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  1. Poonani Maker

    Home Ownership and Game

    Um, read "The Millionaire Next Door," even though it's dated at 1995. You should buy no more than 2x your annual wage/salary when buying a house. I bought 1.5X my annual wage 10 years ago. Your goal in life is to lower your taxable Realized income (which means the more you spend, the more you...
  2. Poonani Maker

    If we were to show to allied forces back in WWII the current world...

    Poor USSR got genocided like a mofo though to the tune of 55 million, brutal times
  3. Poonani Maker

    How do you guys stay consistent with workout or running/cardio routines?

    I dropped 4 lbs yesterday. I believe not running keeps me from losing more, will get back to running as soon as it snows. Yesterday's workout for me was weak cause I felt "off" or weak but not weak enough to not stick through it till the end. I'd jumproped almost an hour though which may have...
  4. Poonani Maker

    What is the maximum age to be a pua?

    I'm currently in my mid-40s courting a used-up 28 yr old (I'd say she was a 7/10 10 years ago, she showed me before and after contrasting pics, but today I'd say she's a 5). I'm a 7 according to Face. Used to be 8. Would have been higher in youth if not for masturbation I couldn't shake then. My...
  5. Poonani Maker

    "You're so good in bed, I don't even like using my toys anymore!"

    When a woman says "Cvm for me baby" or "Can you cvm for me?" I know then she's not feeling it, or she just wants to get it over. I can tell when women are being genuine. It's usually after over an hour of fvcking. I can keep it going That long. It may get boring at times, but it will only be a...
  6. Poonani Maker

    Covid will lead to UBI, the wet dreams of big gov

    Also Kubrick was brought in to fake the moonlandings: Larry Niven was brought in by Reagan to fake SDI (causing the Russians to capitulate to what seemed so "real"):
  7. Poonani Maker

    How do you guys stay consistent with workout or running/cardio routines?

    I don't do weights, I'd consider pullups to be 180 lbs enough to build my back and chest/lats. I do pushup/planks that really since Aug 2019 has my arms (triceps a little too much - probably need "weights" for curls to balance out the "look" of my arms a little) looking quite cool and defined...
  8. Poonani Maker

    Does Anyone Here Still play Video Games

    I hadn't gamed from last summer to this summer and right now it's been a month. In my 40s, gaming longer than 2-3 hours leaves me feeling very horribly in the face and mind. I just get itchy. It wasn't the case in my teens, early 20s, and mid-to-late 30s. The only time when gaming was "fun" was...
  9. Poonani Maker

    Female Mating Strategy is not complicated guys, it is simply hidden from us and obfuscated to increase it's effectiveness

    I just like looking at pvssy from behind. That's it. In fact, if I'm up in it, I don't get to see it, makes me sad.
  10. Poonani Maker

    Gf ditched me to meet some other “friend”dude

    When they start talking about needing "space" it's over. She's saying "I don't respect you, and from now on never will for the rest of your life!"
  11. Poonani Maker

    Russians, Ukranians and Belarusians

    Ukraine is being made to Pay, to this Day, for WWII. There whole government is compromised. I would think it more dangerous a place, now and in the future, than Belarus or Russia. Belarus Hates Russians don't ever tell them they are the same.
  12. Poonani Maker

    The "You will die as a lonely, sad, old man!" argument.

    In my mid 40s, I no longer have family left. A parent is still livin but is voting Biden so, idk what to say, the mass media has gotten to her. I truly feel alone now in this world as of this week. You can have family still but they're so criss-crossed and deluded that really it's as if they're...
  13. Poonani Maker

    How do you guys stay consistent with workout or running/cardio routines?

    I've forgotten to take my Krill oil for at least a couple months now. I was like wtf last night when I discovered the bottle not on the counter amongst the other bottles. I hadn't noticed the creakiness of my bones/joints assumed hey, it's just me getting older, but it was the missing Krill oil...
  14. Poonani Maker

    Highly recommended book. I approve this message....

    Well, the Darwin I've read has come from books written later about it, not the source. Some just touch on Darwin (Le Bon), some all about Darwin ("Evolutionary Psychology" recommended by an RSD defector the Todd V guy - he recommended "Sperm Wars" which I found intriguing but wondered if it was...
  15. Poonani Maker

    Highly recommended book. I approve this message....

    Appreciate this topic. I have started an excursion (mainly cause I'm running out of things to read - very selective) into reading 11 "romance" novels ordered a couple of months ago from Amazon. I researched them all, and all but one, "Pride & Prejudice," is written/published within the last 5...
  16. Poonani Maker

    Don't ever marry a woman name 'Elvira'

    The Chad must pay https://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/john-schneiders-ex-wife-elvira-spousal-support
  17. Poonani Maker

    Most women are boring

    I had a nightmare where a fat gal was throwing kleenex boxes at me and a few other women were arguing with me I'd retaliated slightly physically and they ALL blew it out of proportion upping the lies. Utter nightmare dream where decoration (breast medals) cops showed up, before all the women...
  18. Poonani Maker

    reddit: I (28F) am having trouble transitioning to the next phase of life

    now that life's been fvcked outta her, she wants to be dead wood for some poor sap she's on the other side, the lifeless side, so there's no turning back, she has to make concessions and be used (even more now)
  19. Poonani Maker

    How do you guys stay consistent with workout or running/cardio routines?

    idk man, for me, it take a Long time of "consistency" to see things to start happening fast all of a sudden one week, take for instance this week - I'm down 2 lbs as of this morning to 173, the lowest I've been in half a decade, it's becoming easier cause my metabolism is subtly changing, when I...