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  1. Poonani Maker

    Don't ever marry a woman name 'Elvira'

    The Chad must pay https://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/john-schneiders-ex-wife-elvira-spousal-support
  2. Poonani Maker

    Just saw this comment in an LFA video just watched this morn...claim "Luck" over LMS

    I wanna say this. It's neither of the three. It's luck. I've been observing this my whole life.... Some guys get women and some don't. It is what it is. What i'm about to show u in the links, is hard evidence in my situation. I get women, yes. But i wanna say it's a fuxing nightmare job! I...
  3. Poonani Maker

    Insider Trading...Of course, (((Yahoo Finance))) doesn't ALLOW comments so...::crickets""

    https://finance.yahoo.com/news/insider-trading-rife-no-regulators-090007922.html In addition, because Google just bought a large stake in ADT, ADT will be spying in your homes now if they already aren't doing it!
  4. Poonani Maker

    Accidental Love vs. Planned

    Today it's all "accidental" in 95% of women's views or approaches. I'm reading "The Wealth and Poverty of Nations" by David Landes 1999, and halfway through he's talking about 1800s Ironmasters (you know the smelting of iron, wrought iron (for railroads), etc) and how almost Every son of wealth...
  5. Poonani Maker

    Look at these stupid b!tches who don't even know the value of their own wedding rings.

    Don't EVER buy a woman a ring. People are so Rude, my God.
  6. Poonani Maker

    Just walked out of a salon I'd been going to for 10 years (MASK)

    I was sat down with a mask over my mouth and an older Karen customer in the chair next to me said I had to wear it over my nose too, and then the stylist says the same to me, so I said I had a medical condition and couldn't wear it over my nose and they insisted that I had to cover my nose, so I...
  7. Poonani Maker

    I have an over-thinking issue with a 20 yr old who's now latched on to me (so it seems)

    As of Today, this gal I've known for little over a month in a "business" capacity (so "work" - not My business or not a co-worker, but someone I must deal with or see 1-2 times a week). She's ALWAYS agreeing with me (a first with recent girls), Never looks at her phone while talking to me (kinda...
  8. Poonani Maker

    RooshV has some things right, namely his forecast on the 'Oligarchs' plan going forward

    I don't agree with everything he says, but like how he states the not-so-obvious and obvious that the 'Oligarchs' KNOW that it's all coming down (unavoidable) and are just buying time in order to protect their wealth. They're getting Most of the world "used" to a lower standard of living by...
  9. Poonani Maker

    Ever research a person you knew way back when?

    I just delved into a little background of someone I knew from grade school and junior high. This kid could play All sports, All instruments, sing, trading stocks at 11 years old, straight-As. The kid obviously would have to be arrogant and condescending (as he was to me for sure, and my parents...
  10. Poonani Maker

    My hairdresser trying to hook me up with another hairdresser today.

    Ok first of all, today I went to Home Depot where women have never been more scantily clad in their "summer" "dresses." I mean, if I was their man I'd not allow it. Then the salon I went to, the dames were totally "fitted" in their wares, almost camel toes showin. The "fashion" or "clothing"...
  11. Poonani Maker

    Damn dudes..Russian gal I've messaged for 10 years

    We've stayed in contact for 10 years since she was 20. She reached out to me about the virus, hysterical etc. Now today, she just says, "My husband..." I'm like wtf? She said she was very poor, paycheck-to-paycheck and how Russians are very angry and the evil rich are stealing etc. I mean...
  12. Poonani Maker

    Slvt Shaming

    I met a new gal last week, former hockey events center employee, multiple tats (sleeves). She Knows how to pour on the girly girl persona (to sell merch). I have already witnessed multiple guys (customers, I don't care how old and she's early 20s) ask her name (when the older women Never get...
  13. Poonani Maker

    Hey! What happened to the Coronavirus "Meme" thread?

    It was just here a few days ago. I had a contribution to the idea of masks. I'm a spittin image (except puggier nose at the end inherited from my dad I think) of Bale with similar snap-angry personality, but I didn't know or watch his movies growing up. My co-workers brought it to my attention...
  14. Poonani Maker

    Getting in to fighting shape in your 40s. Is it detrimental to your direction and goals (women)?

    I'm in fighting shape atm, but I feel that it may be Too intense of a shape (workout) for a man in his 40s. I feel it has aged me somewhat (in the face). I mean I breathe better (cleaner), but feel as though shorter of breath (I live at +5000 feet though - less oxygen). You meet a threshold...
  15. Poonani Maker

    Who's still working?

    I've noticed husbands home in various states, some acting "tough" others playing with their kids for the first time in years, some walking the dog(s) or walking/talking with their wives for the first time in months, if not years. I've noticed a jealousy kinda and angry glares cause I'm still...
  16. Poonani Maker

    Damn dudes, I just looked up Two classmates from high school, Both Divorced in January 2013 and 2014 respectively

    You can see the one former hot gal but stuck up I remember who dumped (cause he told her off, never could be satisfied) my friend (a jack of all trades - could play every sport and every musical instrument and stock trade at 11 yrs old straight As, he was just gifted in every way always the top...
  17. Poonani Maker

    Just starting an Amazing book called "African Genesis"

    I've anticipated cracking it open for a few days, yesterday I did. Only one chapter in, and (written 1961) it covers a LOT of info on original man and how for a century since Darwin it was common scientific consensus that we came from docile, leaf-eating "peaceful" non-territorial primates, when...