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  1. Q

    Psycho gf contacts my ex

    My girlfriend is insane, a drama queen, cry baby, stalker. She gained access to my phone and saw some messages my ex and me sent. Nothing sexual, nothing daily, just regular “how you been, I really liked my time with you. Hope youre doing good” texts. She went ballistic I mean ballistic...
  2. Q

    Girl tags me in Facebook with lovey dovey stuff and I'm not really comfy

    On social media I prefer keeping things on the down low. I almost never post anything and if I do it is something generic and not personal. I have been dating this chick for 5 months who is head over heels with me. It is getting a little annoying at times how clingy she is, but hey, she is hot...
  3. Q

    On holiday with hot rich plate but super clingy. What to do?

    I'm currently in the Canary Island, staying in an amazing apartment. Sun beach eating out 3x a day. All paid for by my plate, who is a multiple apartment owner, super rich, owns a multi million apartment in Amsterdam too she owns multiple apartments here too. I did some heavy push pull in the...
  4. Q

    New plate, contacts me asks me for a ride, tell her take bus.

    Got a new plate, we banged a couple times but put her on the backburner when I picked up the flu in the last 10 days or so. She lives roughly 15-20 miles away. We were supposed to have a date saturday but saturday morning I realised I still had a sore throat so I cancelled it she agreed with it...
  5. Q

    Rant: My own weak behaviour

    I am unable to Next women. These holidays were horrible to me, because I was lying to 2 women about my wherabouts, yesterday I faked a telephone call that I was too drunk too talk after 7 missed calls whilst I was dead sober. I have 2 girls who both think I am their boyfriend, it's tearing them...
  6. Q

    Officially dump or ghost?

    My main girlfriend has been ice cold lately. Flaking non stop, criticising me all the time, fights, she doesn't really want to have sex anymore, she told me the holidays she is going to spend abroad with her family and I'm not invited. The relationship is belly up. Maybe/probably even banging...
  7. Q

    Be honest, be blunt, care less and spin plates

    I'm dating this girl for the last month or so. Fake boobs, 5000 facebook friends, does some modelling on instagram (I don't have instagram so don't really care) and she showed me that every photo of her get likes in the thousands. Anyway, she asked me from the start if I was seeing other girls...
  8. Q

    ****blocking friend

    My best buddy, I love him to death, but I get sick and tired of him c0ckblocking me. He is a good 10 years older than me and always lectures me when I'm spinning plates and dating multiple women at the same time, I have no morals, I am gonna end up alone and lonely, I should find my soulmate to...
  9. Q

    The honeymoon is over, the ship is sinking.

    Been dating with my primary girl for a good solid 4-5 months now. She is getting cold now, still tells me the usual, "I miss you I love you" but the soul is missing. I can feel in my gut the spark is dying. She's not too eager to text or call anymore, she is a little too "busy" lately. Doom is...
  10. Q

    Controlling plate causing irritation

    I'm currently honeymooning with hb 8, triathlete, hardbody, phd, uni professor. Fvcks like a pornstar, cooks like michelin chef, cleans like a forensic team at a crime scene. This girl is something, I've never met anyone with such insane demands and willpower and ambition to succeed. She climbs...
  11. Q

    Girl playing hard to get

    Last tuesday Tinder yummie mummy hb 8, hardbody, gym rat, invites me over for first date at hers. I'm prepared for anything so leave my valuebles in the car and tell a buddy where I am. It ended up not being a trap and a gorgeous girl opens up. We talk about this and that and after a while I...
  12. Q

    An abundance mindset changes reality

    Youtube is literally full of law of attraction videos, in which they state that if you change your mind you change your reality. If you go from a scarcity to abundance mentality everything changes. I can only attest how true this is. 6 months ago I got dumped and blocked hard by my girlfriend...
  13. Q

    Dumping girl right few weeks before holiday

    Since about 3 months I've been dating this girl, she is a nice girl, we have a lot in common but also alot not lol, the sex is alright for me but it's getting boring she is just too passive, surprisingly while I'm not even trying my best at all anymore she thinks it's amazing and all she wants...
  14. Q

    Girl suggests we have first date at expensive club/bar

    I'm supposed to meet this 24 yo hottie tomorrow. She suggests a place here in Amsterdam and a quick glance at the menu online shows the prices are not for the faint hearted. (standard cup of coffee 9eu) I'm thinking about cancelling, I don't even want to suggest a cheaper place and be accused...
  15. Q

    ONS with hotty weird texts afterwards

    Banged a super hotty last night, hb9, perfect body, perfect face, single and in the field for a while. I didn't ask the questions I didn't want to know the answers of but she gave me impressions she has been single for a over a year and loving it. Lots of ****tests, lots of men hitting on her in...
  16. Q

    A different perspective on the root cause for AFC behaviour: Vitamins and Minerals

    The last 3 years I have done quite some (home) research on vitamins, minerals and herbs. And what I have found is that many mineral and vitamin deficiencies show up as anxiety, obsession, depression and a variety of mental health problems. For instance it is speculated and debated that 70% of...
  17. Q

    Clingy ****buddy is getting too awkward, should I dump her?

    About 4 weeks ago I started dating a girl from Tinder, we have had 4 dates and all of them ended up in sleep overs with nights and mornings full of sex. She's a good/excellent lay, but there are a few turn offs that makes me think she is not long term material. Turn offs are: She smokes like a...
  18. Q

    BPDs and down dating

    So I was bored and decided to unblock my ex from FB after 5 months NC (still NC actually, her FB is public.). She has a new boyfriend, skinny dude, dwarf, smoker with a kid. As far as I can tell not very highly educated. And theyre "so in love, he's the best boyfriend ever" He's taking her...
  19. Q

    STD break NC?

    OK did a check and turned out I have 2 STD's Nothing lethal or permanent though. Been NC with sociopath narcissist ex for about 2 months. Pretty sure I either got it from her or the girls I cheated on her with (she didnt know about) Give her a ring? Or let her go F herself?
  20. Q

    Sabotising Coworker

    I am a guy from the Europe and have traveled/immigrated to Australia. It was not my intention to stay but since I have recently started a real good job, working as a Scientific development researcher, a great new step in my carreer. The job is great, the challenge is great, and the pay is above...