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    Lifestyle advice needed

    How do you guys manage working, saving money at the same time have hobbies, wear nice clothes, stay healthy and meet beautiful women? I’m just having a hard time doing it. What is your routine like on weekdays and weekends, a little inspiration needed.
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    I broke up a 2 year old relationship

    I broke up with my ltr a week ago when my friend saw her at some bar with a guy she works with. She was ignoring my calls and acting weird for weeks. A year ago she was all over me, now I am going through some health issues, gained weight(>10kg) and a new job where I work (>11hrs). I saw the...
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    Red pill moment

    Couldn’t speak to anyone about it. So will be sharing something over here: I have always respected my mother, stood by her whenever someone was against her since I was a kid. I just had a conversation with my sister where she just couldn’t hold it any longer and said some things I never wanted...
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    Is She BPD?

    Met this girl through a common friend. First date: Met at a local bar for a drink, had good time. When i started to leave, keeps insisting on dropping me home even though she lives on the other end of the city. Acted strongly and asked her to leave. Throws a tantrum but agrees. At this point...
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    Help needed!! Urgent

    I am 22 year old having a good time so far at my workplace. I got drunk last week and shared things about girls I dated at work to my team members. This morning I got a text from a girl who is still working with me who I’ve been avoiding (no contact ) because she being very clingy on the first...
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    Eye contact and Kino gets me laid.

    Last night at a wedding reception, met this single mom (late 30s Hot milf), i made eye contact and smiled , she smiled back and then i went ahead and said hi! i asked her a few questions applied kino and she continued but seemed hesitant so i begin withdrawing kino and finally leave to talk to...
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    My first dating disaster

    This was my ever dating experience and it taught me a lot of harsh lessons. The experience: This girl i knew from my university. She was good looking and was quite polite and nice to talk too. She texted me, wishing happy B'day and then i started initiating with her (Acted like a complete...
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    Need advice on this situation

    Random girl(HB7) i meet gave me her number and asked me a favour to which i agreed. she is cool talking on the phone (anything including sex) and when i asked her to meet me she just doesn't want to. Says has a boyfriend and just wants me to talk with her midnight ! ( which is not gonna happen)...