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    Please get rid of WJBOOGY!!!!

    I have no problem with people comign to this board honestly trying to ask legitimate questions and learning from the. I was clueless when i came to this board and it helped me up tremendously...however this wjboogy charcter does NOTHING but bytch about how he is a loser and will never get a...
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    Better title than "Master Don Juan?"

    Instead of just having a title "Master Don Juan" after 112 posts...is there any way that we can have a title maybe after 500 posts....just seems that there's people on this board that get the Master DJ title after like 2 days and its crazy...people should have to be here for a greater number of...
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    What was your breaking point from nice guy to dj?

    What was everyone's breaking point, when they realized that being a nice guy was getting them no sex...? was it when u got dumped by a girl, or u just woke up one day and realized that jerks win or? i think my switch to DJ life occured when my last girl dumped me and it hurt like hell, and i...
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    8% rule in dating girls?

    I love to use analogies to help out in life. Im a big stock trader..i love to make money trading stocks. Sometimes u win big, sometimes u lose...u know that going in... I read in a financial newspaper that there's a way to maximize your successes, its called the 8% rule, and I think that it...