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    Based on looks alone, what parts of the world produce the most beautiful women?

    On average, what parts of the world would you say produce a lot of good looking women and are head and shoulders above the rest? Poll posted.
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    The Recovery Journal: I use the lockdown to get better at life and game.

    So I wanted to do this and keep a log to keep myself accountable. In the past couple of years, I have really fallen off and gotten to a point where I have had girls in bed but could not get it up due to a lazy lifestyle. My primary way of meeting women has been through dating apps, it has mainly...
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    Question in here to any Indian/South Asian guys doing well or those who know one that is.

    It is kind of an info gathering thing as I am trying to see a trend but I was wondering, what race or ethnic background of hot girls (for those of you in here doing well) seem to give you the most love or be the most receptive to you? Indian meaning from India and South Asian would include...