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    Home Ownership and Game

    It’s neutral at best unless it’s a really big/expensive house. I have a small house. It’s fine by me, but I don’t think chicks like it. What they don’t know is it will be paid off in 2022.
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    Being with one Woman...

    There is this myth (for both men and women) that, after enough flings, you "get it out of your system." It doesn't work that way. A committed LTR guy (or girl) will always miss (at times) being single. I have married male and female friends. They all tell me about how they miss having some...
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    Value in Intending to Approach, but Not Actually Approaching?

    Yeah I brought that up. Just a theory. I don't see the point in purposely making eye contact with women you don't plan to approach or talk to. If you're Chadlite+ and notice in your peripheral vision that she's staring at you, fine, look at her and then approach. If she's someone you know...
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    Value in Intending to Approach, but Not Actually Approaching?

    There can be some value in "missing" some of the approaches. You need to first be able to properly observe the environment (without making it too obvious) and notice where the viable/available targets are. I would NEVER advocate blindly following the 3-sec rule. That will get you into a...
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    Covid will lead to UBI, the wet dreams of big gov

    I'm all for mask use. But the initial shortage of PPE was a very serious problem. More people would have worn masks if they were actually able to get them.
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    Female Mating Strategy is not complicated guys, it is simply hidden from us and obfuscated to increase it's effectiveness

    I don’t think women consciously PLOT to AF/BB. It just something we see play out anecdotally. Red pill or black pill are just observations that men have made of scenarios that appear to play out frequently. I’ve never gotten hung up on the “It’s all due to evolution brah” line of thinking...
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    Covid will lead to UBI, the wet dreams of big gov

    Even if a vaccine is ready soon, my guess is they will stall on delivery of it to the general public. They don't want this crisis to end too quickly.
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    38 and still a virgin....advice for the 1st time

    It's just human nature. If a guy is hiring a prostie, he is typically cost conscious. If he is picking up women "for free," his brain (or perhaps ego) doesn't want to entertain the total cost involved.* *Assuming he isn't some Chad/Tyrone who can pull it off very cheaply by picking up at a...
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    Does Anyone Here Still play Video Games

    I’d love to own a telescope but I live in a developed area with really bad artificial light pollution.
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    Being nice has gotten me so much further with women

    Yes by all means be kind. Yes some “nice guys” have issues with being “fake” to try to win women over. But most of the time, when she complains about a guy being “too nice” or a “nice guy,” she’s being disingenuous. She doesn’t find him physically attractive, but she will sound “less...
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    How confident are you when it comes to sex, and why or why not?

    ^This. I have a gentle nature, but I don’t think women actually like that. When I force myself to be more aggressive/rough, they prefer it. Have never gone down so I have no opinion on that.
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    Girl I don't know that well takes pictures of me in the bar, sends them to friends

    This is quite disturbing. Do you know who this girl is? Is she a coworker or (outside) friend of your coworker buddies? While you can’t do anything about pictures already taken, I would lay low for a while and avoid local bars.
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    Blue Pill Reddit comments on Incels

    Normiesplaining lol
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    That’s the only “puzzy“ he will be getting lol.
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    Taking a Break

    Local is a tough environment. But fair point.
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    Taking a Break

    Yes exactly. I couldn’t “click” with those guys or be my real self. They were too rigid about using PUA methods and canned opener lines. “Natural game” was frowned upon in those days. Finally, one night I ditched the lair guys in the club out of frustration. I dropped the techniques and...
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    Taking a Break

    I went from extreme late bloomer (28) to a dozen lays sarging near home and during trips to Vegas during the era you mentioned. Funny enough, I didn’t have any success until I left the local lair and started gaming solo. Never had luck with a wingman. Some highly introverted guys are natural...
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    Taking a Break

    I was part of a lair in 2005. While I fully support PUA, I can tell you that lair friends didn’t exactly make good buddies. They were useful if you wanted to go out and needed a wing, but they only cared about puzzy so most really weren’t your “friend.”
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    Very irritating behavior

    Hickeys are legit in 1983.
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    Do you think normies finally wising up about canonical dating (and Chad not needing to date) is causing sit-down restaurant chains to go bankrupt?

    COVID stuff aside, restaurant food quality (especially at chains) has been declining for quite some time. Lower quality (eg processed) ingredients masked by lots of salt.