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    awesome article on friendships

    Best way to hit you up is here
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    awesome article on friendships

    Got social media?
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    Chess Players?

    Where are you located
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    ever consider joining the french legion?

    Pros and cons like every other job
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    Chess Players?

    Not my thing now go and and poker yes
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    Chadwick Boseman RIP

    Awesome guy he will be missed then see this one coming
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    Bella Thorne made $2M in less than a week...

    She was m molested as a child which doesn't surprise me typical pornstar Behavior
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    Has Anyone Ever Thought About Creating A Chat Room?

    Rather join a what's app
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    Dre dre getting divorced your thoughts

    At least he had a prenup
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    How was your high school reunion

    Mines was epic my best friend DJ we had it on South Beach Girls was still hot just wanted to know how yours went by the way I'm class of 2001
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    Businesses that probably won't survive COVID19 (or will be downsized)

    Remote workouts gym business will always bounce back
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    Japanese trader

    Takashi gotegawa is a mad men when it comes to trading
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    Vending Machines

    It's all about the product
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    What do you think of drakes girl?

    Guy's I would have posted it but thought simple Google search would have been enough
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    Looking for some life advice

    Awesome post
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    Dont think i can be friends with anyone outside of this forum

    unless they are a member or share the same philosophy