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Search results

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    Dre dre getting divorced your thoughts

    At least he had a prenup
  2. R

    How was your high school reunion

    Mines was epic my best friend DJ we had it on South Beach Girls was still hot just wanted to know how yours went by the way I'm class of 2001
  3. R

    Japanese trader

    Takashi gotegawa is a mad men when it comes to trading
  4. R

    Dont think i can be friends with anyone outside of this forum

    unless they are a member or share the same philosophy
  5. R

    Anyone here wholesale real estate

    what had been your experience
  6. R

    Cold approaches

    They have there pros and cons what are your feelings
  7. R

    Your feelings about the new joker to

    Joaquin looks pretty interesting always thought he was very versatile
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    Super bowl predictions

    Giants fan but will be rooting for falcons
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    Anyone see the Tyrone Woodley fight

    Epic win for epic fighter
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    Why are people hating on the French national team?

    Just wondering why everyone is hating on the French national team
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    Has anyone used the casting couch method for girls?

    Getting them to your place with the promise of a acting or modeling gig then hooking up with them?
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    Any foreign language instructor it translators here

    Wanted to know the best way to break into teaching and translating languages especially in latin America
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    What do you guys think of the state of the UFC and mma in general

    Has it reached it's peak it still has room for growth
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    Sales jobs

    Anyone here in sales
  15. R


    Anyone in Miami area hut me up
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    What are your thoughts on Jordan Peterson

    Madman or truth seeker
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    Anyone see the Fedor fight

    Predicted a quick victory and he won hope he beats his next opponent
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    Anyone here under 35 and join here in 2000-2001?

    Just wanted to know who are the older millenials here
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    What do you think about MacGregor now

    What a digrace to his people
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    Anyone watching any of the key ufc fights

    Should be interested in watching what develops