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  1. KingofPuss

    Would anyone be interested in seeing a funny video?

    So I have this 40 second long, hilarious video from a year ago when I had this crazy (but really good in bed) women who wouldnt leave my apartment after we boned. Idk why. I was going to attach it to this thread but it is too large of a file. If yall want to see it I will upload it to youtube...
  2. KingofPuss

    Proud Boys?

    Have any of yall heard of the Gavin Mccines organization called the proud boys? Basically it's a group where it's men who meet to discuss ideas of conservatism and fraternize. I was thinking about finding a chapter near me in Texas if nothing else but to meet some like minded men. There's a...
  3. KingofPuss

    My Experience with PEDs

    So I've been working out on average of 6 days a week for 3 years, with about 4-5 month long breaks spread out, and not always in consecutive 4 week stints (sometimes 4 weeks off in 6 or so). I was dumb and at 18, only 6 monts into working out, I took 2 4 week cycles on DMZ in a 10 week span (I...
  4. KingofPuss


    I've been seeing this incel sh!t on the internet more and more. Have you guys come across this yet?? Basically they are out of shape, unattractive, social autists. They claim everything is a "cope", such as working out, grooming, and anything to better yourself. They create communities which...
  5. KingofPuss

    Killing the Game - Status Update

    So I wanted to give a little update on my situation lately. I'm working for a company making really good money, in an office. I am on the phone most of the day. I work with a bunch of women and they all know me. Probably have 100-175 women in the office. I've spoken to just about every single...
  6. KingofPuss

    Lay Into Me

    I'm ready for it. Tear me a new one. So I posted about this girl I met a few weeks ago. Things were cool, I saw a few other girls at the time, but stopped seeing them because this one made me feel like the man / king / alpha. She was a freak in bed and turned me on unlike any girl I've been...
  7. KingofPuss


    So last night I went over to a freshly graduated from high school, 18 years and 1 month old blonde chick's house. Well her mothers. We spent the whole time there where I took a hit of bud (I've only smoked a couple times the past 6 - 7 months) and she drove me home. We ended up in a parking lot...
  8. KingofPuss

    Making a Youtube Comeback

    Hey men. If you are a veteran SoSuave user, you may have remembered my younger, still developing Don Juan self posting youtube videos for guys who were like me. Well, I said I'd be back one day. And that day has arrived. Tomorrow I'm going to record a very lengthy video, detailing my life and...
  9. KingofPuss

    Snapchat's "Dating Logic"

    There was a little snapchat quiz i took. It was "figure out if you're great at dating". One question was "Do you let the woman order for herself, or order for her?" The correct answer was "Gender roles are old and outdated; let her order on her own!" 2 questions later, it asked "Do you pick up...
  10. KingofPuss

    Havn't been laid in 2 months

    Title says it all. Ever since I've gotten sober I still have the confidence, I just don't have the motivation. "Scared" might even be the word I'd use, scared to face emotion. I don't want to date a girl and deal with that headache of having to constantly be on my phone, put effort forth, etc...
  11. KingofPuss

    SARMs and Drug Tests

    @marmel75 Hey guys I was going to ask you all about the chances of being caught with SARMs on a drug test. I am at a sober living place and they say that "steroids are considered a relapse". Which is gay af because it obviously isn't, there's no psychological high from AAS. Anyways I was...
  12. KingofPuss

    Be Strong

    So I've been meeting a ton of people her in South California, men and women. All sorts of both, weak and strong and in between. I've really wanted to get insight into the average dude's mind out here. Here's the thing I noticed - they're weak minded. They let their women talk down to them...
  13. KingofPuss

    My Story of Stupidity

    I want to start this thread by stating I do not endorse or mean to glorify my lifestyle of the past six months. It ain't cool. I want to share for others dealing with addictions to anything - sex, gambling, drugs, drug dealing, etc. etc. Here it goes, kick back, and if you don't have time to...
  14. KingofPuss

    From None to too much fun

    So I've been away for a while, and I think the last few posts / threads I made I kind of swore off women. Well I've had 5 different women in 5 different nights, all of which came from social media / OLD. And all of them have lived up to expectations. I got a job as a waiter 2 months ago and...
  15. KingofPuss

    Younger Guy with Slightly Older Woman

    So I'm 19 and I met this 26 year old. Awesome sex, she treats me like a king and is very sexy. The only thing is she's quite a bit older, and that's a red flag to me. Why would she go for the younger man? I don't even have my financial situation straight at this point, don't birds that age want...
  16. KingofPuss

    Girls who won't even look at you

    A week ago I went to a get together with some friends and stangers. It was a pool party thing so of course the shirt comes off and the women look. There was a decent looking girl. I went around and introduced myself to all of the strangers confidently and friendly. I went over the the one girl...
  17. KingofPuss


    Yesterday I was meeting a buddy at the gym. I texted him saying I was headed over there. He said he was leaving in 5 minutes. I got to the gym, he never showed or texted. Figured he just bailed or had something come up. This morning his girlfriend called me and informed me that on his way to...
  18. KingofPuss

    Why you NEED snapchat

    So I know a lot of dudes on here are completely against social media, and for the most part I am too; with one exception: snapchat So I took 2-3 months without pursuing pvssy whatsoever. A self-imposed dry spell. So I posted a relatively good picture to my story. 2 girls from my past responded...
  19. KingofPuss

    KoP's Weekly Mass Building Workout Routine

    Hey men, today I'm going to put together a 5 day workout program for gaining size mostly. You can add strength top, but out goal here is hypertrophy. Every week I will write a varied routine, so stay tuned! Day 1 - Legs *Squats - 3 x 10 (pyramid up to 85% 1RM) 4th set 1RM then drop set to 66%...
  20. KingofPuss

    Cannot believe how weak some men are

    So at work today, my boss was talking to female coworkers about his girlfriend or whatever. He started crying and accepted sympathy from all the women. A GROWN ASS MAN CRYING at work, instead of doing his job. I lost a lot of respect for him. Then he goes on all day talking drama with these...