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  1. Q

    Psycho gf contacts my ex

    My girlfriend is insane, a drama queen, cry baby, stalker. She gained access to my phone and saw some messages my ex and me sent. Nothing sexual, nothing daily, just regular “how you been, I really liked my time with you. Hope youre doing good” texts. She went ballistic I mean ballistic...
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    Is it screwed up that I almost wish I was born gay??

    Lol, I know a few gays they are the most depressed, sad and empty people. They go on drug binges and fvck more people in one weekend than some heteros fvck in their whole life. Still the suicide and depression rates of gays is the highest.
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    Situation with girlfriend

    I love it when my girlfriend has her “coldness” periods. Finally some rest from all the attention seeking.
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    Do you use a condom putside LTR?

    I cant stay hard with a plastic bag over my dck.
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    Seen my ex'es new man

    You sound BPD yourself. Or NPD. You contradict yourself all the time, you write a long essay about how bad she was, then you end with that you don’t care. You make yourself the victim and she was the villain. You are still psycho attached to an ex who has long gone moved on. Healthy people...
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    Countdown to Lamborghini

    I wouldn't buy a Lambo with a loan, because you pay intrest over an object that loses value every day. If a doctor told me I had 6 months left to live, I would do the same. Otherwise I would invest it into some kind of rare classic vintage car which increases in value.
  7. Q

    Abs without crunches?

    Doctors are great at diagnosing people with anything chronic, but horrible at curing anything chronic.
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    Banged a fatty

    Block but save chat convo. LOL at splitting bill for 10 euro pill. I ”banged” an obese fatty once who was 30kilo more ghan her profile pics, couldnt get it up she wanted to suck me but I couldnt even let her. I told her I had to go to bed early. In other words: GTF out. Such a turnoff her legs...
  9. Q

    Are Some Of Your Posts Getting Deleted? This May Be Why.

    Block delete and NC, I like your style.
  10. Q

    Are Some Of Your Posts Getting Deleted? This May Be Why.

    Which members came back to troll?
  11. Q


    If a girlfriend refuses to fvck me, I will immediately start looking for her replacement. My current girlfriend told me she is paranoid as hell I might leave her, because I talk and make jokes with any woman I come in contact with even if I am together with her, cashiers, waitresses, friends of...
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    I broke NC after 2 months and a messy break up

    Some lessons can only be learned by experiencing them instead of listening to advice from others.
  13. Q

    Hip replacement

    I know a woman who achieved full remission of her arthritis by following a strict vegan diet.
  14. Q

    LTR girl now has serious depression

    LOL can't believe people advocate the use of psych drugs so easily. Maybe it's the American way? Once she's on them it would be very difficult to get off them down the road. Besides they don't cure nothing of the root cause so she would still be a crazy biatch but with dulled drugged up...
  15. Q

    "Online Dating Sucks For Men Because Of Women Like Me"

    Most men are not emotionally stable. They let external things control their internal world too much. They are euphoric like a toddler when they get a new toy, and cry like a toddler when the toy is taken away. All symptoms of fragile egos, which is to blame of social media, social conditioning...
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    Women should be treated like shyt

    An alpha male is someone who laughs at difficult situations, doesnt get into emotional rollercoasters, because he is emotionally stable. When you need emotional manipulation tricks youre beta by default. Pure feminine energy.
  17. Q

    Dating today vs dating in the 90's - 00's

    The guy who cares the least fuks the most women.
  18. Q

    I really need to snap out of my victim mentality/feeling powerless and hopeless

    Maybe you are not so handsome as you think you are.
  19. Q

    Drug Party In Canada

    It has been "legal" here in Holland pretty much forever. It's never been a big thing among locals, I don't know too many native Dutch people who smoke daily and the ones who do have mental problems. But the tourists come from all over the world to Amsterdam to smoke weed like it's a Pilgrimage...
  20. Q

    How the hell do most avg mid to late 20s men have dating lives???

    If you are as good looking as you say you are you should clean up on platforms like Tinder. Since OLD is only about looks and quick hookups. Even a short somewhat fat buddy of mine bangs a new Tinder chick every week. If you are not getting results from OLD something is wrong with your approach.