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  1. salinechow

    Pot Shots and Sh!t tests 3 months in

    So I have been seeing this girl pretty seriously. Like her as a person a lot. Like her as a woman a lot. Like her sexually a lot. We are serious about one another and partnership. She took a couple of pot shot sh!t tests with me today. Mockingly and under the guise of playfulness. I didnt like...
  2. salinechow

    What is Oneitis. Define.

    Given my recent posts I thought this would be a good exercise for all.
  3. salinechow

    I need HELP!! ASAP

    Calling all DJ's!! My oneitis reached out. Said She" Loved Loved Loved the song I sent her. And asked me how I'm doing!" She waited a day to respond. I have sent semi beacon messages over the 2 years. Invited her out. Connected modestly through text and facebook. Its been subtle and months in...
  4. salinechow

    Cold Approach Lands Strong 8's #

    Very cute girl with the body of a goddess walks in while Im talking with the register jockey at a gas station. She is unaware of me. I look over and shes hot. Dressed for work. She is a nurse. Couldnt see her face but I saw her badge pic. I say to register jockey. "Wow, this girl is stunning...
  5. salinechow

    Field Report( Tinder to sex in a day)

    Met a girl on Tinder.26 yr old. 6 in my standards. Body is better. Possibly higher # in other standards. Full disclosure(I have only dated up to a 9. Coincidentally, worst date I ever had and literally drove her home early and threw her out of my car in front of her house unexpectedly after...
  6. salinechow

    Simple advice sought. Keeping it warm?

    Met a girl when buying some last minute items at a kiosk before my flight to Cali. We made some eyes at each other and parted ways. Later, she found me at the terminal and turned out we where on the same flight. I was actually kinda shocked that she sought me out of the crowd. So, I...
  7. salinechow

    Thought on "being friends" with no intention of it.

    I feel I have raised my game to a point of getting "friendzoned" not being a difficulty for me. If a woman says that, or demonstrates that, after two more tries, I drop her. So...What about saying you would be fine with that to create comfortability at first to get them "out" and take...
  8. salinechow

    Thoughts. I think I already know but I want to hear it.

    Wow! Saline will actually post in a concise manner! New girl. Great! Checks ALOT of boxes and added some new things to my wants list. Pretty, tiny, feminine, very intelligent, very emotionally smart and in touch, rich, successful, adores me without reservation, absolutely NO games being...
  9. salinechow

    Do whatever you want. An example.

    I read somewhere that 50 Shades of Grey has nothing to do with sex. It has nothing to do with billionaire fortunes, helicopters, or fantasy. It has nothing to do with confidence per say. What makes 50 Shades so sexy to women? What is it that Christen Grey possesses that every girl wants? Its...
  10. salinechow

    The anomaly of the thelonewolflegend. A progress bar. Please donate.

    All his questions go here from now on. Wolf: only post in this thread. This way you'll be able to track your progress and have a concise list of your questions and the advice you receive. You will also not have to bump anymore. Also, people will be more inclined to be helpful and follow along...
  11. salinechow

    This is embarrassing but F^ck it. Thats what we are here for.

    Talk me out of getting a huge arrangement of flowers for my top plate, borderline new "onitis". Reason I am thinking its a good idea is becasue I cant shake this "player" vibe she claims I have and I think its the reason she is playing games with me. I feel like if she knows I like her best...
  12. salinechow

    Quick! Hb6.5. Dads best friend niece. Smash or dont smash!

    Its that simple. Good looking girl just not my "type" so hence the 6.5. Great body. Has been on my sh!t for 2 years. Lost my two HB9 plates, or at least a hiatus. Its sat. night, Im drunk. Smash or dont smash? Its literally up to me, and you guys actually. Im worried about reprocustions...
  13. salinechow

    Meeting the dad

    So as some of us can attest to AFC behavior of the past was not always just with woman. I know that I used to supplicate to most people actually. I wasnt balless completely but I sure was not the man I am emerging to be. I like this MUCH better now though. Considering yourself an Alpha male and...
  14. salinechow

    Body language and non-verbal communication thread.

    I was mentioning earlier in another thread some body language and non-verbal communication techniques and thought it might be a good topic for its own thread. I cannot think of a larger positive impact on my game then this has had. I would like to share that with you guys. No, I would not...
  15. salinechow

    Calling all true DJs. The ultimate resurrection! Help it continue.

    So I had the most amazing Fri. Night with a girl that I met in an amazing way back in November on a train. Please read here: http://www.sosuave.net/forum/showthread.php?t=222005 Then this happened: http://www.sosuave.net/forum/showthread.php?t=223271 It is very important to the present...
  16. salinechow

    Thoughts on this text interaction.

    HB8 and I had one of the best cold approach sucess stories ever. The girl was hot for me and couldnt give me her # fast enough. My parting words to her were: HB8 I dont play text games so Ill call you in a few days. She said she would end the call and text me. I told her she better not and she...
  17. salinechow

    Be a Trojan. Wear a Trojan. The Trojan Horse cold approach. Long post as usual.

    The honesty approach is just telling them what no other guy would ever say. Instead of using the normal lines of BS we all come up with. I just tell them whatever I am actually doing. It comes of natural and unique. Example -"Me and my buddy over there wanted a pretty girls opinion on how we...
  18. salinechow

    I got some ass, now what?

    I know this is amature but it is sort of uncharted territory for me. Met a girl on the OK Cupid. Date. Escalate. F^cked her. Spent the night at her almost begging request. I like her. But for now she is no more than a plate. Dont want anything resempling relationship or commitment...
  19. salinechow

    Oneitis is GOOD!

    You know, I am starting to see a pattern here at SS. I think I am having an epiphany. I think Im going to start a thread about it but Ill type it here first. EVERYONE has a oneitis. No one has truly figured out how to get rid of it. Maybe, we are not supposed to! Maybe, its lifes design...
  20. salinechow

    Need help, but for others to read as well.

    Guys, WTF. Help me break down this "oneitis" BS. Seriously, now Im getting pissed. What was your experience and how did you fix it? I have been pouring over this excellent website but I still cannot gather the answers to this whilst implementing to perfection the strategies set forth by all...