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  1. behimo

    Excellent Method To Increase Your Height

    no, but if you want a bigger member get a phallosan forte
  2. behimo

    The only thing a woman is good for

    1 Corinthians 7 For I wish that all men were even as I myself. But each one has his own gift from God, one in this manner and another in that. 8 But I say to the unmarried and to the widows: It is good for them if they remain even as I am; 9 but if they cannot exercise self-control, let them...
  3. behimo

    The only thing a woman is good for

    God said it is better for man to be alone than to marry, but if he is weak and can not go without sex, to find a woman. So, no, sex isn't going to make you stronger my dude or help you go to heaven.
  4. behimo

    I built it, they didn't come

    most people are boring, women or men. a man can be entertained easily i.e. half naked woman dancing around a pole. a woman can not, at least from the opposite sex. you have to evoke feeling in her, whatever it may be. if you can't move her feelings, then there's no action.
  5. behimo

    Continuous Improvement vs Comfortable In Current State

    you're always in a mode of improving/regressing, having a good day/bad day, feeling good/bad etc... so try to stack the positives higher than the negatives and to measure yourself to yourself and not anyone else.
  6. behimo

    Stormrider's chonicles

    I don't see your idea of self-insertion as a new thing. It seems to be follow the lines of "fake it til you make it or fake it til you become it' so you self-insert by being who you are or want to be. also falls in line with being 'the rake' but maybe I'm misrepresenting your idea :)
  7. behimo

    Wisdom from 7 years In the game

    IMO; to have a dream is good as long as there is a plan of action you can follow otherwise it's just a fantasy so cultivate yourself until you have a plan of action/dream you don't have to hide your feelings. you just need to learn to be comfortable in your own skin with who you are as a human...
  8. behimo

    my end journey in this game.

    a woman will not die for her man but a man will die for his woman
  9. behimo

    Corona makes me realize a lot of men are really pvssies

    the virus exists in warm climate areas like malaysia which has had 90+ degree weather with about 60% humidity. this whole exercise is meant to 'flatten the curve' so the hospitals aren't flooded and people get the care they need. yes, we could just let the virus burn through but at the cost of...
  10. behimo

    what to eat post-training, and in what time span.

    you need to see what works for your body. in my experience you don't need to do ab work outs to get abs, you can perform compound lifts which also engages your core, which means you will develop abs. if you want to add more focus on abs, that's up to you depending on your situation. as far...
  11. behimo

    Is she losing interest? Mixed signals

    I've never turned down a date cause a girl said she was on her period. I actually like having sex when she bleeds all over me :)
  12. behimo

    What do you guys think are the absolute essentials to seduction?

    I think it's more imitating traits that are not natural to you to see why or how they work then to figure out if it's something you want to add to yourself or keep out of your fortress. It's a way of refining yourself, sharpening the sword if you will. A method to the madness not just insanity
  13. behimo

    What do you guys think are the absolute essentials to seduction?

    I think fake it til you become it seems more relevant. we need experiences to grow, i would recommend you seek opportunities to make that growth happen.
  14. behimo

    Typical Dating BS those out of the game don't deal with

    i think the person stated controlling as in, trying to force a response in a passive aggressive tone.
  15. behimo

    Cola's pic thread got me thinking

    Today you'll look to find rest by trying to understand your life, or you'll rest in the one who understands everything, including your life.
  16. behimo

    Cola's pic thread got me thinking

    you are the author of your life. what is the story you want to tell? that's all that matters.
  17. behimo

    Anyone else completely over it?!

    think like a woman; Accept what you can't control, control what you can.
  18. behimo

    Guys who get jealous and such lol.

    change your age in old to 21 and you will see them.