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  1. KingofPuss

    Proud Boys?

    Dude I'm usually so behind your posts and such but you are flat out wrong on this one. Do your research. The rabid "Trump supporter" who gunned down jews in a synagogue was not a Trump supporter. He had posts on Gab denouncing his support for Trump and stated he did not vote for him because of...
  2. KingofPuss

    Would anyone be interested in seeing a funny video?

    So I have this 40 second long, hilarious video from a year ago when I had this crazy (but really good in bed) women who wouldnt leave my apartment after we boned. Idk why. I was going to attach it to this thread but it is too large of a file. If yall want to see it I will upload it to youtube...
  3. KingofPuss

    It's a Trap!

    Ok. What I said still stands. Your original post and all the rest are way more cynical than mine. Why did you even make this thread if you don't want other men chiming in and critiquing your F*ck ups? None of us are perfect it happens to the best. But now you're acting like a wild animal...
  4. KingofPuss

    Abortion With Kavanaugh Confirmed

    Look I'm very conservative but I have a few opinions that are progressive socially. Really only two: abortion and marijuana. I am pro limited government. Meaning people should be able to do whatever the F^ck they want to with their own bodies and money. I am pro choice, but that should be left...
  5. KingofPuss

    It's a Trap!

    Dude your logic is flawed. She's sh*t testing you. The way you acted "loyal" means she already has her claws sunk in. You are friendzoned and she's trying to keep you as her own to spoil her and make you think you have a chance, but when an opportunity may arise, she will cut you off and turn...
  6. KingofPuss

    Proud Boys?

    Have any of yall heard of the Gavin Mccines organization called the proud boys? Basically it's a group where it's men who meet to discuss ideas of conservatism and fraternize. I was thinking about finding a chapter near me in Texas if nothing else but to meet some like minded men. There's a...
  7. KingofPuss

    Why the Kavanaugh nomination circus should scare the sh*t out of each and every one of you

    Absolutely. This is a pure witch hunt. Gentleman, you HAVE TO eliminate TOXIC and CRAZY people from your life. I'm sure some of you know my story about a crazy girl ruining my life for a little while. It can happen to any of us, and the worst thing is I knew about all of this sh!t before it...
  8. KingofPuss

    My Experience with PEDs

    So I've been working out on average of 6 days a week for 3 years, with about 4-5 month long breaks spread out, and not always in consecutive 4 week stints (sometimes 4 weeks off in 6 or so). I was dumb and at 18, only 6 monts into working out, I took 2 4 week cycles on DMZ in a 10 week span (I...
  9. KingofPuss

    Outbreak Alert: Rare "Flesh-Eating" STD Reported In England

    Thanks for the links bud. I'm gonna order a pack of each and see how I like them. From now on I'm wrapping it up unless I get into a LTR with a girl I know is clean and on the pill. I don't see that happening any time soon so I'll be spending an allowance on these lil fvckers
  10. KingofPuss


    I've been seeing this incel sh!t on the internet more and more. Have you guys come across this yet?? Basically they are out of shape, unattractive, social autists. They claim everything is a "cope", such as working out, grooming, and anything to better yourself. They create communities which...
  11. KingofPuss

    Everyone Pulls '10's' On The Interwebz!

    Ha! I was a sleazy drug dealer and I can PROMISE you I've never pulled a "10". And no other drug dealer who was semi high up the rung has either. I'm just going to throw this out there.. very few men have ever pulled a 10. I'm not even positive myself what a 10 looks like, not sure I've ever...
  12. KingofPuss

    Men (people) are dumb

    Yup. Your posts send me into a trip off the deep end. I figured I needed to dumb it down a bit for you. Have a good day.
  13. KingofPuss

    She turned into a turd

    The reverse moonwalk. People are strang creatures.
  14. KingofPuss

    Men (people) are dumb

    On sites like this, it's to give a general idea of what to expect. I forget, are you a woman? Because you sure come off like one in this post. Male shaming. Men are better at most things. That's a fact and anyone who says otherwise is in denial or a self proclaimed feminist. Sure it's silly to...
  15. KingofPuss

    MGk king of rap

    It was pretty good. I like the beef. Hope em fires back quick.
  16. KingofPuss

    Field Report - Thank you SoSuave & The Red Pill Community!!

    Good for you. It's a step in the right direction. The ultimate goal is to be able to identify these things in a woman before you get involved in any way. It takes a lot of time. I've been on SS for like, sh!t, 5 years now?? I'm finally getting good at it. The last several girls I've been with...
  17. KingofPuss

    College is arguably one of the toughest times in your life to pull hot girls.

    Man it really isn't hard. At least at Texas A&M. I did get into an LTR rather quick, but before that I had my fun. Easily. For example, freshman year during the week before school started we moved in. Went shopping at Target with my friend. Saw 3 good looking girls. I went up to them, asked...
  18. KingofPuss

    Ignored someone in public after being ghosted

    Smooth. No reason to acknowledge, I would only do that if you got caught noticing her. And if that happened, just say "Hi, Name" smile and turn your attention to something else. No need to be bitter or show it.
  19. KingofPuss

    What's everyones body fat %

    Projecting much, bud?
  20. KingofPuss

    Richard the Frog......is he banned? Lol

    He had many chances. If you want to be an idiot and childish you'll get banned. Simple as that. This website is about men helping other men become better versions of themselves. We all have things we can work on. By insulting others because they bang 6/10 rednecks it helps no one. We don't...