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  1. Suave88

    Facebook friend request sent

    I have not posted in a while a new thread. Any way, I have 15 years younger mother seeking to connect on Facebook. She has 2 kids and pics of the former partner. I am not sure if she was ever married to the dude, but under her relation statues she indicates "single". I am wondering why she is...
  2. Suave88

    Where is doc.lov bible?

    Does anyone has a link to doc.lov bible/PDF?
  3. Suave88

    How to win back a girl who lost interest.

    I need input in sparking the interest in a girl who lost interest in me. I need examples that worked for you. I don't want to hear the typical "move on", NEXT, and work on your self advice. I am already maintaining my frame and working on my self. Who has ever done this before? The only...
  4. Suave88

    Level of interest based on chit chat.

    In my experience, I can tell when a female is interested in me because of some key personal questions I am asked early on after meeting or thereafter as we learn about each other. Typically, question one is "where are you from". Question two is "Are you married" or " Do you have a girlfriend "...
  5. Suave88

    When she says she is busy and will call me later.

    The phone call conversation between this chick and I lasted for about 5 minutes. In the beginning when she answered, I asked her how she was doing, she replied she was watching sports. Even though she was busy, we talked for about 4 and half minutes before she again said she was watching sports...