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    The IL curve: 1st impression TOO good???

    Lately I've noticed an interesting phenomenon. I tend to make a very good first impression on a lot of people, whose (opinion of me / interest level / whatever you want to call it) drops very sharply after they interact with me a bit, then steadily increases as they get to know me better (if...
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    Chump advice from movie star

    In some interview Matthew McConaghey (sp?) was asked how a woman can tell if a guy is really into her. He said "if he'll do something really stupid when she asks him to." Gotta wonder what the effects of that sage advice will be on the self-esteem of some gals as they notice that no guys...
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    David Deangelo's "conversation topics for dates" tip

    Whatever happened to "The worst people talk about other people, better people talk about things, and the best discuss ideas?"
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    Online profile draft -- in case plates I'm spinning don't pan out

    OK. As the subject line says, if the plates I'm spinning don't pan out, I may have another go at an online ad. Just not meeting many unattached women who do anything for me who would consider dating anyone my age, and it's getting harder to make it a non-issue. I attract them well enough...
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    Stirring the pot: is sexual exclusivity necessarily a good thing in a LTR?

    The_Reaper's thread about being burned by a long-distance relationship (http://www.sosuave.net/forum/showthread.php?t=125854) got me thinking about whether or not sexual exclusivity really serves people well in a relationship. I'm not necessarily referring to Bacchanalian orgies, but having...
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    Dating Ideas article on home page

    The article had some good ideas, but I have to respectfully disagree with the advice that said not to go to a movie on a first date. I've had many movie date first dates end up in bed -- sometimes even making out right in the theatre. Think about it: you're doing something that gets the...
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    This is SICK, we need to GET ACTIVE!

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    Big picture / small picture (with defined acronyms)

    Lately my own field experience has directed my attention to contexts of dating, pick-up artistry, etc., with respect to the “big picture” (your overall image, how you fit in a community, scene, or setting, etc.) vs. the “small picture,” (dealing with individual women). Most pickup artist (PUA)...
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    Time to upgrade computer: Vista or XP?

    I have a 6 year old PC with Windows Mistake Edition (Me), which, aside from being a lousy operating system in and of itself, is not being serviced by pretty much anybody and is not compatible with a lot of new software these days. My computer has a sufficient hard drive and processor speed...
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    Didn't get message until over a week later - Sprint and the bloody Samsung phone SUCK

    This is more a rant than anything else. I met an interesting, bright, cute gal at a show, got her number, and called her to inform her of an event I was going to check out the next day. It was short notice, so I didn't expect her to go, really. Never heard from her... or so I thought...
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    You may not need to change much

    This is especially for newbies. Before you go on trying this, that, and the other thing to "improve your game," sit back and see just where things have been going right and wrong. You might not need to change very much after all. Looking back to my frustrated chump days, I came to realize...
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    Absurd online "laundry list"

    I could not help but respond. Here's part of a profile I came across from a 35 year-old woman who's seeking a 28-36 year-old man who lives within 15 miles of her and wants children: My response: Let's see, (screen name). I don't consider myself VERY attractive, so I'm not writing...
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    "Not Genuine" Windows XP?

    This is amazing. Windows XP did an update on my laptop, which produced a notification that my software is "not genuine." It never did this before. I'd heard something to this effect from another person, who ended up dropping a lot of money to "correct the situation." I'm not biting...
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    Having another go at online: profile ideas for one with a so-so resume

    OK, I've decided to have another go at online dating. Right now my profile is in effect hidden by my age being listed as "99." I have a relatively new business, which is progressing well, but don't make a real lot of money yet, drive a beat-up car, and live in "the hood." Never been married...
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    Need to change venues, but don't know where

    Until recently I was meeting lots of dateable women just doing what I enjoyed doing (mostly "indie/underground" music, art events, and such), but now I seem to be getting past my "expiration date" as far as meeting dateable women in such venues goes. I can still attact lots of women, but once...
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    MLB at All-Star break!

    So, the All-Star break is upon us, and the major league baseball season has been full of surprises. Being a Detroiter, I'm obviously pleased to see the Tigers on pace with their best teams of all time, and apparently improving as the season goes on. In inter-league play, AL teams have won...
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    Online hottie TOO crazy about me

    I want to sound you guys out on a weird situation. I've been emailing this very cute (based on the pics) gal I met online who is so openly crazy for me it makes me wonder what the catch is, or whether she just has absolutely no dating sophistication. I've usually taken several days to get back...
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    Technical issue with new forum

    I posted this here in case other are experiencing the same problem. Since the new forum has been up, I've had to keep logging in again and again to edit posts, post replies to messages, etc. Has anyone else been experiencing this, or is the problem in my own computer?
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    How to deal with THIS?

    OK, for once I'm actually asking for advice :/. I have some severe food allergies and chemical sensitivites that have serious mental health symptoms, and when I'm in the throes of a reaction, I'm way, way "off," to the point of being an unconfident, neurotic and insecure way below average...
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    Big Ten basketball!

    Anyone else here follow Big Ten hoops? Right now there are 7 teams in the Sagarin computer rankings (http://www.usatoday.com/sports/sagarin.htm)* top 20 and the Bow Down To Entropy(http://mintaka.sdsu.edu/~dokter/sw/hr06) top 25*, and a bunch of 'em are tied with 5-2 conference records...