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  1. Epic Days

    Coming full circle

    Most of the posts here are circular in nature. This will be my last thread. These things we talk about are about you. So much emphasis about women. None of what troubles a man is about women. In fact it’s not about others at all. Who here thinks women are NOT trying to do the best they can...
  2. Epic Days

    Solipsism Worksheet

    I have noticed that the full depth of Solipsism and how it applies to everyday life for many is missing. A poster here on the forum and I have been talking about this very thing. A lot of how a man thinks is tied up preventing him from moving up as a man because he does not understand just how...
  3. Epic Days

    How to do cardio and actually burn fat

    First off, the word “cardio” is used to express most any activity that raises your heartbeat and respiration. This is a misnomer. Especially when you get above your cardio threshold. All sprints and interval training is technically not cardio. These are mostly anaerobic exercise. A...
  4. Epic Days

    The girlfriend/ wife guys

    A significant number of you guys operate even with your deepest thoughts and ideas, in ways that will bring about the very things you are trying to avoid. you will be here for years saying the same things or lying to yourself or others on how you are here to help other men or save them from...
  5. Epic Days

    50 shades critique

    As I drive over an hour to and from the engineering office daily, I have plenty of time to listen to books. So I finally tackled this girl porn book. Im going to put aside that it was poorly written and a standard variation on a theme. My purpose was to get inside the writer’s reality to...
  6. Epic Days

    Really? That’s just who you are?

    Another topic. It’s fashionable to say “That’s just who I am.” Really? That’s Who you are? From birth til around 6or 7, we formulate a paradigm of who and what we are and how to survive, based solely on our environment. This is a very advantageous adaptation. Even in the womb, we are...
  7. Epic Days

    Appalachian Trail hike through

    Has anyone here done the 4-6 month through hike from Georgia to Maine through the Appalachian mountains? I’m planning my resupply points. I dehydrate food and supplies to be mailed ahead to the different towns. The “proclaimed” calorie expenditure per day is around 4000 calories. This is...
  8. Epic Days

    Brace yourselves (controversial)

    I’m finally getting around to this post. It is intended to crash and cave in a lot of paradigms here on SS. Perhaps it’s time to fully explain The Feminine Imperative and the goal. The goal is to execute a survival strategy that enhances and promotes the survival of the human race with...
  9. Epic Days

    Epigenetic's and how you think

    Science in the area of Epigenetic's has proven how your experiences, how you view yourself and how you think, have an effect on your genetic expression. There is plenty of science now for one to learn about it if they want to. Your thoughts and self impressions are recorded at a cellular...
  10. Epic Days

    Suppression of the "Y" chromosome (part two)

    So how does a man get reduced? His biology is purposely used against him. Due to the difference between the minds of men and those of women, a man is fortunate enough to have the capacity see outside himself as well as see into himself. The ability to self-examine. And the most important...
  11. Epic Days

    Suppression of the "Y" chromosome (part one)

    I didn't want to write a book here so I need to cut it into parts. Personally I want nothing from this. I already have everything I need or I can get it anytime I want. I'm not here to serve me. But I do learn more just writing down what I know. Some things you don't even know that you know...
  12. Epic Days

    Her Going Feminine

    The only true worth of a woman to you is her ability to go feminine with you. This is an auto-response to you being masculine. As it’s an auto-response, she has no control over it. She just changes state to match yours. Masculine always attracts and/or causes a switch to feminine in the...
  13. Epic Days

    Women live an animal existence

    “Women live an animal existence.” Esther Vilar Pavlov’s bell. Men are conditioned to submit to servitude. Work, wife, society, most everything outside himself. He labors and never truly understands his infinite abilities. Men are beautiful. Especially their minds. A...
  14. Epic Days

    The Social Circle Plan

    This has come from a considerable amount of observation. I hear guys talk about Social Circle. There's a whole bunch of PUA stuff on Social Circle science and it's all legit. The Social Circle is where opportunities are born. There is no limit to the stories of a woman jumping ship within a...
  15. Epic Days

    Continue gaming to keep a woman?

    Again I have been going through the past threads here. There is a theme that I want to address. “You can’t stop gaming your girlfriend/wife” Who the fuk came up with this garbage? Some of you passive guys buy into this garbage. Why? I will tell you why. You use this false information in...
  16. Epic Days

    She has no Soul

    In the “Why do the majority of redheads have a huge attitude problem?” Thread, @DEEZEDBRAH posted…”No soul”. He was implying that they had no soul. At first I believed it to be a casual hammer down on women, but the more I thought about it and wove it through my mind, I’m going to agree with...
  17. Epic Days

    One of your hidden programs (vetting)

    To Vet: to make a careful and critical examination of (something). In the Feminine Imperative there exists the worse double standard to ever exist. You see, women are given the right to be picky. In other words, sleep with men who fire their biology procreation circuits or the man who offers...
  18. Epic Days

    What she fears the most

    There’s a lot of threads on always going younger with women. I subscribe to this whole heartedly. When I turned 48 I was talking to a woman I have known for years. Since right after high school. One day I was in a place where I didn’t feel so hot. We all have them. The ups and downs of...
  19. Epic Days

    The Elephant in the room

    Yes. I’m going to broach this subject. Is it possible that due to the elimination of polygamy, that the gene pool of the masculine man has been diluted to the point that the average man now has to mimick traits that mirror optimized genetics to get a woman? Versus the natural born male in his...
  20. Epic Days

    Anger & Self-Determinism

    Anger. Anger and especially rage, are valid emotions that the “Matix”, the Feminine Imperative cannot tolerate. You as a man are not allowed to express this thing called anger. It’s dangerous as you’re told. “People who don’t learn to control anger become murderers and rapists.”, you are...