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    The Game Continues, my approach journal

    "Me: You are pretty and i want to get to know you" Now take this for face value and constructive. You are complimenting this girl and then asking for something in return all in the same line. This is a typical 'chump' line and it will fail most times. Most of the time, you embarass the girl...
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    Holy cow, have I been gone a while!

    Desdinova, I wouldn't have it any other way. :D I've been doing fine, new times, new girls.
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    The girl working the register

    Got a business card? Give it to her after she gives you the reciept. You have to be quick because you are talking just seconds you have. My advice, be that smiling face and only go to her aisle. Once she begins to smile back then you know you can approach her. Just be quick and get her number...
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    Holy cow, have I been gone a while!

    You must of gone by a different name. That was like 3 years ago.
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    Holy cow, have I been gone a while!

    Wish I knew. Last I spoke to him he was involved with a married woman. It's been nearly 3 years since I spoke to him. How did you know him?
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    Holy cow, have I been gone a while!

    It shouldn't. How did Ray Charles pick up chicks being blind?
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    The Game Continues, my approach journal

    "Me: You are pretty and i want to get to know you" That was horrible. There is a fine line between not being afraid of rejection and then asking for it. Re-think that line.
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    Holy cow, have I been gone a while!

    I didn't quite understand what you said? Did you say you are missing a finger and it's hold you back?
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    GF: "so what do you want to do tonight?"

    To add to MrRuckus, Just make sure you fine tune the lapse of in between time. Each girl is different and the goal is to see how much in between they can stand. You want to ride that and she will really love it when she does see you. Don't make it go stale by seeing her too much.
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    Holy cow, have I been gone a while!

    Intel, 1st - Don't be like everyone else. So don't get stupid drunk. A buzz is cool but too much is going to mess with your game. 2nd - Be the confident one. Don't find yourself sitting by yourself, wishing you were the guy talking to the hot girl. 3rd - Take matters into your own...
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    Some thoughts..

    Tell you what, I don't need to minipulate anyone or anything. What I say, I mean. If the girl don't like it then that's fine. There are millions of woman in my area. I next them and move on. The art of being a DJ is to exude your personality and confidence. Woman pick that up like a scent.
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    Help possible clinger

    Hey man, You tell her how it is. It was what it was and that's it. Drop that in a text and no matter what you do, let it stew for a day. She will get the point when you don't reply.
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    Holy cow, have I been gone a while!

    Original DJ back on the block. Look forward to seeing old faces and helping new ones as needed.
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    Married chick in my class...

    I concur. DO NOT get involved with the married girl. However for a ONS, do it and leave it.
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    Sex is good

    Been so dam busy! I've got plenty of story's and tales to share. However, with due time.
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    Sex is good

    It's been a while but I wanted to add some experience here. I've been dating this girl for about 3 weeks now. For the first 2 weeks she did the whole kissing game. She let me touch her but nothing major. So last week I took her out to a nice place. Got her dressed up and I had on some...
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    What The Hell Am I Doing -- You Ever Get Like This?

    GC, Just know that you are empowered with your own happiness. I mean its cool to go out on dates and experience different types of girls. However don't get in the pits about it. Remember you don't have to date anyone. However don't shut any doors or oppurtunitys either. You never know who you...
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    True Double Standard

    Fellas, Just to pick at your mindset, here is a question that I'd like honest answers on. Are girls look upon much differently when they go out and date multiple guys and fvck whoever, whenever? I mean if a guy came here and said, hey I am dating 3 to 4 girls right now and banging two...