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  1. Glassguy

    First date options

    1.) Join me for a drink 2.) Join me for a drink 3.) Join me for a drink 4.) "Im going to grab a drink at such and such place on Tuesday evening. You should join me" lol. Too many threads on here about what to do on a first date. I like to keep it simple and just invite her to do one of the 4...
  2. Glassguy

    Building a rotation

    I have been asked by several members recently "How to build a rotation". I have written several threads about this subject in the past, but I will throw another one out there. First and foremost: You will need to be able to schedule a decent amount of dates. This takes time and you need to make...
  3. Glassguy

    Submitting......the single most important factor

    Simply put, a woman that doesnt submit (and in a respectable amount of time) is the beginning of needy behavior and a toxic relationship. Period. A woman being submissive is the single most important factor in having a successful relationship (plate, fwb, gf, fiance, wife) with a woman. Let me...
  4. Glassguy

    Things that are said to know you're doing it right.....or wrong

    As the title states: Her asking: "are you ok?" "Hey I havent heard from you. What have you been up to?" "I would like to see you again when you can fit me in to your busy schedule" "Are you going to be free the weekend of ____, I would like to schedule something fun to do with you" "You are...
  5. Glassguy

    The top 5 mistakes men make with women

    1.) They dont make a move; they wonder if a chick likes them instead of finding out by inviting the chick out. (Solution- ask her out and get the answer) 2.) They over text or are too available/respond too quickly or TMI in the messages (Solution- go get a social/business life and only check...
  6. Glassguy

    Avoiding flakes/canceling from happening

    Let me start by saying this: You will probably never totally eliminate women flaking or canceling on you for many different reasons. But you can certainly cut the amount of times this happens to a very low percentage. Since this could become a really long topic I will try to minimize it with...
  7. Glassguy

    The golden rule on Cancels/Flakes

    Just a reminder as the question will start popping up again: If she gives a specific date to reschedule then you can accept that if you are free. If anything happens on the rescheduled date that she cannot make it, she will never get another response from me. If she cancels just before the...
  8. Glassguy

    Interesting Cold Approach over the weekend

    I do cold approaches when I see what could be taken as IOIs from attractive women. I typically DO NOT just go up to random women and strike up a conversation out of the blue if I dont feel as though she is welcoming it. This past weekend I was in Louisville for my daughter's national travel...
  9. Glassguy

    Cola's pic thread got me thinking

    @cola is right. There are a lot of good looking dudes on this forum (in a totally non gay way). I expected more of the guy living in his mom's basement that gets his hair cut every 3 months but a lot of you guys are knocking the fitness out of the park. Awesome job. I would consider myself a...
  10. Glassguy

    You teach people how to treat you

    Read that again. And again. And again. *Chick dumps you. Resurfaces after 2 or 3 weeks and throws you bread crumbs. You bang her. You're winning....right? Wrong. She goes back to hot/cold. You're confused. How could she treat me this way? Because you told her that you would be there waiting for...
  11. Glassguy

    Interesting situation

    A chick that I know was briefly married to a guy that I used to be acquaintances with turned "lesbian" a couple of years after their divorce. Her girlfriend is a solid 8 blonde and she is a solid 8/9. This chick started fb messaging me and asking if I used to be married to so and so and we...
  12. Glassguy

    Women can be nuts....and it happens to all of us

    Me included. We all have to deal with this stuff from women on occasion. About a month ago I invited a chick to meet for drinks. She said she was busy at that time, offered no other times that she was free. No worries. I told her to reach out if she got free and I would see if I was still...
  13. Glassguy

    Today's reality and exact opposites

    In general, men are the women of 15 years ago and the women are the men from 15 years ago. Posters saying a woman wanted to come over and fvck him and he wanted to get drinks instead. Because he had a hard week of work. WTF? Fvck her brains out and then go rehydrate with her at the bar. Then go...
  14. Glassguy

    When you get busted talking to multiple women: Field report

    True story: Went on a date Friday night with potential new plate. Had drinks at 2 different locations, escalated to a bj at the end of the date. She came from me fingering her. Logistics didnt support banging her on the first date. Any who, I left the date around 11:30pm. On my way home this...
  15. Glassguy

    Texting- Gauging interest level

    This will probably be the shortest thread I will ever create. Very simply put: IF you start texting/messaging a chick and she does not ask you questions, you need to shut it down and move on. Its that easy. A woman with mid to high interest will ask you questions in text. They are trying to...
  16. Glassguy

    Happy new year

    Happy new year fellas. It seems that Santa didnt bring more solid frames to most of the beta members on here. Some long time posters who are clueless to what actions (and lack of action sometimes) that it takes to attract women, get women pursuing and keeping their attraction and interest...
  17. Glassguy


    Several recent DM's from members telling me about how a woman is confusing them, dumped them, stringing them along, etc. One of the common denominators in every single situation was how the men were doing things to tank their value and nothing to increase their value. Lets remember that her...
  18. Glassguy

    Merry Christmas to everyone

    Hopefully Santa brings you lots of alpha traits, less drama, clearer thinking and stronger frames. I hope everyone has a great holiday and prosperous new year!
  19. Glassguy

    Why do you want a "relationship/gf?"

    Just as the thread states. What are the perks? What can you get with a "GF/Relationship" that you cant get from a rotation? The following things come from a rotation: *Regular sex *Companionship *Attention *Fun dates *More regular sex *Multiple plates/rotation/options strengthens your value in...
  20. Glassguy

    One more time for the people in the back

    Attraction: That is what EVERYTHING boils down to in dating. If you are not creating attraction, you are doomed. Why do you think 10% of men bang the majority of good looking chicks on OLD? Its because these guys are ATTRACTIVE and they have a Benz in their pic or pics from an apparently nice...