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  1. J

    I'm tired of rejection... please help!

    contradiction Matrix I had a quick question for you somewhat regardign this. Ok what if a girls says LJBF, but her actions seem to say otherwise. But you said when a girl says LJBF it means just that. So I'm taking it as a contradiction and just wanted clarification. I'm in that boat...
  2. J

    I have nexted my male freinds.....

    man First off Levex grow up dude. Ok anyways to the point, like you boruica I am in the midst of finding a new group. But the problem is they aren't at my school lol. But this is what I"m doing to make a different in my life and it sure has been helping. First off don't go the way...
  3. J

    This ****y Funny BS

    ****y and funny well I was talking to this girl the other day, and I had just been LJBF, so we were on the topic of what attracts/detracts girls. And she says ****y/arrogance can be a turn off if done in excess, but a man who is self assured/confident are a lot more attracting. I over did the...
  4. J


    lol You have been BURNED
  5. J

    Pimpology 101: Setting up the first date

    read for beginners I think this post is excelent for beginners to read and help out people just starting to work on their game. So Bump
  6. J

    Dating woes

    my thought Yeah, that was pretty much the answer I was looking for :D Anyways I ran into her at the mall today, and she asked me why I hadn't called, and I just replied that I had been busy. Anyways she later implied that we should do something, so I take it that she has high interest...
  7. J

    Dating woes

    well Well I was thinking of calling her Monday and asking her to go out on a date ice skating. So until I come to a conclusion on what to do, I think I will just hold out until Monday to decide anything for certain.
  8. J

    Dating woes

    Well I should have added that the dance is on the 15th... so I don't think I need 4 days to get ready ;) So should I call her in the meantime since the dance is 14 days away?
  9. J

    Dating woes

    Alright here is the situation I got this girls number Thursday, and I'm going to wait at least 3-4 days to call her up on a date. But there are 2 variables that I'm trying to debate here. Variable #1: She asked me out to the Sadie Hawkins dance which is on the 15th. So if I ask...
  10. J

    The High School Don Juan Bible (repost)

    question Great job man. Now we just need an offline version and we are all set. Again thanks for devoting the time to do this.
  11. J

    Help. Meeting new chick...

    biggest bet your best would be to read the bible and learn from that. Some things you can do is act ****y and funny. And do some neg-hits, which is doing a put down but not an insult. I.e if she is blonde and says something dumb, say well that was pretty blonde of you. Something like that...
  12. J

    fighting? [important]

    well That is just going to make him look like a wuss. That will actually hurt him more than do him good. Its logical but doesn't work. Whats worse a few bruises or a hurt self esteem. I wouldn't fight until they threw the first swing, but when he does swing just remember the wise...
  13. J

    Sadie Hawkins Dance

    bump First dance of mine so kinda need some help guys.
  14. J

    The New and Of Course Improved... High School Bible

    still There are still a lot of dead links besides the cologne one, I knew I should have saved those webpages back in they day at the old forum.
  15. J

    Sadie Hawkins Dance

    What I was thinking Its informal I'm pretty sure, but I think I what I will wear is some khaki colored pleated pants, and probably my red Tommy polo shirt I have, I have acqua di gio cologne, and a nice watch already, so I think that will look good. Also, when we were talking on the phone...
  16. J

    Sadie Hawkins Dance

    Ok, well if you have read my most recent post you should know my situation. Well anyways the girl recently called me, and asked me to the Sadie Hawkins Dance on the 15th. Since this will be my first dance, what should I wear? And what type of Dancing should I practice?
  17. J

    Confused with these girls

    bump bump
  18. J

    Confused with these girls

    Problem What I meant to say is "He then asks Girl B why she had asked, and if Girl A liked me or something. Girl B then says that Girl liked me until I opened my mouth." I was tired when I was typing the above. The thing is, I don't go through my friends for them to get me girls...
  19. J

    Confused with these girls

    Well I don't know if you guys remember my field report that I wrote last week, but anyways here is the update. Key to report: Girl A = Girl I like Girl B = Girl A's friend Girl B calls my friend asking him if I liked Girl A. He replied saying "I haven't really...
  20. J

    My DJ Progress Report...

    Good work Good Work, sounds like your making a lot of progress. I got this 8th grade girl that looks like she is 15 or 16, that is interested in me but like you said it will be 3-4 years before she is eligible for dating. Keep up the progess. But don't get to preoccupied with girls, my...