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    Katie Cleary's Husband Commits Suicide

    http://www.nydailynews.com/entertainment/gossip/katie-cleary-husband-commits-suicide-article-1.1842582 Apparently she was hanging with Leonardo DiCaprio and Adrian Grenier. I wonder if he met her before she won America's Top Model? Hypergamy to blame?
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    Emotional Value, Alpha Dumping and Women

    Gentleman, One of the things that we need to be aware of when dating is the level of emotional value a woman still has invested in an ex boyfriend. This value, in essence, varies dependent on whether or not she dated an alpha or a beta in her last serious relationship. It's going to be...
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    Narcissistic Personality Disorder NPD

    There are a ton of Borderline Personality Disorder BPD threads on SS. I was wondering if anyone has ever encountered or dated someone with Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD)? I dated a girl with NPD, plus BPD leanings for a year. It was a living hell! Besides the BPD issues we have all...
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    No Contact: The Highest Form of Strength and Self-Respect

    There are a lot of threads on this board about the theory of No Contact and how a man should practice this if a relationship ends badly. My personal belief is that No Contact is both the hardest and most rewarding thing a man can do for himself as he strives toward self-improvement. No Contact...
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    Richard Sherman Incident

    This could go in the anything else section but there is some good lessons to be learned here. I disagree with the amount of flak Sherman has been receiving from the media for his rant after the NFC Championship game this weekend. He was in the moment and his testosterone was flowing...
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    Things Are Not Going To Change Until

    We change. WE are the problem. Well, more specifically the men who pander and accommodate to modern day women. As long as the majority of men out there put women in front of their own interests we are going to continue to deal with this situation. We are the ones who create their...
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    Don't Waste Your Time with Women with Low IL's

    Just don't! I have made the mistake numerous times. It's your job as a man to open and initiate but if you find yourself noticing the below behavior, move on. She never: - Texts or calls, you always you doing the initiating - Never asks to hang out - Always "too busy" and hangs...
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    15 Traits

    Here are 15 traits I feel a man needs in order to be considered a "complete man". All the dating tips, tricks and strategies will be utterly useless if a man has not developed these traits. 1. Career: A complete man needs to have a career to secure financial wealth and security. 2...
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    Your Time is YOUR Most Valuable Commodity

    Think about this gentlemen. What is the one thing in this world we cannot buy? We can't buy more time. Our time is a precious depreciating commodity. With that said, would it be prudent of us to waste that valuable commodity on women who don't meet our expectations? Waste it on fruitless...
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    Long Distance Relationships=Challenge

    I'm not a fan of long distance relationships and don't think guys should go beyond 30 mins travel time to date a chick. HOWEVER I've been noticing a trend of late with many of my women acquaintances that they are currently or recently involved with men who live outside of Chicago. Way...
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    50 Things I Have Learned From Dating

    1. Once a Woman's IL goes over the cliff 99.9% of the time there is no way back. It's best to forget and move on. 2. Being too sexual will scare good women away and not being sexual enough will put you in the "friendzone" 3. Majority of the women in our generation are focused on bettering...
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    Would you be friends with a woman you're attracted to?

    I'm curious to see the responses to this question. I won't allow myself to be. In my mind, if I am friends with a woman I am attracted to I am validating her assertion that is what I am worth. I had this argument last night with a woman who I am attracted to who wants to be my friend. She was...
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    Has this happened to any of you?

    You start talking to someone on an online dating website, (i.e match.com) Emails go really good, initial phonecall goes really good. The first date can run the gamut from being extremely successful (i.e F Close), downright awful (not even a hug goodbye), or somewhere in between. My...
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    What the hell!!!

    Has some other guys AFC actions ever caused you a headache? That is what I am dealing with at the moment. Some schmuck decided to take my teammate/coworker on a two week vacation to Hawaii. They've been dating for FOUR months! The kicker is that the guy is paying for the whole...
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    My deal

    Hey all... First time poster. I have been silently observing these forums for the last three years. would like to thank all of you for a lot off your good advice and motivation. You guys helped guide me to the point I am now. I decided to post because I am looking to get some outside feedback...