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  1. FwoGiZ

    Teach me snapchat!

    Brand new single guy here... Never used snapchat before but I am well aware that it is pretty much a must nowadays! I am still learning but I thought I'd ask tips here.. do's n dont's and also what all those little emoticons are ? what do they mean? How should I use em? I am very noob.. fck I...
  2. FwoGiZ

    How to deal with those 2 sisters?

    I am in quite a good and comfortable situation right now. But am a bit confused as to how to proceed. I wanna get into details about this because I feel everything in important. I know most of you won't bother reading and that's fine, I'll do a TL:DR bottom of this post 2 weeks ago, I...
  3. FwoGiZ

    Female blackout, #metoo SAGA part2... make me laugh

    So just came accross this... apparently attention whoring is addictive? They can't get enough? Is this what we could call war? Cause I mean... there will be a lot of casualties (jobs, careers, future). At what point do we claim self defense? When are men gonna team up together to fight this...
  4. FwoGiZ

    funny open relationship story my friends thought I'd fck up

    I haven't been on the forums in a while because summer is my season, a lot of camping at the beach, jetskiing and flyboarding and also yard work around the house, cleaning the pool etc. But unfortunately I am Canadian and DUIs here are treated like a serious crime so I will be having a lot more...
  5. FwoGiZ

    When men pay taxes, women become promiscuous

    Here's an article written by a friend of mine. He also has a youtube channel and I strongly agree with most of what he says. Worth a read https://nkilsdonkgervais.wordpress.com/2017/05/04/when-men-pay-taxes-women-become-promiscuous/
  6. FwoGiZ

    B1tches b1tchin bout my playboy tshirt

    So one of my pic on dating sites is me wearing a playboy shirt. Here's the pic. So I've had several women comment on it, asking me BUT WHY? Usually I tell them it's used as a filter to weed out the easily offended ones. Sometimes they'll insist it's objectifying women.. I am never sure what to...
  7. FwoGiZ

    Boycot SOYA if you wanna preserve your manliness

    Not sure if this has been posted here before or discussed, but here's a detailed article with several studies and references about how evil soya is for your manliness! https://www.anabolicmen.com/soy-and-testosterone/