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    This is the 3rd time I've asked this, and DON'T send me to the bible. How do I dance like to rap music that's popular? Like, what body parts do I move? What body parts do I focus on doing? What actions work better? What moves are outdated and shouldn't be used, or are considered weird...
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    It's NEVER over.

    When in times of trouble, it's always good to have the support of a good friend or a group of people who genuinely care about you. Being the spectacular champion isn't a one man job. Never was, never has been. Could Adolf Hitler, a short ugly guy take over most of Europe by himself without...
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    What do women want?

    Hey all. Foreword Just want to start this off by saying this is really worth your time because it took me a good month to think of how I wanted to say this. This is straight from the heart, and I wouldn't have it any other way. This post is short, sweet, concise, and from the heart, so...
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    Post length

    Just an idea I'd like you guys to run by: For the Tips forum, do you think that we should de-limit the number of allowed characters? I think it would make it a little easier for people like Deep Dish who go all out on the essays in order to help us. Just wondering what you guys think...
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    Techniques like Neg-hits are False!

    EDIT: This first post put the questions out there concerning these techniques. My fellow Don Juans have cleared up the misconceptions. So you must read all of the replies, or else not read at all, because you won't get anything from it! Happy reading, and onward to a well-versed version of...
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    Are you good at making out?

    After I seduced another girl with a boyfriend... I realized I'm not great at making out. I have no clue where to move my hands, as we usually sit down because I'm so freakin tall! Any tips ideas for a better make out session? Thanks.
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    Rate your current high school teachers!

    http://www.ratemyteachers.com/index.jsp I thought I would post this for all your high schoolers just to get a little kick from reading about the teachers you just had/will have. My gift from me to you. Enjoy :) Moderators, leave this here please, we need a little high school fun too!
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    Be Not Afraid

    Before I unveil a new technique.... wait. No. A new concept. Yes, that's it. A concept not frequently mentioned on here. So let us begin. Many people ask me for advice. I lovingly give it, and occasionally ask for it. Quite a few questions go like this: "What are the chances of me getting...
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    I found a few GREAT articles!

    I was browsing around, bored, when I thought to myself: "Hmm, Maddox has a stupid poetry page, badassbuddy.com has no Metallica icon that's worth getting, I've read sosuave.com and GP.com dry as a bone. What shall I do?" So I read the articles on the articles page. They summarized a year and...
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    I'm gone.

    Hey all High School guys. I've decided I can't really bear to be a part of this forum for the time being. People really don't understand the world they live in, they don't understand how anything works anymore. Those who think I'm stupid for thinking piercings are dumb have a world of acceptance...
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    Please limit newcomer numbers.

    I've found that the forum join rate is growing phenomenally and it really stresses me and others out as being one of the top voices in the High School forum to get quite so many PMs and IMs asking for help and such. I love to help out, but not in such phenomenally high numbers. It's a bit too...
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    A Quick Reminder to the Newbies!!

    Here's just a quick reminder of something I tend to stress alot about on these forums: I get many questions like these: WUWD SHE SAID______ TO ME, WHAT DO I DO?!? Remember this: look at what she does rather than what she says. In the DJ Bible, there are many examples of a girl saying...
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    Quick Tip - You may not have noticed this!

    Hey all. Spring break is here, so I want you to think about this for a little. I did, and it helped me feel a bit better about myself and the likelyhood of a girl saying "yes" to me were I to approach her. We in high school think that girls only like us if they show it alot, physically and...
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    Ladies and Gentlemen.... I'm back!

    Ladies and gentlemen.... I have returned. Well, just want to let you all know.... that I have been waiting to finish this big post of ours. But since this new update, I've decided to post a few more times, including a false CNN article concerning Etoile being a communist. But this is the...
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    The post to end all posts.... needs a name!!

    Well with this post Matrix and I are making, it's coming along quiet nicely. Matrix and I have gotten along very well (MARTIAN!!!!) and the progress is excellent. There are about 119 questions, and Matrix is done with those. I'm done with 49. Don't wanna ruin the format though, but trust me...
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    Which High School Don Juan has the best.....

    Writing style? First, pick a person whos writings you like the best, and yes, it can be yourself, hehe. I decided to make this so people will write more like them, and thus get more views and replies. I think this is good for the HS forum, and SHOULD BE LEFT HERE, becaue it pertains to how...
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    Attention ALL High Schoolers!!!

    I have decided that it's time to make the greatest post EVER. Yes. EVER. I'm not going to spoil it, but let's say this: it's a manual to solve EVERY problem you will face in your high school life. So I want everyone (High Schoolers only, unless you have something valuable to input) to...
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    The Three Basic Principles To Attract ANY Girl !!!

    After doing a huge amount of helping other people, and observing the seduction styles of other’s I have decided the best way to help people learn and influencing masses, is to make a post about it! So without further adeu, I bring to you my best work yet. Post # 1700! The Three Basic...
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    Cleaning up our beloved forum.

    I've been here over a year, and I love it. I'm ranked number 9 in most postings... and love it here still. But I've been getting concerned with the replies in this forum. I believe that the efficiency of this forum has been downgraded, especially in HS forum. We have serious people in dire...
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    Does She Like You or Not: Reloaded

    Does She Like You Or Not: Reloaded The first one, sad to say, didn’t garner much support. Darnit. So with newfound experience I made this completely new version, to make helping you all easier. Enjoy. ~~~~~ The one question that always bothers you: Does she like you or not? It’s embedded in...