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    Wouldn’t pay her a penny. Crazy times
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    Self inflicted transformation

    Just crazy to see what a woman can do to herself in about 10 years. Facial and butt surgery. Never met her in real life just seen her pictures on FB through a mustang group Can’t imagine committing to a woman that ends up changing so much. Not trying to be cruel, just a sad reality.
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    Girl hung up on ex that died

    Friend of mine wants me to meet this chick, says we’d get along really well. But I looked at her FB and definitely seems like she’s still hung up on her ex that died about a year or two ago. Still has him in the background picture on her page (him sitting on a hill facing away). Probably...
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    “can tell you anything”

    Is it a good thing or a bad thing when a woman you’ve been seeing says she feels like she can tell you anything? Seems good at first but then thinking about it could be bad if she thinks there’s nothing she can say that will cause you to judge her and lose interest
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    Birthday text from LJBF girl a few months back

    Got this message from a girl I was seeing a few months ago. Posted about her before, things were going good and then one night she said “the attraction was still there but she has too much going on in her life so we should just be friends” Didn’t really talk to her much after that, she paid me...
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    Clinger but good woman

    Trying to decide what to do in this case. Have this great woman that is hot as fvck, similar interests and in her own words always puts her man first. Problem is she just recently asked if I wanted her as a gf, told her ya sure. But she’s already talking way in the future. With how hot...
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    Too good to be true

    Been seeing this chick and ya she’s got some things about her that are definite negatives but still the thought crossed my mind why she’s seeing a guy like me. I know my own worth but still, this chick could pretty much choose any guy she wants. Now I think to myself that ya it’s great but how...
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    How to deal with being semi ghosted?

    Talking to this one chick pretty regularly for a few days and then it drops off to about 24 hours after my last text just getting “lol” I’m sure she’s just looking for attention by sending that so probably won’t even respond. Do you just write that woman off at that point?
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    Feeling like biggoal 47 year old HB8

    Matched with a HB8 47 year old on bumble today lol divorced a couple years ago, straight up says she’s anti feminist, very conservative. Looks 20 years younger than she is. Sent two buddy’s a picture of her. One thought 30, the other said 34-36. Way past the wall but looking better than a...
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    “Empath” chicks

    Anyone had experience with women saying they believe they are empaths? Met one that said she thought she was one a month ago or so, now I’m seeing her friend and she also thinks she’s an empath. I think the first one got the idea from her friend that I’m seeing now but just weird to think of...
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    What do you make of this?

    Friend of a girl I briefly saw had us work on her car yesterday. Very sweet and friendly. She’s 35, recently had some bad luck with a friend of hers stealing from her. Talked for a bit about how she plays volleyball a lot, random groups meet up at the park and play. The girl I was talking...
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    That time of year

    Noticed that there’s suddenly way more girls on tinder/bumble. Definitely due to the holidays coming up. I actually just deleted both apps though since 9 out of 10 of them are nasty women I have 0 interest in so just a waste of my time lol
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    Most alpha guy I know and now....

    Buddy I’ve known for about 15 years. Always zero fvcks and could get pretty much any woman he wanted. Last year he finds out an ex of his was pregnant, she won’t have an abortion so they end up having the kid and get married. Talking to him today and he tells me whenever he can he basically...
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    Going to be seeing girl that flaked

    A month or two ago I had a date planned with this chick from hinge for Friday night. She ended up flaking out on Thursday. No big deal. Stopped talking and that’s that. This coming week I am scheduled to go do some work on her car while she’s at work. Probably only going to be about 2...
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    Nuts or just kinda manipulative?

    A few weeks back I posted about this chick I was talking to. Things were going pretty good until she decided “she had too much going on in her life and we should be friends”. Before that convo she gave me a speaker to see if I could fix it. Got it all fixed about a week later and sent her a...
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    Customer giving me IOIs

    Earlier today was doing a job for a HB7, noticed she seemed pretty friendly but it wasn’t until later on that the guy that works for me said he could tell she was into me by how she was looking at me. Maybe he’s right, maybe not. Generally I think hitting on my customers wouldn’t be a great...
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    Short guy gets the girl

    This video came up randomly on YouTube, pretty funny how it turns out. I feel sorry for shorter guys, I’m 6’3” and if everything was the same except height I can’t imagine how hard dating would be these days
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    Am I being played or what???

    A couple weeks ago I met this beautiful chick on POF, as far as looks she is pretty much perfect in my mind. She showed very high interest, insisted on buying me little snacks when she came over to my place to hang out. If she had to cancel plans right off the bat she made sure to offer to see...
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    NC or call?

    Yesterday this chick asked me to take her out to the desert. She asked what time we could go and I told her let’s head out around 5 or 6. Never got anything back after that. She has been a very flakey texter the last few weeks. Have 2 hours now before we should be heading out. I even sent...
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    Girl wants to show me how she likes to be kissed lol

    Would like to think I’m a pretty good kisser but obviously she has her own way she likes it. First time we made out she said something about wanting to pull back for a second to make there more tension. Says next time though she wants to show me how she likes to be kissed. Makes me think of...