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    On Turning Down Social Invitations

    Hello guys, I'm going to give some obvious advice. So obvious, it has to be said: Never Turn Down a Social Invitation There are guys who wonder where to meet women. A man sits in his room wondering how to practise his DJ skills - and then the man gets an answer - "Go to the coffee...
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    Don Juan Tiers

    Hey guys, I have been considering creating a new website containing a course very similar to the "Boot Camp", but in more bite size chunks (similar to the "Player Guide" on Fast Seduction). A basic concept is here: http://www.nick-hill.com/djtiers/website.php Please let me know if the...
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    The Inner Circle

    Hello guys, As I continue my return to single life, I can't help but notice my lack of contribution to the forum. Of course, I have read and agreed with many posts, but I have also disagreed with many posts. Sometimes the number of posts I disagree with is larger than the number of posts in...
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    The Optimum Age to DJ?

    Hey guys, What do you think is the "best" age to be, in terms of pulling women. What age do you think brings the most success? Conversely, what age ranges are terrible, or quite challenging? Nick
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    These Materials are Priceless

    Hey guys, Don't you realise how much the stuff on this site or in the Bible are worth? I know many guys who would pay for the materials made so easily available. And yet it amazes me the people, who are on this site (for nothing!) complaining about not being able to get the material to...
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    Anyone in Weston-super-Mare or Bristol, UK?

    Hey guys, As most of you know, I am now single, and as a result have been hitting the pubs and clubs most weekends alone. While I can normally make friends and create social proof from thin air, it does take quite a lot of effort. I'm looking for wingmen of any skill level around the...
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    Social Filters

    Social Filters Introduction Now that I am back in the circle of untaken men, I thought it would be good to express the wisdom I have gained in the past few years, and hence, I present to you this guide on where to meet good women. Good in multiple senses of the word. One of the pitfalls...
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    I am back and I am single!

    Hello guys, It has been a long time since I last spoke on here or offered tips, or updated the Bible. That was because I was involved in a long term relationship and felt that it was not necessary to continue in this venture, knowing all that I did. However, things change. Now three and...
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    Boot Camp is being updated

    Links and spelling mistakes in the boot camp book are being fixed. I will respond in this thread when the process is done and the new book can be downloaded. Nick
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    Proposal: Mature Man section in the DJB

    As part of my continued service to this forum I am proposing the addition of a whole new section, to be decided upon by you guys. Quite simply, it will be called "Mature Man" and will not take more than five minutes to create. In order to convince me to perform this task, I will need links...
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    Don Juan Bible in wikipedia!

    There's a new article in wikipedia entitled Don Juan Bible: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Don_Juan_Bible It hasnt got much information. Any contributions from other members is most welcome. Remember, it's wikipedia, so anyone can add to it. Nick
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    Official notice to change of DJ Bible thread admission policy

    I think the Bible is due for some new articles / removal of old ones that were never good. For this reason, I am opening up my pm box to suggestions, not on structure, but on content. Due to time constraints recently, I have NOT checked the forums for excellent articles, but that does not...
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    Official changes to the DJB

    The page is now a lot more compact with instantly-visible sections upon clicking headings. Members of sosuave are encouraged to test it and let me know if there are any technical problems with the feature. Nick
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    [OfficialDJB] Poll for making the Bible easier to navigate

    This is a simple yes/no poll for a possible technical change to the Bible. The question is above. Ordinarily, I would just go ahead, but seeing as this is a big change and would require JavaScript to run, I thought to ask first. If I get the answer yes within three days, I'll go do it...
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    [OfficialDJB] Changes to be made to the Bible

    When diablo gets back to me with some details I will be editing the DJB slightly to include a suggestions section. Old members will remember this used to exist and even though it was used it became unmaintainable. I have developed my skills further in PHP and will make a better version...
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    Suggest improvements for IRC Messenger here

    I'd like to complete the program and release it as fully functional. Before I do this, I am willing to take on requests and fix known bugs. And secondly, are you man enough to enter the IRCM CHALLENGE? Can you design a better photo than that which appears on the first tab? ("Connection")...
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    My girlfriend cheated...

    Hey guys, Yesterday my ex told me that the previous night her male housemate spent eight hours trying to get her to sleep with him (add this to weeks of similar attempts to get with my girl, fully knowing that she has me as her boyfriend). Such disrespect is outrageous, but I hold true to my...
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    Download the Don Juan chat client now! (BETA)

    Hey guys, There is a preliminary version of the don juan chat client out that handles most of the IRC protocol, except for kicks, modes...etc. It works, mostly. I want feedback on severe bugs and want to know what you want to see in the future. Do not assume this is, in any way, a...
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    To Allen

    Dear Allen, (...who probably has a super 100% effective, 0% pass-through spam filter...) If at all possible can you contact me on my personal address regarding the DJB and its future placement so that I can arrange its future. My username is Nicholas Hill My email address is my...
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    Outrage! People trying to kiss my GF!

    Hey guys, its been several months! My university life comes to a close and my girlfriend is currently on end-of-term holiday, much like me at the moment. My girlfriend just called me and was explaining how happy she was about being loyal to me, since she had just been walked home by an...