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  1. MillionBillionaire

    I dare you to inspire me.

    Stop with the pvzzy posting about old Milfs and discover something inspirational.. like a man. Here is a documentary about Alex Hannold.. the first person in the world to free solo climb El Captain... He climbed over 3,000 feet with no ropes, clinging on to pencil width ledges. Hearing him...
  2. MillionBillionaire

    Justin Bieber's new video proof we are all being puzzified.

    What happened to Beiber singing about a hot chick and he is a little bad boy? In this new video ... He is in all pink including pink hair... talking about yummy and shyt. I encourage men to be men and rise up against men wearing all pink with pink hair singing about yummy. I'm going to go...
  3. MillionBillionaire

    Anyone here actually find chubby girls attractive?

    Kind of a shallow question I know but I'm bored and I was wondering ... You see black chads with fat white women all the time. Are they actually attracted to the fat? Anyone here actually prefer chubby women?
  4. MillionBillionaire

    P.S.A. 40+ year old Women are not HB9's

    Guys. Stop with the 76 year old HB9.5's, she looks like she is 40! Bulls shyyt. It is disgusting, we should try to have some standards around here. If you are thinking a 55 year old washed up hag is all you are worth then you got some major problems. You are the prize so stop salivating over...
  5. MillionBillionaire

    10 - 15 Years Women will be obsolete.

    I just watched some 4k VR porn and Wholy Shyt. She literally put her vag in my face. And my c0k was like 8" shlong. It was much more "personal" and satisfying than anything ever at a strip club, and if I wasn't already planning for the weekend I would just sit at home all weekend with my new...
  6. MillionBillionaire

    Forcing myself to work out, help.

    Reading all the self help in the world has lost It's luster and I realize that I am edging on the brink of depression. I'm tired of the constant mental battles where I am reinforcing my worth. My lows are not as low but my highs are definitely not as high. I know deep down exercise alone will...
  7. MillionBillionaire

    Girl pretends to be a genocidal Nazi on tinder... kuk gets baited.

    I met a 24 year old girl yesterday. We were at a table and a few guys were taking turns pretending to be the girl on tinder. one guy she matched with, the convo started normal untill the group at the table took over her phone. Somehow it got on the topic of being genocidal, Hitlar, Nazis, Gas...
  8. MillionBillionaire

    007 is now a Black Woman.

    The title says it all. I feel like boycotting ALL of Hollywood this shyts gotta stop. 007 is now a BLACK FEMALE. Let this sink into your head for a minute as to where the F society is headed. Look it up. I heard it on Adam Corolla Podcast. Crazy. Twilight Zone.
  9. MillionBillionaire

    RESPECT. Got me out of 2 DWI

    This is the second time I have won over the police with respect... My life literally could be in ruin right now... actually got chills thinking about it just now. If you have carried yourself and others with respect your entire life, I believe that it spreads to other people because in the end...
  10. MillionBillionaire

    MillionBillionaires Back on the Market Field Report!!!

    I dedicate this field report to all the Don Juans and future Don Juans out there that have to deal with a disrespectful LTR. I literally dropped off my ex's shyt at her house today before I hit the bar. This was literally 3x harder than I thought it would be. But I got it done and was glad I...
  11. MillionBillionaire

    Yogot to be kidding me!!

    I'm going to start Yoga classes. What do guys wear to Yoga? Anyone here with any experience with them please tell me what to expect. Quit smoking, quit drinking, eat healthy, start yoga, start working out... woot! First 3 are easy... It's the last 2 that are hard.
  12. MillionBillionaire

    Broke up with my GF. Hmmm.. still sucks.

    She hung up on me last week and she has been avoiding me on her days off. Worst Vegas vacation with her a few weeks ago, we just faught the whole time and spent half of our time doing our own thing. I did learn that I do want to be Married again and have kids. Even if you know she is low...
  13. MillionBillionaire

    Is it ever worth it to "talk" to a Woman?

    Whenever I bring up an issur with ANY woman it seems like the verbal judo and the stupidity is just off the wall. Drains a mans spirit how stupid some women are when you try to make a point. So the only thing left is to accept women as they are ... stupid and can't talk about anything to...
  14. MillionBillionaire

    Tips for 3 some in Vegas please!

    I will be with my GF in Vegas Saturday morning untill Wednesday. What is the best and cheapest way for a 3 some? Do I order "entertainment" from those cards on the ground and send them to our hotel? We are going to see a Berlesk show and I'm thinking about just saying "lets order some...
  15. MillionBillionaire

    What happens when you stand up against your Woman?

    Women want a man in control and a man that is willing to let the girl go based on standards. My main plate was acting out. I told her exactly what bothered me. She tried to lie or change subject to something irrelevant, I call her out on everything, flollowed by "The worst thing anyone could...
  16. MillionBillionaire

    Cancelled Netflix

    The official reason I put in the comments was "Your content is fvcking disgusting." I do NOT wish to be forced to see some ugly azz b1tch with a split tongue as the first thing I see. Your torture game show is beyond sick, you should have just fvking stuck with Jeopardy. Black Mirror? WTF...
  17. MillionBillionaire

    Quick Dominat Sex Tips ... (needed)

    A plate of mine is finally ready to smash. We have a swimsuit shopping and a sex toy store date before we Netflix and chill. She has told me and my main plate oddly, about her BBD body builder F buddy that ignored her safe word and bruised her up, and she can't stop talking about it...
  18. MillionBillionaire

    Hipsters = downfall of society

    Hipsters are even worse than syboys when it comes to the gradual decline of men and western civilization. I went to a bar in the "hipster" part of our metropolis with my girl and I tried to order some food. First thing on the BURGER menue was veggie burger, then some other boca burger THEN...
  19. MillionBillionaire

    The ultimate red flag comes out.

    I been seeing this girl since Valentines day and everything has been amazing so far. We spend every day together. She treats me good and only suspicion so far was how quick she got attached. Come find out.. She tells me her Mom committed suicide not too long ago and her Dad is also dead now...
  20. MillionBillionaire

    Biggest green flag.

    What is the biggest green flag now days. Green flag being signs of high interest. I was with a girl in bed all weekend and she didn't check her phone once. Not for facebook, not for messaging, not even to take selfies or anything.