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  1. switch7

    diet critique

    Looking for some diet critique from those seriously into weight training and diet. I weigh 186 pounds so i am trying to get in at least a gram of protein per pound every day. My long term aim is to get upto about 200 pounds lean but first i need to get to 182 lean. Currently im about 18 to...
  2. switch7

    I need a good activity tracker

    So far ive looked at- oura ring garmin - vivoactive Whoop wrist strap Apple watch I’m looking for something that tracks calories burnt, heart rate, and sleep analysis.. 24/7 I jog about 10k a week and a lift weights 3 times a week.. my main focus is lifting weights over running. Anyone got...
  3. switch7

    Reinventing yourself from the joker.

    In everyday life I tend to talk too much. I joke around too much and I can be a bit of a clown. In general I don't take myself very seriously and this needs to change because I lose respect because of it. At the moment I am at the stage in my life where I am not going out socialising as much...
  4. switch7

    I told a female colleague she was the ‘mother of the office’

    Yesterday everyone in my office was working late and our only female colleague decided to buy a load of snacks and drinks to help get us through the remainder of the day. I complimented her saying ‘she was like the mother of the office’ and was met with a stern ‘please don’t say that’ by her...
  5. switch7

    Youtube Male Role Models

    Does anyone have any? Personally I like Jordan Peterson, John Sonmez, AMS, David Goggins and I kinda like Jocko Willink, he has a lot of wisdom to share but I think if he wasn't jumped up on steroids he would not be getting out of bed at 4am every morning. I guess there are parts of all of...
  6. switch7

    Cognitive function and getting hit in the head

    Anyone here that plays a contact sport worry about their cognitive function? Last year I started kickboxing and although I find it difficult and im probably not the most gifted of students, I really enjoy getting to fight. Last time I sparred I took a bit of a whipping off one of the more...
  7. switch7

    Any kickboxers/boxers here?

    I recently started k1 style kickboxing and i'm enjoying it. It's still early stages (only been to 2 sessions) but can see myself carrying on with it. The club I have joined is only small but nearly all the guys there are training for competition so it seems like quite a serious club. Last...
  8. switch7

    Moderation or abstinence

    Last weekend I went out for drinks for the first time in 6 weeks. Before that I hadn't drank for maybe 3 months. Anyways the next day I had a hangover and did little more than nothing that day. Today is my second day in the gym since then and again I have zero energy despite sleeping lots...
  9. switch7

    Motivation hacks

    I know willpower and consistency are the mother of progress, but now and again something happens in life that gives you a huge surge of motivation.. For me this typically happens when a relationship breaks down or when i am faced with some other harsh reality.. The amount of energy I harness...
  10. switch7

    Elbow click

    Every time I do military press or almost any tricep exercise I get this click on my funny bone which is driving me insane. It goes through me. Also if I go heavy it starts to really hurt, so basically I can't go that heavy. If I put my finger on my funny bone and bend my arm I can feel a...
  11. switch7

    Stomach problems

    I've has this problem for a while now, over a year, but it tends to come and go but has gotten worse recently. When I sit down for periods of time, usually over 20 minutes I get this irritation around my gut area/lower stomach. It kind of feels like someone is giving my abdomen a Chinese burn...
  12. switch7

    Self entitlement rant

    So a girl I fvcked last weekend stole from me. I was at her place and she wanted to get some drink and some other stuff. (I rarely drink or party) I told her she could get it but I wasn't interested in drinking and the rest of it. She complained for a while so eventually I agreed to go...
  13. switch7

    Rich Piana Dead!

    Damn! Apparently overdosed on steroids? For all this guys faults I actually really enjoyed his videos on youtube. He offered a lot of good advice on life not just bodybuilding. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4823158/Body-builder-Rich-Piana-dies-aged-46.html
  14. switch7

    How do you deal with people who cut the line?

    Or people who take liberties in general? I just had some guy cut in front of me at the petrol station. He knew he was taking the p1ss and he would not make eye contact with me. So I wound the window down and asked him why he has jumped the queue to which he said 'what queue?' when there was 5...
  15. switch7

    Anyone noticed this flash earth bs?

    youtube is literally crawling with people who believe the earth is flat and we have all been lied to. There are whole channels set up promoting flat earth nonsense raising questions such as 'if the earth is spinning at 1000mph, why can't wee feel it?' And 'if the earth curves at 8 inches per...
  16. switch7

    Do you suffer from having too many interests?

    I do. And I find it tiring trying to juggle them. My interests are art/sketching/design, financial markets, electronic music production, self development, and gym. I tend to go through phases of concentrating on one to juggling all of them and then the pattern repeats. Sometimes I find it...
  17. switch7

    Diet critique for Fat loss

    In the past I have never really paid too much attention to nutrition other than to make sure I get enough protein, my philosophy was always just to eat as much as I could. Now I'm getting older I can't do this because the fat is sticking. My aim is to lose the fat (which only seems to inhabit...
  18. switch7

    T total and affect on friendships

    In January I stopped alcohol, mainly due to the way it reacted with a medication I began taking. I wanted to quit long before I started meds but now I had something that would physically stop me which made it a lot easier to give up. Since then my friends have dropped off like flies. Out of...
  19. switch7

    Job proud?

    So last year i went to the city to work for a stock brokerage with the aim of working my way up to trader. Anyways long story short the sales side of the job really didn't suit me and as the weeks went by i began to experience a huge moral implication in working this job. So i quit. Fast...
  20. switch7


    It's a man's duty to live according to his own values. Not society's or women's. What are your values?