. FwoGiZ

    Dating a trans

    Where do you see me discriminating or hating? I just think asking this question on this forum is sad af... @Macaframalama nailed 100% how I view this; that unnatural weird **** disgust me and for you to even consider it, amazes me. But hey, live and let live... don't force me into ANYTHING...
  2. FwoGiZ

    Dating a trans

    I haven't been back on this site for a while and this is the first thing I see? I'll put lip stick on and you give me a rimjob how bout that? Lost causes... Fck
  3. FwoGiZ

    Don't want a Civil Marriage

    Yeah and a judge can just decide it has no lawful value when you'll wanna use it
  4. FwoGiZ

    Don't want a Civil Marriage

    Where I am from, there are absolutely no differences. Check your sh1t carefully man.... I also hear that in the US, prenups are pretty much all tossed away once in court.... Let me ask you this; why are you getting married? What are you getting out of it? Be subjective, don't give me the...
  5. FwoGiZ

    Prince Harry getting married

    As MonkeyKing is saying, I think it might just be a cover If not, what a miserable fail... That girl at 20yo would have been an insane catch... a shame she only got couple years left! Hopefully she understands men will stick around a CHILL chick...
  6. FwoGiZ

    Don't want a Civil Marriage

    There are no pros to marriage, at all. Anyone who tells you the opposite is delusional or full of sh1t. At the end of the day, whether religious or civil, it's the exact same sh1t... you sign off half your belongings and agrees to support your future lazy ex fat wife in a house you paid for...
  7. FwoGiZ

    To desinova

    I am not gonna read or click any of that **** but I see what's going on here... Richard lemme tell you this, I am the kinda guy that gets along with pretty much everyone except people that hate me first obviously. But in your case, somehow... I am just annoyed by most everything you do and type...
  8. FwoGiZ

    Teach me snapchat!

    Brand new single guy here... Never used snapchat before but I am well aware that it is pretty much a must nowadays! I am still learning but I thought I'd ask tips here.. do's n dont's and also what all those little emoticons are ? what do they mean? How should I use em? I am very noob.. fck I...
  9. FwoGiZ

    Friendzone or bull****? Need experienced DJ here

    What do you expect a girl to respond when told "women don't become friends with me they want to **** me" and that I "like women that are a challenge" ??? Of course you are triggering her ASD to no other level........... Am I the only one seeing this?
  10. FwoGiZ

    Friendzone or bull****? Need experienced DJ here

    Since when does it matter what a chick says??? She might very well just be full of ASD... Do this: then see if what she says and do match. It might not... only at that point, you'll truly know what's up.
  11. FwoGiZ

    White Muscled Dudes In Suits Are The Hottest

    Why the fck did they ask the f4gs out there ugh? not even sure if I care bout that data anymore... but seems like obvious results to me.
  12. FwoGiZ

    Would you LTR a feminist

    most women that say they're a feminist, aren't feminists... I just ignore it, and as I am dating, slowly toss men's issues here and there see how she reacts. Usually they won't say anything or just that it is indeed unfair or sad which obviously mean they're not a feminist at all. The other...
  13. FwoGiZ

    Absolutely bored during the day

    You guys are hijacking this post... I bought BTC when they were 200-300CAD... ;) But OP, your solution is quite simple... you have no passion? no skills? Find a passion... learn skills!!! Anything really...it doesn't matter. Become an expert at something you really like. Ultimately...
  14. FwoGiZ

    City banning Nudity in Locker Rooms (gym, pool, everywhere)

    It is indeed a hard call but I think he will be kicked out... he messed up with too many things. Every single person that I argue with over JT, I manage to make them see how bad he is when it comes to his idea of islam. I served in Afghanistan, and been to UAE and my job was to link up with the...
  15. FwoGiZ

    Do a lot of other rich countries not support single moms ??

    It was in the news... the guy had to pay 18 yrs of child support over a fckin *******... this is just not right... I am surprised not more men go postal over that ****... I would... hence me being snipped. Aj84, I wish there was more women like you... Unfortunately, that isn't the case and...
  16. FwoGiZ

    Do a lot of other rich countries not support single moms ??

    Poor, lazy and idiot people's problems... If they were half smart, they wouldn't be in this situation to begin with and an even bigger problem is we're encouraging single moms. That's highly destructive for society.
  17. FwoGiZ

    City banning Nudity in Locker Rooms (gym, pool, everywhere)

    It's really weird because Quebec french culture is ahead of the rest of english culture of Canada and USA when it comes to those kinda things involving nudity, sex, relationships... they're more liberal and open. But not THIS ONE guy apparently... I think this is an isolated case not very...
  18. FwoGiZ

    Do a lot of other rich countries not support single moms ??

    In Canada, the burden is put on the genitor. The state can FORCE DNA test then FORCE 18yrs child support on a poor fellow. Ultimately, there are women who will recuperate used condoms, or I've even seen chicks swallow a load, and preserve semence and use it 2 yrs later to artificially...
  19. FwoGiZ

    Girlfriend is staying in contact with her ex after they sexted

    I actually think it's a great idea. I think you might just not understand the idea behind what seems to be non sense ...
  20. FwoGiZ

    Tips for a guy who's just becoming self aware

    outcome independence is the next concept you wanna to assimilate!! You do not wanna share with the world your new found ideologies... you will be judged and ultimately lynched. Keep it to yourself, exaggerate and support whatever they say in a sarcastic way, enjoy the ridiculousness and just do...