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    How to build a social circle

    Alright, we all know that I rely heavily on my social circle for my hunting success. But you need a circle to draw upon, so at the request of legolas, I'm writing a how to thread. The most important thing about building a social circle is that you have to be social. So if your not social...
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    converting BIN files (torrent)

    I live in Canada where it is legal to share files, I just got a BIN file and I'm wondering how I can convert it with a free program? Its a large file 700 mb.
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    reformat (network adapter issue) internet

    I'm trying to help my aunt fix her computer. Its an oldy and she had it reformatted and she put Windows 2000 Server on it. However when I installed the ISP CD and I go to connect, it says there isn't a network adapter. What do I need to do to correct this? Do you need other info? Is there...
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    FR: drama filled weekend

    I had multiple incidents this weekend. Before the weekend began, I decided upon a new challenge or myself. There is this lesbian couple that I decided I was going to try and become a permanent fixture in their sex life. I know I can get myself in there. I also almost started dating one of...
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    Share a 'Kiss' with her - from email - is it cheesy?

    ** Share a Kiss with Her ** Just thought I would share with you one of my favorite approaches. It's very simple, guaranteed to win... AND NEVER TURNED DOWN! Go to the store and buy 2 bags of Hershey Kisses -- one chocolate and one almond and carry them with you at all times. When you...
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    self respect/high standards vs abundance mindset

    First off, I didn't want to hijack the intimacy thread but LovelyLady made some points that hit home & got me thinking along with a recent discussion I had with guru about abundance mindset. To start off I've had women that I was in an LTR with tell me that I was disrespecting myself & my body...
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    Lifelong dilemna - balance

    First off, I'm extremely happy with where I am in life. At xmas I moved back into my grandparents old house and I truly enjoy my lifestyle. I enjoy having to chop wood & having to make fire to keep warm. I've enjoyed getting back to the simple things, going ice fishing, smelt fishing, making...
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    What does it mean to be a member of the Mature Man Forum?

    Do we really need to be like the news and carry a bunch of negative stories about how women are terrible, what an AFC a guy is, I know that we need to watch out for red flags but most of this stuff is pretty basic and should be common sense. I've heard the justification in the past that in...
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    Who wants to have fun with me? It seems like I'm not the only one in a facetious or weird mood today. I feel like undertaking a little experiment. Sign up in this thread and I'll PM you the plan. I will be pushing the boundaries a little.
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    negativity on site

    Question for you mods. Why not try taking a proactive approach and deleting some of the 100% pure negative posts. Is it because we don't want to become a controlled state? Personally I'm just tired of them and am trying to make a difference, encouraging people to take a more positive...
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    LR: denied the pvssy

    Don't really see much value in posting this LR but it was one of the better bangs I've had in a long time and she has my interest piqued. I was out with an acquantance on the weekend, I wouldn't really call him a close friend. He's a musician / actor is successful with the ladies but is low...
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    Female Friends

    Personally I don't have any close female friends nor do I have any desire for female friends. I come from the When Harry met Sally school of thought. I basically want to fvck any women that I see. I have a tonne of female acquantances, females that are in our social circle but I wouldn't...
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    Official Where's Waldo Thread

    Alright guys and gals, place all your what's MNIN's new handle guess's in here. We really need to come up with a wager / prize. Anyone got ideas? Ok my first guess is KingPin SkinnyPimp. I'm going to say that we should only be allowed 2 guesses per week.
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    What is a Kangaroo Blow Job?
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    Alright gentlemen. One of my lady friends got a free sample pack for me and I'm going to give it a try for curiousity's sake. I want to see what its like being on the blue pill. However I think I read on here before 100mg is way too much to take, that it will cause headaches or something...
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    Attn Mods / Allen re: trolls

    I have an idea that I've seen used on another board I frequent. I know bans are rare around here and we get away with alot. Thats the good thing about the board. However the negative is that alot of negativity is allowed and doesn't get punished. So my grand idea is ....drumroll please...
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    Ignore list

    Just an FYI for posters that you can place people on your ignore list by clicking on their profile. That way you never have to see another post of theirs. I use to have Wyld on my ignore list, I put iqqi there briefly but since removed her. I'm awfully close to adding a new poster to my...
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    Morals (attn: Maverick)

    Can you please explain to me why I need morals? Can you explain why I need morals to be successful in life? (I'm not talking about women here or the bad boy vs nice guy arguement that you were talking about JackPrescott with. I want to know why I need morals? Anyone else from the...
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    DJ's Guide to Flaking

    Ok first off, the title is misleading. I can honestly say I don't ever remember been flaked on. So my guide is not going to be so much about how to deal with flakes its going to be about not getting flaked on. Its all rather simple. The problem is you guys are chasing girls with low IL...
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    RSD / Gunwitch / Mystery /

    Can someone give me a quick synopsis of the following p/u methods: RSD, Gunwitch method, Mystery Method, Speed Seduction (Ross Jefferies?). I've never really looked into them as I've seen them as a bit of a gimmick, however I won't take away their value and don't deny that they have facets...