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  1. salinechow

    Help!! What should I do?

    Do not interact with this woman ever again. You idealize certain parts of who you were and how you felt when you were with her, but she, standing in a sea of other woman is completely grotesque by her behaviours alone. Find other woman and focus on yourself. Occupy every thought of her with...
  2. salinechow

    Explain to me what's going on a psychological level

    Troll or no troll, I know people like this. Your outer game is strong. Your inner game is sh!t. There is literally 1000+ posts on improving this, on this site alone. Read them. Also, mind your clothing and style. Your Rolex looks fake if you dont know when to tuck in your shirt or polish...
  3. salinechow

    need advice from the masters of getting woman.

    Just adding to the echo chamber here of quality advice from @deesade @Bible_Belt and of course @Espi ....With some extra critique and specifics. Dont text her. CALL her. And follow the above advice. Have a plan and tell her what she is invited to. When she says OK, say "that is great and you...
  4. salinechow

    The 20% man.

    I printed this. Its not perfect. And.... Its a stretch in some places, which, is exactly what some of us need to be doing. Cause if you are a 75% man, than you are still in the "less than" category and need improvement. Improve yourself, for, yourself. This is a good guide.
  5. salinechow

    How can I rate myself in looks

    PM me and be ready for an authentic responce. I will also help by showing a random sample. Maybe you could return the favor if I become more curious running this experiment for you. Be sure to include best, worst and normal shots. Best, Saline
  6. salinechow

    Pot Shots and Sh!t tests 3 months in

    So I have been seeing this girl pretty seriously. Like her as a person a lot. Like her as a woman a lot. Like her sexually a lot. We are serious about one another and partnership. She took a couple of pot shot sh!t tests with me today. Mockingly and under the guise of playfulness. I didnt like...
  7. salinechow

    How to become a magnetic man?

    F$cking fantastic post...as usual. All that find this, should read it over and over.
  8. salinechow

    What the fvck is wrong with me?

    HPD !.!.!.! Classic. You just described someone I know, ( a girl thats a platonic friend) that tells me stories of f^cking around with guys like you. Shut down and run. Trust me.
  9. salinechow

    Whats the deal I get womens number at mall they ignore?

    Your first problem is not having 50 numbers. Its a numbers game. There are a million reasons they dont want to meet up with you that having nothing to do with you at all. Its not always a rejection of you dude, people have a lot of idiosyncrasies in this life we all lead. Picture a girl saying...
  10. salinechow

    Bedroom game and lines?

    Can you expand on this. I am hopeful this is the case. I struggle implementing a overly dominate frame when f^cking. Its not something I enjoy 90% of the time, so it feels inauthentic and like a performance, when I do it more than Id like because I know woman really dig it. Am I leaving them...
  11. salinechow

    Bedroom game and lines?

    Cant seem to find it. If you google it, there are lots of links for religious literature. Help us out @dustmuffin ? I think I found it http://bfy.tw/5IiS
  12. salinechow

    if you are FA, even if you are above average, is impossible to get a girlfriend

    You write in the manner in which you do, to a woman, and you know what she is going to write back....? Nothing. You must strive to progress, instead of defending your laziness. Even if you have a disability that hinders your ability to spell or use grammar properly, I still find your...
  13. salinechow

    Should I break no contact to suggest she go see a "real" doctor???

    Get into some books @Black Sunshine. It will help a lot and make the time and change into what you seek, faster. Keep it up. Good on ya so far.
  14. salinechow

    if you are FA, even if you are above average, is impossible to get a girlfriend

    It was a mistake for you to discredit @Asmodeus. His advice is typically some of the best you can receive around here because of his understanding and intuitiveness of human psychology. As well as the flexible nature in which he can advise in PU and dating. Shutting down the opportunity to have...
  15. salinechow

    Attraction is in the......PUSH

    This^ When in doubt, wait. Works wonders. No text is always better than a bad or needy text.
  16. salinechow

    Should I break no contact to suggest she go see a "real" doctor???

    Moving on is the best way to love her. You can not give a real love to anyone until you respect yourself enough to love yourself enough first. How can you give before you have? Right now, discipline is your action of love, to yourself and her as well. Time will revel this to you. But only after...
  17. salinechow

    if you are FA, even if you are above average, is impossible to get a girlfriend

    1.) Follow @RangerMIke 2.) Make sure you have ink in your printer 3.) Tape his posts to your mirrors These are not just words but concepts that should be meditated on Your lack of frame is 100 percent your problem. Your energy, even on the page is unattractive. Woe is me attitude is so far...
  18. salinechow

    Am I just "A Piece of A-ss"?

    Male or female this person just sounds like an insecure loser. And, no fun. Just headaches and game playing. The not fun kind. I would have checked out on her and never looked back.