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  1. stovepipe

    China Planning Attack On US soil?

    Over the past couple days there's been reports of mass cell tower outages. It hasn't been on the news or at least I don't know as I don't watch MSM. The past 5-6 weeks I've read numerous reports of many elites & ceo's hiding out in their bunkers. Just read this across multiple sites that...
  2. stovepipe

    Would you to take the Rona Vaccine?

    I'm sure a lot of you are up to date with the new world order, Bill Gates, Micro chip, vaccines, ect. Curious to see how many of you would get the vaccine. Lets just say they were to make it mandatory. Would you fight for your rights and refuse?
  3. stovepipe

    Do you know what Victoria's "Secret" is?

    Do you know what Victoria's dirty little "Secret" is? Have you figured it out? No? Well scroll on down there bud for the answer...
  4. stovepipe

    Feelings Are For Females

    My flip switched a while back where I don't have much feelings anymore. It changed my life in so many ways when you to get the point that nothing really phases you anymore. I truly believe when you get the point where you leave "feelings to females" is when you conquer being a strong man. I...
  5. stovepipe

    Talking With Your Eyes

    Lately I've been thinking a lot about eye contact and how important it is to increase ones confidence while learning a lot about ones self and others. We're all exchanging words & emotions by a simple stare into ones eyes, whether it be a male or female. Once you study what the different eye...
  6. stovepipe

    Denver Just Decriminalized Magic Mushrooms

    Thoughts? I remember a few years when I went to Red Rocks in CO for the first time a chick had a gallon bag filled to the top with shrooms and was handing them out for free. I only ate a stem and had a blast while on them. But we ended up losing one of my buddies who we later found after...
  7. stovepipe

    How women wanna be f...ed

    Take note boys
  8. stovepipe

    Something rare I noticed in the gym over the years

    Over the past 25 years being in and out of the gym I noticed 3 unique people who's style of working out is unlike any other I've seen. They workout as if you hit a slow motion button, but also super strict form, squeezing the muscle and holding it for a few secs, then slowly bringing the...
  9. stovepipe

    No idea how to turn a girl away from whom I'm into

    I'm head over heels with a girl in my click of friends. I personally do not want to be with anyone at this time in my life. I'm still recovering from a split from a BPD , whom also gave me a STD. That on top with all my other mental issues, no job, living at my folks. I keep most all my...
  10. stovepipe

    Random women messaging about weird acts on dating sites?

    I've had some weird experiences and know of some scams that people run on dating sites. Anyone ever have a random ghost account message them for weird sexual acts? Then I get this random women message me from another state who gives me her number and wants to start talking. First impression...
  11. stovepipe

    How would you invest $100k?

    I've been trying to think of ways to invest $100k, If I had it. Was thinking about purchasing some cheap apt's or some kind of property that would generate positive cash flow every month. From the wealthy people I met throughout my life, real estate seems to be the one that creates the most...
  12. stovepipe

    Online dating tips? I'm screwing up

    Came out of a 2 year relationship with BPD 6 months ago. I've finally built up the courage to try and go one dates. I have little to no experience dating at my age 39. I've always had LTR or stayed single for years till an opportunity came by. I suffer from OCD and BDD which have eaten me...
  13. stovepipe

    Crying after sex?

    What's your view on this topic? Anyone experience this before? Only had it happen once with a Cluster B. She immediately started crying soon as I pulled out. She looked at me and said she'd never done that before and not sure why it happened. Can't believe a word that comes out their mouth...