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    This is the 3rd time I've asked this, and DON'T send me to the bible. How do I dance like to rap music that's popular? Like, what body parts do I move? What body parts do I focus on doing? What actions work better? What moves are outdated and shouldn't be used, or are considered weird...
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    It's NEVER over.

    I don't see readers putting up a fight... why are you all so quiet? I'm trying to invoke your feelings of pride, passion and glory, and you aren't even going to respond? READ IT, AND LIVE IT.
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    Reloadedism: The Evolution Of...

    It's gonna take a whole lot of nuclear missiles to make ME bow down to women evolution. There is no such thing as a woman who can handle me. I refuse to accept they evolve faster. I don't see women in the NFL. I don't see that many women going to war. I see very few women boxers. Never...
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    It's NEVER over.

    When in times of trouble, it's always good to have the support of a good friend or a group of people who genuinely care about you. Being the spectacular champion isn't a one man job. Never was, never has been. Could Adolf Hitler, a short ugly guy take over most of Europe by himself without...
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    "this" or "that"

    STDs, because everyone's gonna die that way :) For Whom The Bell Tolls or Hells Bells?
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    GF is reading my posts, PROBABLY RIGHT NOW

    Re: Well... Except for me:) I are teh sex0r!!!11
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    about to go on a date

    Why DO they kick ass? My first dates are usually movies. They give me time to chat with her about the scenes a little bit, throw a little bit of popcorn around at her (that's my little move, they love to throw it back), I get to rub her hand, I do that about halfway through the movie...
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    backoff or continue as planned?

    I agree. Talk to her directly.
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    California - San Francisco Bay Area

    WHO WANTS TO MEET ME?!?!??!?!
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    GF is reading my posts, PROBABLY RIGHT NOW

    Hi, "mackin" 's girlfriend! My name is Sebastian and I can be your best lover ever, if only you'd let me. Trust me, you won't be disappointed.
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    about to go on a date

    My movie dates always kick ass. YOU were the boring one. If she wasn't interested, she wouldn't have gone, or even accepted. You obviously did something wrong.
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    What do women want?

    I am.
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    "this" or "that"

    Perfect limbs and misery. Drown or suffocate?
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    Tennis girl...

    Kick her ass anyways. It doesn't take a whole lot of skill to play. Just keep her running around and she'll respect you when its over. Sounds like a fun date. Don't be afraid!
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    What do women want?

    Hey all. Foreword Just want to start this off by saying this is really worth your time because it took me a good month to think of how I wanted to say this. This is straight from the heart, and I wouldn't have it any other way. This post is short, sweet, concise, and from the heart, so...
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    What would a master dj do?

    No. She will think "no way has this guy changed" and she will completely treat you like before. That is not the desired result. Just let her go. Find someone else.
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    would u guysn take ur girl to the gym

    I'd only go if she really wants to. I wouldn't invite her along for any reason, unless she is attracted to smelly men.
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    Post length

    Just an idea I'd like you guys to run by: For the Tips forum, do you think that we should de-limit the number of allowed characters? I think it would make it a little easier for people like Deep Dish who go all out on the essays in order to help us. Just wondering what you guys think...
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    Uh, Allen...Mods...

    I love this guy :D
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    Becoming a playa

    Eating children gives me good protein. You can't have chicks without protein. Eat lots of cancer-inducing food, then get AIDS like me. AIDS spreads so fast because girls can't resist sleeping with guys who have it! Get it?