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  1. J

    Dating woes

    Alright here is the situation I got this girls number Thursday, and I'm going to wait at least 3-4 days to call her up on a date. But there are 2 variables that I'm trying to debate here. Variable #1: She asked me out to the Sadie Hawkins dance which is on the 15th. So if I ask...
  2. J

    Sadie Hawkins Dance

    Ok, well if you have read my most recent post you should know my situation. Well anyways the girl recently called me, and asked me to the Sadie Hawkins Dance on the 15th. Since this will be my first dance, what should I wear? And what type of Dancing should I practice?
  3. J

    Confused with these girls

    Well I don't know if you guys remember my field report that I wrote last week, but anyways here is the update. Key to report: Girl A = Girl I like Girl B = Girl A's friend Girl B calls my friend asking him if I liked Girl A. He replied saying "I haven't really...
  4. J

    Field Report Volume 1 Issue 1

    Well I guess I will write a field report of my evening. Comments/constructive critiscm on how the evening when would be nice. 3:30 pm - One of my friends calls me up to go see a movie with these 2 girls, who I have not met. At the time I was watchign a movie with one of my friends at my...
  5. J

    Uh Oh... names been called

    Well I don't know if this is good for my rep but in the past weeks people have started calling me the following: Arrogant, blunt, conceited, player, male slut, stud (thats a good one, funny, cute(another good one), and egotistical. The problem is the names like player, male slut...
  6. J

    Friends problem

    Ok I'm having trouble with one of my friends that I hang out with. The problem is that he doesn't do the things that I enjoy, i.e. paintballing, macking on the chicks, hanging out, and drinking (I'm not an alcoholic). One of my friends enjoying that so we relate a lot. But my other...
  7. J

    Little something about everything

    Wow, I like that subject line :D Anyways I've been debating whether or not I should type a post like this, but you know what who the hell cares. Well I am going to tell a story that was back from my AFC days. There was this girl at my school that I had always wanted to ask out, ever...